Canada’s Most Significant Identity Symbol is..

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What does it mean to be Canadian? What do we identify ourselves with? What symbol do you think of when you think Canada? These are the questions that were posed to our class and created discussion. Read what my students think is Canada’s most significant identity symbol below. Feel free to agree or disagree with their thinking!

The Table Where Rich People Sit – Main Idea

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There is a very important message in the book The Table Where Rich People Sit, by Byrd Baylor. So…….


What is the main idea of The Table Where Rich People Sit? Prove it using evidence from the text and your own ideas.



Check out our Planet Brochures

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As an Interplanetary Travel Agent, our class selected a planet or moon from our solar system and tried to sell it to aliens. The goal was to use effective advertising language like alliteration, similes, questions, exaggeration, and long and short sentences. Have a look at a few below by clicking the name,  and then give them some feed back!

solar system

Chloe      Cheryl      Connor     Irelynn    Jewel    Jorja    Josh    Keira    LennoX

Logan    Madison    mark    marta    Sylvia

Is BYOD a good policy for schools?

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Lakehead Public Schools has recently introduced the concept of BYOD. This is where students are allowed to bring their own smart devices such as tablets, phones, and laptops. Many educators, parents, and politicians believe that students should not be allowed to bring devices that can access the Internet. They believe it is the responsibility the school to provide technology.

So the question is: Should students in grades 4 and up be able to bring their own devices to school?

Students answered this question in an exposition format below.






St. James Teachers Celebrate After the Bell

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Ever wonder what happens after the bell on the final day of school? Well, check this link out below!



Child Labour and Our Shoes

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Many of the products we buy everyday are made by a child who is forced to work. Especially our shoes. We have discussed the issues of child labour in class and the countries that allow it. Below I would like you to contribute your thoughts about child labour, your choice of shoes, and how you might choose your shoes in the future.


You’re Listening to the Polar Bear on LU Radio!

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Below I have posted the 1 hour radio program we created as a class in conjunction with LU radio. The students selected topics, researched, then conducted numerous interviews to produce an outstanding program. Please take the time to listen to our show!

Lu radio