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Check out our Kingfisher 2016 Video

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We had an absolute blast! Arctic blast that is. It was freezing, but so much fun. I hope you enjoy the video of our adventure.

Check out our Public Service Announcements we created for Media

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We spent the last few weeks studying various media forms and how they work. As a culminating activity we created our own Public Service Announcements using iMovie. Enjoy!


Should music videos be censored to protect our youth?

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Many of the music videos produced today and watched by kids are not appropriate. The values they contain are often very negative. They focus on unrealistic and negative values, however, we do live in a free country that is based on freedom of expression! So what do you think, should music videos be censored? Should we be sheltering our youth from these negative influences? Or, should we allow freedom of expression and the right to view this inappropriate content?

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My Christmas Break Power Write

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Some of us had an exciting holiday break, others, maybe not so much. However, I would like you to give a minimum 3 paragraph recount of your breaks highlights. Make sure that the majority of your writing is power 3’s! Details rule.


Santa Claus is Coming to Town

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Check out our Christmas music video for 2015.

Merry Christmas Everyone!


Canadian Identity Symbols

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What does it mean to be Canadian? What do we identify ourselves with? What symbol do you think of when you think Canada? These are the questions that were posed to our class and created discussion. Read what my students think are some of  Canada’s most significant identity symbols. Feel free to agree or disagree with their thinking!

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The Wretched Stone by Chris Van Allsburg

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This great book poses more questions than it answers! The question I want you to try and answer is: What could the “Wretched Stone” be a symbol of or represent in our everyday lives? Supply evidence from the text and justify that evidence with your own ideas.

I look forward to reading your ideas.