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Merry Christmas Teachers

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This year for our Holiday Concert we decided to write a song for the teachers with Rodney Brown

Dear Santa Claus,

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Today I would like you to write a letter to Santa. Please make sure to use proper letter format. Also, don’t just ask for stuff. Let him know if you’ve been bad or good and some other news about you and your life. Don’t forget to ask him questions as well. Remember it’s not just about asking for an xbox or a iphone, ask for help for more than just you.


I’m looking forward to reading your letters.

Mr. Purdon

What is the best subject in school?

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We have been trying to learn how to justify our thinking. This is a very difficult thing to do. We as writers, debaters or even thinkers need to be able to defend our ideas. It is not enough to just cite evidence, we also need to show and prove how that evidence leaves little room for doubt in our thinking.

So as an activity, the students were asked to choose what they think is the best subject in school and defend their choice with a couple pieces of evidence, as well as justify their answer. They should’ve left little room for doubt or arguments against their thinking. If you can see holes in their arguments, or don’t agree, feel free to reply.


Mental Images and Music

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Music is a wonderful thing. It soothes us, pumps us up, creates memories, and sometimes just passes the time. When we listen to music, as when we read, we make mental images based on the lyrics. Today I would like you to grab some headphones, plug in, and listen to the following song a few times. After you have got a grasp of your mental images, I would like you to write a descriptive paragraphing explaining your mental images. What different things did you see as you listened? What did it remind you of?

Juke Box Hero – Foreigner

Facebook for kids???

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Should kids under the age of 13 be allowed to Facebook?

At issue today is Facebook’s privacy policy that states users must be at least 13 or older to create an account. Even though this is the policy, scores of underage users skirt the social network’s rules by listing false ages.

Should these underage users be able to Facebook or not? That is the question that our class expositions  debate.

Before you read on, make sure to take our survey.

I Am Poems and Colour Poems

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Our students while exploring poetry and free verse wrote poems about themselves and their favourite colour. The idea was to use various figurative language and our imaginations to create vivid imagery.

Kingfisher 2017

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This year our Grade 6 students from St. James had some amazing weather while on our 3 day residential trip. There was snow, sunshine, and fairly warm weather. Check out our trip below.