Top Ten Moments of 2010

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The results are in for the Top Ten Moments of our school year. They are:

  • 10. Winter Olympics at the school
  • 9.  The school track meet
  • 8. The Christmas powerpoint and elf video
  • 7. The classroom blog
  • 6. The soccer tournament
  • 5. The Etienne concert at the Fort William Gardens
  • 4. Pi Day at Vance Chapman (especially the mathmeticious video)
  • 3. Mr. Purdon wearing the Fire Chief hat to judge the fires at Kingfisher
  • 2. Edward getting pegged by Mr. Purdon in dodge ball.
  • 1. KINGFISHER!!!!

Any comments????

One thought on “Top Ten Moments of 2010

    Jordan said:
    June 24, 2010 at 11:07 am

    Edward deserves second place. Edward, if you are reading this, we all miss you alot!

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