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Now that we have had some practice in writing a procedure, it’s time to challenge ourselves. Today I want you to write a procedure independently. You will fill out a plan, write a rough draft, type a good copy, then post it on our blog.

The topic choices are:

1. How to be successful in Mr. Purdon’s class.


2. How to play a game we’ve played in gym.   

This week we have been spending a great deal of time discussing questioning. We know that asking “Thick” questions give us better insight and force us to better understand what we are reading. These questions have answers, but they must be inferred, and they take us beyond the literal text.

This week I want you to ask those “thick” questions you have about Blood Red Road. Not only are you to ask questions, but I want you to read the questions of others, and give your thinking or answer. This week is as much about asking questions as about dialogue and responding to your classmates.