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Posted: November 2, 2011 in Language
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This week we have been spending a great deal of time discussing questioning. We know that asking “Thick” questions give us better insight and force us to better understand what we are reading. These questions have answers, but they must be inferred, and they take us beyond the literal text.

This week I want you to ask those “thick” questions you have about Blood Red Road. Not only are you to ask questions, but I want you to read the questions of others, and give your thinking or answer. This week is as much about asking questions as about dialogue and responding to your classmates.

  1. austin says:

    Why did ike not want to go to freedom feelds? but still went so loyally when jack brought up the rule of three.

  2. chaslee says:

    is saba in love with jack?

  3. Rose says:

    why is Emie acting different?
    how old is Ike?
    how old is Jack?

    • Jessy! says:

      Hey Rose, Maybe Emmy is acting different because she is in a diffrent inviorment then used to.Or maybe it could be that she is not feeling so good with the changes around her.

    • Oscar says:

      I think that jack is 20 years old and I think that ike is 30 years old Rose??

      • Caitlin says:

        Jack prob won’t be 20, when he said to Molly that Saba was 18 he said she too young! If he’s 20 that’s only 2 years difference so it doesn’t matter. And Molly is 29 and her an jack had a kid together so he must be around 25ish at the youngest, Saba and Jack at least have a big age difference for sure, that’s why it’s hard for him to ‘love her’

  4. Adam says:

    In the book Blood Red Road
    I am wondering why Ike is so important?
    And why Jack wanted him to come so much?
    Also why is Jack following Sabba does Jack maybe like Sabba?

  5. Nadia says:

    I still wonder what jack is up to?! i think he is bad. I know this because in the book saba looked into jacks eyes and they were as black as stone, and ike said to saba “dont tell jack that im going to move somewhere with out him with another girl, because he will ruin it all” or he said somthing like that. but thats is why i think jack is bad.

  6. Raja says:

    I think ike is just going because he likes Saba

  7. taylor says:

    Is Ike just going because he likes Saba or is he just going because he knows something?

  8. Adam says:

    Chaslee I got the same question

  9. leo says:

    Why does Saba care the after they go to Freedom Feilds that Jack and Ike are going to leave her and go somewhere else?

  10. maria says:

    Does Jack and Ash like each other?

  11. micheala:0!!!!! says:

    Why does Jack care about Saba so much?Because it seems that Jack is sometimes not nice to Saba and sometimes he is?

  12. Nadia says:

    P.s hey Chaslee i think saba is in love with jack because everytime jack comes near her the heart stone turns hot, dont you remember? the heartstone turnes hot when the person is near their hearts desire. And p.s hey rose emmie is 9 years old.

  13. Jessy! says:

    Here are some of my questions that accour when I read Blood Red Road.For starters, What will happen to Saba and Jack when they find Lough? Will Saba,Emmy, and Lough end up staying with the Free Hawks? Will they give up and go back to Mercys?

    • Mr. Purdon says:

      An interesting question Jessica. There are 2 more novels to follow. So does that mean they won’t find Lugh or will they and then the other books are about Saba and Jack???

  14. Hunter Russell says:

    Dear taylor,
    I dont think that Ike would leave beacuse he likes Saba. Since Jack and Ike both like Saba they maybe fight later in the book beacuse they want to date Saba.

  15. Nadia says:

    Hey Adam! jack doese love saba! i know this because if jack wasnt thier for some reson why would he want to hang out with saba? she is stuborn and picky!!! and also he keeps on kissing her so he likes her!!

  16. Shaynah says:

    My first question for “Blood red road” is if you think Jack is good.Jack is the person that wanted to
    take Saba the main character to freedom fields so she could find her brother Lugh.If you’re
    wondering, that’s how you spell “Lou” in Blood red road. But anyways, do you think Jack is good
    or bad?By the way, there’s a guy called “Ike” that’s Jack’s friend. And since Ike is Jack’s friend,
    I was wondering if Ike is good or evil too. What do you think? I’m just asking this because it was
    kind of weird when Jack was begging Saba if he could take her to freedom fields and then
    turned up at Ike’s home. Even though Ike is so far very nice, I’m still wondering about Ike and Jack.

  17. chaslee says:

    You’re right Nadia every time jack gets closer the heartstone get hotter!

  18. Nadia says:

    DEar Shaynah I think jack is bad because he is also a stealer and really slippery!!! I wonder when they get Lugh if Lugh is going to like Jack???

  19. chaslee says:

    i think your right maria

  20. Hunter Russell says:

    dear Austin,

    the second part of my post is a question.

  21. Cody says:

    Why would the author name the city hopetown? Because from what I have seen it is more of a run down city with the some of the worse scum ever.

    • Gemma says:

      Good point, Cody. It didn’t seem that the former town should have been called Hopetown. I also think that the name Freedom Feilds is a good name for that place either. Why would Moira Young name such places happy things?

  22. Damien says:

    I was wondering when the tonton was going to come back in the story.

  23. Zachery says:

    Once saba finds lugh is saba still going to let jack come with them or is he going to wonder off

  24. Gemma says:

    I think that Ike is a traitor and he is not to be trusted. I think this because he and Jack had some ‘mishaps’ in the past and Ike wants to get back at Jack for what he did. I don’t think that Ike really cares that Saba would get hurt in the process, just as long as he can get revenge on Jack.

  25. Mr. Purdon says:

    I have my own question. Does anyone have an idea how this is going to end?

  26. Thomas says:

    Im wondering if Saba loses Emmi? I thought this because on the cover, Saba looks miserable because ( its Saba because Saba said she had long brown hair ) she lost her entire family. Her mom died when she was nine years old, Lugh is in the tower, and Emmi can be captured and not be givin back to her.

  27. Yolanda sinoway says:

    Dear chaslee you are right every time ”jack” goes closer to saba the heart stone get’s hotter and hotter but I wounder how it is going to happen in the end.What happens to saba does she fall in love with jack ?????

  28. Katie says:

    I think that Saba is love with Jack because of the heart stone katie.

  29. wiliam says:

    is saba still in the race with the sun because in the book it said that saba and the sun was in because mid summer

  30. Kadi-Rose says:

    Is Jack really on Saba’s side? Does he truly want to help her? It confuses me how, at one point, he kisses her, the next he’s playing some silly prank. I mean, if you really like someone, wouldn’t you show it in a more affectionate way? Then again, she did push into a puddle of mud so I can see why he wouldn’t want to show anything. I don’t know, their whole relationship confuses me.

  31. shamael says:

    I think Jack is still bad and he wants to meet Ike because if any thing happens to Saba Jack will portent that he did not do any thing and he will say Ike planed for that.

  32. Katie says:

    Hi Shayanah I think that tokatie

  33. markus says:

    I think jack isn`t who he says he his.

  34. Katie says:

    Hi Nadia I think you might be right and I agree with you . KATIE

  35. Yolanda sinoway says:

    I think in the end that saba will find her brother then they go back to Freedom fields but i wounder if jack will come back for her so they can be together

  36. shamael says:

    i think Saba will not find Lugh and the story will end with Saba, Jack and the Tonton.

  37. Aleia! :) says:

    I love this book so much that i might buy evey single book ❤

  38. Oscar says:

    I think that saba likes jack because the heart stone gets hot when she’s with him and because I think saba liked when jack kissd her.

  39. aleia!! :) says:

    I love the part when saba kissed jack that was so romantic. and it was funny when jack said that her timing was good. now thats so romantic. haha. this book is very good i will have to read all of the books

  40. bailey says:

    what do you think is going on with saba and Demalo like the part where she feels as if hes reaching in to her soul ( cant remember the whole sentence) and when she first met him she wasnt wearing her heart stone so something could end up going on with them two plus at the end he doesnt listen to the king and lets her go and goes off

  41. bailey says:

    also i read and interview where a they said they was curious of demalo’s character and moria young said that we should be and that hes going to have a greater part in the next book

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