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Well it seems that we have some interest inĀ Divergent. Adam and Aleia have made the suggestion that this might be a good discussion thread. I also think this is a good topic.

So lets use this thread to discuss the plot and characters, pose questions to others, make predictions, etc.

So….. What do you have to say about Divergent, by Veronica Roth?

Every week it’s the same thing, I post, you comment.

How about we switch it up a little.

This week I want you to come up with some blogging topics or ideas. Write your ideas up like I would. First, start with a post title. Second, introduce the topic and give essential background information. Lastly, pose your question for discussion.

In the next following weeks and throughout the year I will be selecting post topics so we can respond!

Wow! Did that two weeks go fast! My break was relaxing and fun. As you know once Christmas was over my family went to Fernie B.C. to ski. The weather was beautiful, the snow was plentiful, the food amazing, the skiing awesome, my health….. terrible. I had the worst cold that eventually turned into some kind of laryngitis. This was my first big mountain skiing experience and I know now it won’t be my last!

Tell me a little about your break! Was it fun, relaxing, exciting?? Did you get any good presents??