Check out our Kingfisher Recounts

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Kingfisher was an awesome time and we had some great memories. Please take this opportunity to recount them for us in this post.

18 thoughts on “Check out our Kingfisher Recounts

    dandre said:
    March 8, 2012 at 11:18 am

    Mr.purdon’s grade 5/6 split were at kingfisher Feb 21-23 we went to kingfisher to have fun and learn about all sorts of things we went second day.

    We got our skies our poles and our ski shoes then we were putting 2 layers of wax on our skis mr.purdon was helping me but it looked really hard because it hardly did anything when mr.purdon was trying then after the councilor’s helped me because they said it wasn’t good enough.

    We got into groups there were three one was lady bug group, the other was zebras, and the last was bumble bees. we had a few self races before getting ready they we skied around the circle and practiced how to get up when we fall we did this to get the feel of skiing.

    We went out climbing up the hills sliding down hills we went on the trails going around the lake we would have got out earlier but 2 people had to take brakes because they haven’t skied much before. Oscar, Raja, and I were ahead of the group by lots and I went ahead of the group by 7 minutes I hade to wait with one of the councilors because I was too fast for them and I waited for the group to hurry up and I leaded the group for one hole hour and ten minutes it was the coolest trips ever.

    We brought our skies, and poles, and ski shoes back. Then we got all of our stuff on. It was an awesome adventure I hope I can come again and go skiing

    By: D’Andre

    Adam said:
    March 8, 2012 at 11:26 am

    Skiing at Kingfisher

    On February 22, Mr. Purdon’s grade 5/6 class went to go learn how to cross country ski at kingfisher. On the kingfisher lake, so they could be prepared for skiing on the trails in the forest.

    First the class went to the day centre to get there skis.
    Then they all had put wax on there skis by rubbing it in the centre and then melt the wax with the heat from friction twice.
    Then get there ski poles and ski boots at put them outside at the front of the day centre.

    Later the class went down the lake to learn or practice how to ski after splitting into 3 groups. Then later they went on trails that went back and forth in a straight line across the width of the lake. And also learned how to use there ski poles. Then later the class learned how to go downhill.

    After they practiced they went to go eat lunch and make it but first they had to set the table and start the fire, by making something called the log cabin in there fireplace with some sticks. Then they had to place a firestarter in the right place so they could get the sticks to burn after they light it with a match then put the grilled cheese on the pan and make it into actual grilled cheese then they ate it when there done.

    Lastly they all went over the lake and on the trails out in the bush and there was a lot of struggles because a lot of people kept on falling down but getting back up anywise. Then when they reached the uphills and the downhills it was hard for everybody to get uphills but at the end of the paths were bumpy and hard to stay on there skis.

    I have to say skiing at kingfisher was the best part.


    Yolanda said:
    March 9, 2012 at 9:52 am

    In the afternoon the grade 5/6 class from St.james went snowshoeing on the lake of kingfisher, on the first day on Feb. 21st.

    We got our equipment from the supply closet and then I put on my snowshoes. Then we played a name game and we went is a circle then I told her my name.

    Then we practiced on the lake how to snowshoe it was not fun when I fell over it was hard to get up. Then there was a hill and we had to climb it.

    After, we went through a trail and we stopped and played three games of camouflage it was so fun.

    Then we started to head back to the classroom then I took off my snowshoes, and started to talk. Then we headed back to our cabins.

    I enjoyed snowshoeing, and I liked playing the camouflage game the best.

    By: Yolanda

    Katie said:
    March 9, 2012 at 9:53 am

    On the last day at King fisher our grade 5/6 class went
    to the class room to learn how to play the survival game.

    When we were there we had to learn about the 5 water
    And the 5 food. When we were at the class room we
    had to get are gear from the class. We had to get
    are animal and are papers for the different 5 food
    and the 5 different water.

    When we were done we want out side in are groups
    And we walked to the forests so we can play the
    game and we had to keep are self safe from
    losing lives from the game.

    When the game was done we had to listen
    For a horn to know that the game was done.
    When every body was back we want to the

    When we got back to the class room we want to
    To the first group and then we want though all
    The groups to see who won the game and it was
    the meat eaters who won the game.

    Then in the class room we talk about the hardest thing
    in the game is when you have to find the food and water and trying to hide from the teachers and trying to keep your lives
    from getting lost.

    When we played the survival game I had a lot of fun playing the
    game with my friends and having a lot of fun playing the game. 


    Kadi-Rose said:
    March 9, 2012 at 9:54 am

    The night of February 21st, 2012 was Mr. Purdon’s grade 5/6 class’s first night to experience the outdoors at Kingfisher Lake Outdoor Education Centre. We were all pretty worn out and anxious, probably because we had done about 4-5 hours of tiring, adrenaline rushing outdoor activities. It can be very difficult to change your attitude within the span of an hour.

    After being dismissed from the day centre, all of the students raced back to their cabins to either get ready for bed, or finish their journals. My cabin mates and I decided that getting the teeth brushing, face washing, bathroom taking over and done with was the best thing that we could do, just so that we wouldn’t have to worry about it afterward.

    When we arrived back at our cabin, we started our journals right away. We figured work first, fun second, would be the smartest move. Since I finished first, I didn’t have anything to do while I was waiting for the others. Raja and Micheala had alerted me when some of cabin 4’s members decide to come for a ‘visit’. Apparently, everyone in from there got scared and couldn’t find any teachers to help calm them down. I walked with some of them down to the kitchen, where we found Mrs. Peuramaki. I returned back to my cabin because she told me that she would take care of whatever was going on. That night, Shamael had brought glow sticks. Everyone in my cabin started cracking them and wearing them; this was at around 11 o’clock. Micheala thought it would be a great idea to cut some of them so that we could put it on our hands and stuff. Sadly, when she cut one of them, it splattered everywhere! One of the beds, part of the floor, blankets, clothes, the table, and a bench were all glowing.

    Later on, when everyone was sound asleep, I guess Shamael had to use the washroom and asked Raja if she could go with her. When they left, they carelessly let the door bang shut and it startled both me and Micheala. I was already awake, so I made it a must to see Micheala’s expression. She literally flew up from a dead sleep. It was hilarious. Luckily, everyone ended up getting a good night sleep.

    Zachery said:
    March 9, 2012 at 9:56 am


    Mr. Purdon’s grade 5/6 class all went skiing on the 22nd at Kingfisher. We went to learn how to do stuff that you would need to know if you lived in a bush, and to have lots of fun.

    First, we all had to go to the day center to set up for skiing. We had to figure out our shoe sizes in European sizes. When we got our skis and our poles, we had to round to the nearest 10th and 5th of a hundred. After we got our skis we hade to wax them then let them sit, in that time we got prepared to go in the nice weather.

    After getting prepared we headed to the lake. When we got on the lake we were putting our skis on then talking to our teacher, about what we are going to be doing. Once that was done we were practicing going up hills and down hills. We all went through a loop that crossed Airplane Lake, but this loop took up most of our time so we had to head back for lunch.

    Once, we got back to “shore” we had a little group talk then we got dismissed to go cook lunch. My group and I headed to our cabin, when we got there we started our fire, got the porgies then once the fire got warm enough and big enough we cooked. Then we eat them. As our stomachs got full we and all the other cabins went down to the lake, to get ready again.

    Meanwhile, when we got ready again every single group headed onto a trail. The trail was curvy, bumpy, and awesome except the falling part. It was funny to watch other people fall but it probably hurt. After our leader lead the way we all got a chance to get in front of everybody and lead. We discovered lots of kinds of birds and we followed animal tracks to find out what kind they were.

    Skiing was the best and I wish we could do it again.
    By: Zachery

    Nadia said:
    March 9, 2012 at 9:56 am


    Our 5/6 class from St. James school went to Kingfisher Lake February 21st – 23rd 2012. It was a beautiful 3 days, but my favorite part was on the first night.

    First, my cabin mates and I cleaned up for inspection. Then the
    Inspection began. We needed to improve a bit more. Then we changed
    Into our pajamas, grabbed our flashlights and walked to the Day

    Once we arrived at the Day center we made a boomerang toy. After we finished those we started a game called Minute to win it. Bryson and Michaela and I were the only ones who completed our challenges so we did the last challenge. Michaela won. I felt happy for her. Next, we walked back to our cabins.

    After we arrived at our cabin I was exhausted. My cabin mates were Aleia, Jessica and Shaynah. We only had until 10:00 to get ready for bed and do our kingfisher journals. So, we headed down to the wash rooms. While we were walking I twisted my ankle in the dark, it hurt. Finally we got back to our cabin and finished our journals. And before bed we put the slop pale away so we didn’t step in it.

    Finally, we tried to fall asleep. But it felt impossible because the mattresses felt as if they had been stuffed with newspaper. So, we started telling jokes. Shortly after we fell asleep. But we woke to see flash light beams in our cabin. Then we put it aside and fell back asleep.
    The whole evening was fun. For our first day at Kingfisher.
    By: Nadia

    Cody said:
    March 9, 2012 at 9:57 am

    Camping Memory Recount

    It was a scorching hot, sunny day in June 2011. I planned to go camping at the Sleeping Giant National Park in Thunder Bay Ontario Canada with my mother and father for one day just for the excitement of being outdoors.

    We started packing the tent, food, water, medical supplies, and sleeping supplies around 9:30am, and left 2 hours later at 11:30am for the park. As we were driving it felt like the sun was turning the inside of the truck into a sauna.

    After one hour of intense heat we finally arrived to the park at 12:30am. We then signed in, found our spot, and started unpacking the basic items like the tent, food, and water.

    Once we got all settled in I went swimming while father lit the fire for supper, but while swimming I had some unexpected duck families show up in which I had to feed. After a few hours of swimming we headed to camp, ate dinner, then watched a few movies, and slowly headed to sleep.

    Finally we all woke up around 11:00am, ate breakfast, and began packing the tent, food, water jugs, and putting out the fire. We drove out of our spot around 12:00pm, signed out, and got back on the highway home.

    All and all this family memory of camping was a great experience.

    By: Cody Lane

    Gemma said:
    March 9, 2012 at 9:58 am

    Kingfisher Lake Meal Prep (Day 2 Lunch)

    0n February 22, I went to Kingfisher Lake with Mr. Purdon’s grade 5/6 class. We went out there to learn about nature and how to take care of ourselves, but also to work together. My boldest memory of Kingfisher was the meal prep and execution of lunch on day 2.

    First, we had to go get wood to make the fire, which we use to cook the meal. Lucky for Kadi-Rose and I, the wood was already being chopped for us by Mr. Purdon. We took the kindling, glad that we didn’t have to cut the wood ourselves. We stacked the wood in the box and went back to get more armfuls.

    Next, we built the wood into the proper structure that we were taught. We opened up the fire starters and put them in between the logs. We lit the matches and put them into the wooden structure. Thankfully, our fire caught on the first try. We carefully added to the fire when it needed more wood.

    After we got the fire going, I went inside to prepare the food (put the cheese on the nachos, open up the cans of soup). When the food was ready, I brought it outside to put it on the fire. The nachos weren’t cooking, so we made the fire a little bit hotter and mixed up the chips. I went inside to get the pot with the soup to start cooking it. When I came back outside, I put the soup on the fire and checked the nachos. The cheese still wasn’t melting! We ended up smashing them into small bits.

    Finally, it was time to eat. Since the nachos were mashed up, we had to eat them with a spoon. The soup was really cold, so we all ended up throwing it in the slop pail. The meal failed- I’m a really bad cook.

    Raja said:
    March 9, 2012 at 10:01 am

    Tuesday morning

    On Tuesday February 21st, 2012 Mr. Purdon’s grade 5/6 class went to kingfisher outdoor center. This is going to be the best 3 days ever! Starting Tuesday morning.

    First, waking up when I got up I got dressed, when I was done getting dressed I went into the bathroom and brush my teeth and my hair. After I was done all that I went downstairs and went to go and eat for the big day at kingfisher. I was so happy I could not wait to go.

    After that, I was getting my bag ready putting my hairbrush in my bag and putting all the food that I was bringing into the cooler that I was bringing for the cabin that we where getting. When I was all done getting my bag/cooler and all my other stuff ready I was going to school.

    When I got to school I was looking for my cabin people who are Micheala, Kadi-rose, Shamael, and Gemma but she was coming on day 2 so really it was only us 4 girls. As when I found all of then I told then to put all the food in the cooler so it stays cold. When we were all done that we went to the bus.

    Finally we all got to Kingfisher Lake. We where all getting off the bus getting the bags and coolers we all started walking up the hill. As we all got up to the hill we all went to the classroom and the leaders told us what we had to do with or bags and coolers. Then we all got to go and look at or cabin.

    Well I could say that was the tiring part of my morning that paid off.
    By: Raja

    Aleia! :P said:
    March 9, 2012 at 10:01 am

    Mr.Purdon’s grade 5/6 class all went skiing on February 22, 2012 at Kingfisher Outdoor Education Centre. We went there to have fun, learn how to take care of ourselves, and the environment, as well to learn to snowshoe, and ski.

    To start of skiing we walked to the Day Centre and then the leader Jessy explained how we need to measure our shoes, skis, and poles. Once I finished measuring my shoes and putting them on I then had to measure my skis. When I was done measuring my skis, I had to wax them, and put them out side so they can get used to the temperature. Lastly, I measured my poles and stuck those outside too.

    When Jessy was done giving our instructions we grabbed our stuff and headed out to the lake. Once we got there we put on our skis and poles, and got to meet our leader Lisa. We went out to the straight tracks to get used to get used to our skis. We went up some hills (using pizza) and down some hills before lunch.

    After, practicing we went for lunch. Since I was the first one back from my cabin, I started the fire and brought out the ingredients, the pan, the egg flipper, bread, cheese, butter, and a butter knife. I buttered the bread and put a piece of cheese on the unbuttered side of the bread. Then Nadia came and she cooked the grilled cheese while I fed the fire.

    When we were done lunch we headed down to the lake and put our gear back on and then we headed for the trails. As we were skiing we were faster than everyone else so we went around the trails one more time and we passed everyone else again. When we got to the Day Centre we took off our skis, shoes, and our poles. Most importantly I had fun with my friends and that will always be the most memorable moment ever.

    By: Aleia Haapaniemi

    micheala:0!!!!! said:
    March 9, 2012 at 10:03 am

    Cross country skiing.
    Mr. Purdon’s 5/6 class went to kingfisher on the on the 21 to the 23.On the 22nd day of February, we went cross country skiing, to experience the outdoors and to learn to ski. On that day we got up at 07:30 and left at 09:00.

    When we got up all of our cabinmates got our outdoor things on and went to the day centre. When we got there, Jess gave us our instructions. We grabbed our skis, ski poles, and our boots. We all walked to the lake, put on our skis, grabbed our ski poles and left to practice.

    We went on the lake and practiced doing hills, turning around, and up and down hills. When we where done practicing we went to the cabins and ate lunch.

    At lunch every cabin had to eat lunch. So our cabin set up the fire and we had nacho-crunch. Then we all went inside and ate. Then we all walked back to the lake and put on our skis and left on the trails.

    When we finished lunch and got on the trails. When we went on the trails there were lots of hills to go up but not to lots to go down. Our ski trip was awesome, when you go down hills and in the middle of the hill you fall. When I was waiting for D’Andre to go he fell, then I went but before I went I shouted “HA” and when I passed him I fell. Then D’Andre and everyone laughed and even I laughed. Our ski trip was an extra hour because of how slow we were.

    Skiing was awesome we all had a good time, and I hope we can do it again!

    From: Micheala Bannon.

    shamael said:
    March 9, 2012 at 10:03 am

    The Survival Game
    On the last day morning at kingfisher, we started playing the survival game. But before we play, my cabinmates and I went to the classroom were we had given instructions.

    When we arrived at the classroom, we had given instructions of the game which was: Every animal gets 3 lives; except for herbivore they got 7 lives. Usually carnivores eat meat which is us herbivores .Omnivores eat both plant and meat. For the plant eaters, they had to find 5 yellow cans hanging out from the trees which is food .Every animal should find 5 blue cans which is water, and find a good hiding place or you will get eaten. Try to find more than 3 hiding places. Also; every animal should wear their animal name on their forehead. Lastly animals are not aloud to run from teachers’ .If they see us; they are going to ask us questions about our animal. If you did not answer, you are going to loose a life.

    At the beginning of the game, every animal started hiding in the bushes. Omnivores and carnivores started chasing us. But thankfully we found our hiding place and started hiding. For the first half of the game nobody caught us and we still got 2 water stamps.

    Lastly at the second half of the game Jess and I started looking for 5 cans of food, and 3 more cans of water. But just before the horn goes ,we found 2 stamps of food .The funniest thing that happened while we were playing when Zach found us ,so he told Kadi-Rose about us .while I was giving Kadi-Rose my life Yolanda and D’Andra got us too , so we lost 4 lives at the same moment .

    After the big horn goes on, everyone met at the parking lot and that is when we took our year book pictures. Then we met again at the classroom and decided the winner, which was, carnivores. Then we were dismissed for lunch.

    Finally, we had an excited game and an awesome 3 days trip at Kingfisher education centre. It was my best first experience in my life .I wish I could have stayed longer.

    By; Shamael

    Bryson said:
    March 9, 2012 at 10:06 am

    Snowshoeing at Kingfisher

    On February 21 Mr. Purdons class went to Kingfisher, which was our first day at Kingfisher. That day we went snowshoeing to a beaver lodge to learn about its habitat.

    The first thing we had to do was meeting in the classroom to learn about our snowshoes. Then we got our snowshoes from the closet in the classroom and then put them on and met in the camp area to go to Kingfisher Lake.

    Next, we learned how to use our snowshoes by playing tag on Kingfisher Lake. After we finished playing tag we decided to go to the beaver lodge on Airplane Lake so we crossed Kingfisher Lake and headed for the trails.

    So now were on the trail but our guide said we needed to go right so we were all in for some heavy duty bush whacking. Everyone at least got stuck once but we all made it to the beaver lodge.

    Finally, after everyone saw the beaver lodge we were on the trail again. This time it felt longer then on the way to the beaver lodge. Lastly, we returned our snowshoes to the closet in the classroom.

    Out of all of the things we did at Kingfisher snowshoeing was the most exciting.

    Damien said:
    March 9, 2012 at 10:07 am

    The survival game

    Mr. Purdons grade 5/6 class went to kingfisher to participate in some outdoor activities and to look after themselves. We went to kingfisher, for 3 days the 21st – the 23rd, on the last day around noon they played a cool game called the survival game.

    On the last day we played the survival game and it was pretty fun once Anna gave us our lesson we were taught that the herbivore uses can for water and food. While the omnivores and carnivores chase or use cans to survive, in the game it is not like real life but it has a resemblance.

    It is not hard to choose your animal because you have to go for what you like because there are different colours for each type of animal like carnivores are red and herbivores are green and omnivores are blue carnivores and omnivores are allowed to play in groups same with the herbivores but only if they were in your type of animal while I was a porcupine the best herbivore ever and plus they are pretty cool.

    As we were going to the play field Markus and I met Eric along the way, so we decided to that since we were all herbivores we could be in a group so we stuck together like almost the whole game but, we went to hide and then we could not find each other again.

    Once we finally finished we gathered at the classroom to find out the winner was it was awesome, because even thought I lost all my lives I still had lots of fun. Once we went over who died and we won and the carnivores won the game and all the other animals came very close to winning.

    The survival game was awesome even though I died I still had fun.
    By: Damien Dunn

    Shaynah said:
    March 9, 2012 at 10:10 am

    Mr.Purdon’s 5/6 class went to Kingfisher on the 21 of February.
    We went to Kingfisher to learn how to work together and have fun. On day 2 of Kingfisher, we went skiing.

    On the 2nd day of Kingfisher, we were due to meet at the day center at 9:00 A.M to go skiing. First, we had to get our skies.
    Next we got our ski boots. Lastly, we got our ski poles. Finally, I had all my equipment. So I got the wax to prepare my skies. When I was
    Done waxing my skies, I rubbed in the wax with a small kind of block. Then I set my ski gear outside for a bit.

    We headed to the lake with our gear. The instructor, Kelly, helped us get our skies on, then we practiced going back and forth, falling down and getting back up. Last but not least, we
    Practiced going down hill and up hill. On one hill though, I did
    a face plant. 

    Next, it was lunch time. Nadia and I set our skies on the zebra
    Rack (zebra is our group name) and headed up to the cabin. Jessica was in the zebra group too, but she would rather walk with Aleia. (Aleia’s in the bumblebee group) Aleia started the fire. Jessica handed her the frying pan, the cheese, and the bread. Then Aleia started to cook the grill cheese.

    When we were done lunch, we all headed back down to the lake. Aleia joined the bumblebees again, and me, Nadia, and Jessica,
    went back to the zebra’s. When we all had our skies on, we headed for the trails. We found our first hill, and we all tucked in our ski poles, and slid down. We came across a lot of hills, but had a lot of fun!

    Skiing was absolutely awesome! Kingfisher was the best 3 days of my life! 

    By: Shaynah

    Eric said:
    March 9, 2012 at 10:10 am

    Mr. Purdon’s grade 5/6 students and I went to Kingfisher outdoor education center on Feb. 21-23, 2012. To play outdoor activities and learn how to live without their family. The activity I liked most was skiing.

    First we had to prepare at the Day Center. We had to choose our ski boot size and put them on. My first boots were way too small so I had to choose an other size. Then we had to choose our skies and poles by size too and we had to wax them. The wax was sticky. After that we had melt the wax by rubbing a cork on the wax very fast. My arm felt tiered when we did that. Lastly we had to take the skies and poles outside.

    Training time! Yes it was time to go outside for training. First we had to put our skies on. It was quite hard everybody struggled as they tried to put them on as some people got it and some people needed help so Jess helped them to put their skies on. When we trained we first started without poles then with poles. Some people got it a little faster then others who were left behind. We were going in strait lines back and forth. After that we trained how to go up and down hills. And then it was time to eat lunch.

    After lunch we did a cross country skiing adventure. I got to be the leader the second time we changed leaders. It fun being the leader because you get to go down hills first. Going down hills was fun too. I liked it the most in our adventure. I liked it because it’s fast and when the wind blows in my face its refreshing. After we finished we skied to the road and took our skies off there.

    Then we went to the Day Center to give the skies, poles, and boots back. All we had to do know was to wait for the last group to come. Our skiing adventure was a success.


    markus said:
    March 9, 2012 at 10:45 am

    good luck ms. Rimer

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