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The Stranger

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Dear Mr. Purdon,

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Today my students are posting letters to me on the Dear Mr. Purdon page of my blog. They are to focus on writing using the proper friendly letter format about a book they have been reading.

Check it out!!

Ruby Bridges

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Okay, we have spent a lot of time on answering our Ruby Question. We started off by working in pairs to answer it, then we gave each other descriptive feedback, then we answered it again as partners, and finally we did a gallery walk.

Now it is time for you to take all those ideas and all that learning and apply all by yourself to show your learning. So here it is again:

Ruby Bridges went to Frantz School every day for those first months when the angry crowds were there. How do you think Ruby felt going to school all by herself with an angry mob to greet her? Use information from the text and your own ideas to support your answer.


Many educators, schools, and school boards believe that school uniforms can solve many of the issues schools face. They feel it can create equality and in many cases prevent gang related issues and even stop bullying.

Do you think school uniforms are a good idea?