School Uniforms?

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Many educators, schools, and school boards believe that school uniforms can solve many of the issues schools face. They feel it can create equality and in many cases prevent gang related issues and even stop bullying.

Do you think school uniforms are a good idea?      

12 thoughts on “School Uniforms?

    Thomas said:
    October 5, 2012 at 8:39 am

    School Uniforms
    Educators these days are wanting students to wear school uniforms because they believe it will solve many problems. This exposition is going to tell you why kids don’t want to wear school uniforms.

    The first argument against uniforms is that kids will feel the same. Yeah there is equality but kids don’t really care about being equal. They want to feel like themselves, not the same. Kids also want to stand out, making their friends say something like “nice shirt”. They don’t want to be non-recognized. A happy student is a good student.

    Next, we live in Canada which is a free country and kids should be able to wear what they want. Kids should have a choice of what they wear because they will be happy not sad.

    Also, why can’t kids wear what they want? What’s so bad about wearing what we want? I’ve never seen anyone violate the school dress code. That means that there is no need for school uniforms. When kids wear school uniforms they tend to lose some imagination. Then they won’t be as creative as they used to be.

    The final argument is that kids need to think for themselves. If kids have school uniforms, they wouldn’t be able to make decisions about buying school clothes. Also, when kids grow up, they won’t be depending on their parents to choose what their wear. They have to think for themselves.

    As you can see the above arguments, kids shouldn’t be wearing school uniforms because they need to think for themselves, they will feel the same and it’s a free country.

    Andrew Herbage Farough said:
    October 5, 2012 at 8:39 am

    School Uniforms

    There are people who believe that kids should wear school uniforms. But kids should have the choice of what they wear and don’t wear.

    A strong argument against school uniforms is that kids will loose there creativity. When kids can’t choose what they wear in the morning they start to not be able to draw all well, and may think bad and write bad.

    Also kids will start to feel like they are in prison. Maybe they will start to act like they are in prison too. I do agree that having uniforms would stop some of the bulling that goes on, but I don’t think kids would want to wear school uniforms.

    Another reason that kids shouldn’t wear school uniforms is that you spend more money. This is because when you buy school uniforms you still have to buy some clothes for out of school.

    Also kids would have no personal identity and kids will start to be lost and scared and they will start acting all weird.

    As you have read up above school uniforms shouldn’t be imposed.

    By: Andrew Herbage Farough

    yolanda said:
    October 5, 2012 at 8:41 am

    No School Uniforms

    Many schools and educators believe that uniforms will solve their problems. I believe that kids shouldn’t wear uniforms. Here are some reasons why.

    First of all everyone will look the same all the time. Nobody wants that now do they? Their parents would not be able to tell their child apart from the other kids. Also, you will need to buy your kids clothes everyday and it will be expensive.

    Second, kids will not have any imagination and nobody will think for themselves. Because they will look the same, people need to look different not like a white shirt and black pants for example. Kids are in a public school the don’t need a uniform!

    Third, kids will not learn to make good choices. If you don’t give uniforms, they will LEARN how to make good choices but you shouldn’t give uniforms to public schools.

    Lastly, kids don’t care what other kids wear at school .If kids wear uniforms they will probably get suspendedfrom don’t school so why need a uniform?

    Kids shouldn’t wear a uniform

    By :yolanda

    Shaynah said:
    October 5, 2012 at 8:42 am

    Most schools are making kids wear uniforms these days. Whether they like it or not. Why can’t kids just wear what they want?

    For one thing, it’s a free country. Kids should actually have a say in what they wear. They shouldn’t just have to wear these boring old uniforms. No offence, but uniforms don’t look cool. That’s what kids are after these days. “Coolness.” And uniforms don’t exactly lead to that. Kids don’t care about uniforms. We shouldn’t be the ones to put them in something that they don’t want to wear.

    Secondly, kids have a right to wear what they want. Now I’m not saying that kids should be running around in bikinis, (especially boys.) I’m talking T-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, jeans, that kind of stuff. Anyways, adults shouldn’t regulate clothes for kids. If we want kids to be capable of making decisions for themselves, choosing their own clothing is a start. Don’t you think that kids have a right? Of course they do!!

    Thirdly, kids will feel the same! Most kids want to be unique. They don’t want to wear uniforms, because that’s exactly what the other kids will be wearing! Nobody wants to be the same. Everybody wants to stand out, not fit in with the crowd. Everyone will just look the same, and everyone will just feel miserable.

    Lastly, everyone will feel as if they’re in prison. Jail people wear uniforms. Sure school uniforms aren’t orange, but everyone will still look the same. And that’s just how kids will feel.

    We kids have a right. Don’t take that right away from us.

    BY: Shaynah

    Lewis said:
    October 5, 2012 at 8:42 am

    School Uniforms

    Many schools feel that wearing school uniforms solve all their problems. I think that students should not have to wear school uniforms.

    First, kids shouldn’t have to wear school uniforms because it’s a free country. Therefore, no one can say anything about it. The queen made Canada a free country, so kids should be able to wear what they want.

    Next, kids should think for themselves so they can make good choices. They need to learn to do things for themselves to make right choices. But if they have to wear school uniforms, they will be told what to do and won’t learn how make choices for themselves.

    Another reason to not have uniforms is kids will lose their imaginations. If they are forced to wear uniforms to they won’t be able to think about their imaginations, but if they wear their own clothing they wont think about their goofy looking uniforms.

    Lastly, students shouldn’t have to wear school uniforms because they will get a prison like feel, and if they get a prison like feel they act like a criminal.

    After reading all the arguments above, you should be thinking that kids shouldn’t have to wear uniforms.


    Alexis said:
    October 5, 2012 at 8:42 am

    Uniforms vs. no Uniforms

    Studies show that school uniforms help solve problems such as bullying and gangs. I’m against uniforms because kids don’t want to wear uniforms, for lots of reasons but some of the schools all over the world force kids to wear school uniforms because of bulling and gangs.

    One of the reasons against uniforms is kids lose their imagination. It makes them not feel special because everyone is wearing the same clothes. In there free time they would be washing their uniforms and not doing everyday chores. Then they would have to spend their weekend doing everyday chores.

    Secondly, kids don’t want to look goofy because they will be teased by other schools that don’t wear uniforms. For example other schools during tournaments they will tease you and bully you then you will feel all sad and won’t want to play.

    Thirdly, kids want to have a personal style. If kids wear uniforms they wont have ant personal style and won’t be able to express themselves because everyone will look the same.

    Lastly, if kids wear uniforms it will feel like prison because in prison you have to wear uniforms. Kids will try to be the center of attention.

    As you can see uniforms are a bad choice for many reasons for example uniforms make students not feel special.

    By: Alexis

    chloe said:
    October 5, 2012 at 8:49 am

    School Uniforms

    Many schools feel uniforms will solve their problems. I think they’re right.

    I think school uniforms are good because kids will learn more in school. Kids won’t worry about what people think about them.

    I also think shopping would be easy because there would be a choice. Plus choosing clothes in the a.m would be easier.

    Next, you save money. You don’t need to spend lots of money to buy lots and lots of clothes.

    Lastly, there would be no ammunition for bullies. So kids won’t get bullied. It creates equality among all students.

    Based on the arguments, plus evidence, you can see school uniforms are good.

    By chloe

    donte said:
    October 5, 2012 at 8:55 am

    There are groups of people who believe that school uniforms will help students. Some don’t believe that because of these reasons.

    First picking clothing helps kids make good choices in life. Don’t kids deserve to practices making good choices? So they don’t go to jail when they grow up.

    Another reason is students will feel the same. Students will lose personal identity. How will they stand out? Then they would not be the kid you knew.

    Third reason that school uniforms should not be worn is students will lose imagination from not being able to mix clothes and students will feel like their in prison. And that’s bad because they might want to go there.

    Lastly a reason for no school uniforms is its more expensive then one pair of clothes. You have to buy two pairs of clothes, one for school and one for home.

    This is why I’m against school uniforms. Some will still believe that uniforms are good, but some will not ever believe.

    By Donte

    Ethan.F said:
    October 5, 2012 at 8:56 am

    Arguments Against School Uniforms

    There are many educators and school boards believe students should wear uniforms in school to solve problems and issues they face.

    The first reason, the students may feel uncomfortable in the school uniforms at school, want to be in there own clothes, not school uniforms. They will picture themselves in a school uniform and then they won’t like it.

    Also, the kids may feel like they’re in prison because every kid is wearing the same uniform at school. The people in the city wear there own cloths but the kids in the school yard have to wear the uniforms accept the teachers.

    Another reason is parents have to buy the uniforms if they want their kids to go to school and learn and if they don’t buy the uniforms the kid can’t go to school. The kid will have two sets of clothes, one for home and one for school.

    Kids should be able wear whatever they want at school if they want.

    By Ethan

    kyle said:
    October 5, 2012 at 10:13 am

    School uniforms

    Some schools like the idea to have school uniforms but some people lake me don’t want school uniforms.

    Canada is a free country so people should were what they want to were.

    Parents have to by more clothes but some parents are pore so the parents that are pore can’t send kids to school with school supplies.

    Kids have to make decision in live so practice is perfect.

    Express ones own identity kids want to look different than other kids.

    I’m against school uniforms

    By kyle

    kendra said:
    October 10, 2012 at 9:23 am

    School uniforms

    Many people feel school uniforms will solve problems, I think kids shouldn’t be forced to wear uniforms. It’s a free country kids can feel free or confidant of what they wear.

    Uniforms will feel like prison to kids, they will feel like their being controlled by the teachers and principals.

    Also, the uniforms look goofy. Kids won’t care if their wearing regular clothes, but if they wear uniforms they might care because they can get teased by other schools.

    Lastly, kids will lose imagination. Kids need imagination to express themselves to be unique.

    School uniforms are a bad idea because kids might change of who they are.

    By: Kendra

    Markus said:
    October 11, 2012 at 11:58 am

    School uniforms Are Good

    School uniforms are good they make people feel equal.

    One reason uniforms are good is it will be easier to get dressed in the morning and not much laundry to do.

    Also if we had uniforms sopping is going to be easier and uniforms are more cheaper then regular clothing, and regular clothing is more expensive.

    Castly, if we had uniforms it will be cheaper there will not be to much laundry and all you need to do is simple clothing/non expensive brands.

    In conclusion, kids are going to feel like their going to take responsible for themselves.


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