Should There Be Zoos?

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We have spent a substantial time reading about and discussing the topic of zoos an whether they are a good or bad thing for animals. Now it is time to leave your opinion in the form of a persuasive text. Make sure to use those persuasive techniques we have talked about such as questions, using emotional arguments, and supporting your ideas with excellent evidence and examples.

I look forward to reading your entries. Please feel free to comment on others arguments and points of view.


19 thoughts on “Should There Be Zoos?

    Andrew said:
    December 3, 2012 at 10:52 am

    Should there be zoos?
    There are some people who think there should be zoos and some think there shouldn’t. This position will help you to choose a side.

    An argument for zoos is that zoos provide shelter, from predators and extinction. For example the Rodriquez tortoise became extinct because of people driving by in there boats and grab some and eating them. But if a zoo took a few in, they probably would still be alive today. Wouldn’t you wanted your kid to see a tortoise?

    Another argument for zoos is zoos also let scientists study the animal to see what kind of habitat they like and what food they eat. This is why zoos can help animals. For example if a new animal comes in a scientist will study it to find out what habitat they live in and build it the one perfect for the animal.

    Lastly for zoos they also do captive breeding. Captive breeding is when an animal is almost extinct and the zoos will take most of them in and breed them. For example the red wolf, and the bald eagle were almost extinct but the zoos took a lot in and bread them and when they had babies they released the babies into the wild again, and repopulated them.

    Now the other side is if you put an animal in the zoo it might get zoochosis. Zoochosis is a bad disease that zoo animals get. For example if you bring a new animal in they might start to inflict harm to themselves and walk back and forth hours on end. How would you feel if you were so sick that you inflict harm to yourself?

    Secondly an argument against zoos is if an animal doesn’t do a trick right in one of the shows the zoo puts on it will be abused by getting its food taken away or electrocuted.

    Lastly, an argument against zoos is in the zoo animals have a scheduled eating and enforced them to eat at a certain time. For example how much does an elephant eat every day? It doesn’t stop. Would you be hungry if someone had you eat only once a day?

    As you can see from the arguments there is evidence that zoos can be good or bad. What is your position?

    By: Andrew

      Thomas said:
      December 3, 2012 at 7:05 pm

      On the no side. 100% truth

      Ashley Reynolds said:
      October 27, 2015 at 6:31 am

      on the yes side 100%

    Serena said:
    December 3, 2012 at 10:53 am

    Should there be Zoo’s

    Some people think Zoo’s are good, some think otherwise. Our world is losing wildlife and 50,000 plants and species are going extinct every year. Maybe we need them maybe we don’t.

    Firstly, Zoo’s provide a safe shelter with food and water. In Zoo’s nutritionists work out menus for the animals and make sure they are fed everyday. There is no danger or starvation. We can help make an animals life a lot easier by helping them find food and give them a warm shelter.

    Also, animals should be kept in Zoo’s because keeping animals in Zoo’s mean scientists can study the animals and learn more about a specific species lives. The types of food the animals need, and their natural habits they live in.

    On the other side it’s not normal for animals to be abusively trained to entertain people. Training often includes beating the animal and shocking the animal with shock pads to make it do the trick. How would you feel if you were treated that way?

    Next, there is the issue of Zoochosis. Zoochosis is a mental illness animals are getting from Zoo’s. Zoochosis cause’s pacing back and forth, animals to twist their necks, bob their heads up and down, never-ending circles. So putting animals in cages is cruel.

    Lastly, Zoos are unhealthy because animals are on a eating schedule and often get disuses. In the wild animals have to hunt for their food.

    As you can see some Zoo’s are good and some are treating animals poorly. What do you think?

    By: Serena.

      Ethan #2 said:
      January 12, 2013 at 4:35 pm

      What do plants have to do with losing animals Serena???

      Ashley Reynolds said:
      October 23, 2015 at 7:49 am

      nice job this website rules

    Thomas said:
    December 3, 2012 at 10:54 am

    Should there be Zoos?
    Should there be zoos? That is the question. This piece of writing will explain to you why there shouldn’t be zoos and why they’re so bad.

    Firstly, when animals get captured and put in zoos some animals will eventually get zoochosis. Zoochosis is when an animal bobs their head, pace back and fourth, inflict harm on themselves, walk in never ending circles, and twist their neck. If you see an animal doing these things, then they probably have zoochosis.

    Secondly, cages and aquariums are too small for the animal. A cheetah runs 60MPH per hour. That means that they can’t run that fast in a cage because they will run in some sort of barrier. They will also get hurt. Also, orcas spend 80-90 % of their day underwater. In a zoo they spend most of their day at the surface. Orcas also swim in very deep water, in a zoo, their not capable of that. When an orca doesn’t swim 20 Ft. or under their dorsal fin starts to curve.

    Next, animals aren’t well cared for. The animals get shocked, beaten, and get their food token away if they don’t perform a trick correctly. This isn’t good for the animal. How would you feel if you got shocked, beaten or your food got taken away? You wouldn’t feel well.

    Lastly, animals have friends, so do we. When a wild animal has a friend, this is called a “symbiotic relationship”. A symbiotic relationship is when 2 animals work together. For example, the rhino and the tickbird work together. The tickbird eats the tick off the rhinos back and the rhino shoes it food. In a zoo, that is not easy so the rhino will have the ticks on his back and he will have a problem.

    This is why I think there shouldn’t be zoos. They are cruel to the animal, the animals get diseases and they don’t have the freedom they need.

    By: Thomas

      Ashley Reynolds said:
      October 23, 2015 at 7:51 am

      not all zoos are bad yes some are bad and some are very bad but there are also good zoos and very good zoos 🙂

    Shaynah said:
    December 3, 2012 at 11:08 am


    Should there be zoos? In my opinion, I’m not sure. So I guess I’m kind of voting for both sides. What do you think? Should there be zoos? Here are some arguments to help you decide.

    Extinction. In the wild, animals die every day. They’re hunted, eaten, killed. In zoos, none of that happens. Animals are well cared for in zoos. Zoos protect animals from being extinct. They capture a male and female of the endangered species, wait until they mate, and then they create babies. When the babies are old enough, they set them free. Then the animal is not an endangered species anymore.

    An argument against zoos is about the “free” thing. They’re not used to it. Since the animal was born in a zoo, they’re used to being taken care of. The animal doesn’t know how to find its own food, because people always fed it at the zoo.

    Next, animals are hunted in the wild, so zoos are a good place for them. Absolutely nobody can hunt an animal in a zoo. So animals will be okay in a zoo. And if animals can’t be hunted in a zoo, they can’t be eaten. And being eaten is exactly how the dodo bird is extinct.

    There’s still a problem with zoos. Kids. Kids don’t know any better, so they throw food at the animals. Kids are mean to the animals, and the animals get upset. And the last thing you need is an angry BEAR.

    Here’s another good thing about zoos. Predators. Usually in the wild, animals are hunted by bigger, meaner, and tougher animals. (It’s called a food chain.) In zoos, animals are placed with there own kind. This protects the animals from the predators that are in the same zoo. Ultimate protection. Nothing can get in, and nothing can get out. Well, except for zoo keepers.

    Finally, there’s Zoochosis. Zoochosis is a disease that animals catch in only zoos. Animals catch Zoochosis if they’re in a zoo for a very long time. Not just months, years. These are the signs of how you know an animal has Zoochosis:
    – They go around in endless circles
    – Tear at there own skin
    – And do the same thing over and over
    It’s not like you go to the zoo every day, so you probably wouldn’t notice this. But can you imagine being so miserable that you want to hurt yourself?

    So now that you heard the arguments and evidence about this situation, what do you think? Should there be zoos?

      Shaynah said:
      December 3, 2012 at 11:10 am

      Wowza! Who knew I would print so much words?! 😀

        Ethan #2 said:
        January 12, 2013 at 4:36 pm


    Kraft Dinner said:
    December 3, 2012 at 11:11 am

    Should there be Zoo’s? That is the question that everybody is asking writing will explain why there should not be zoos.

    First, there was a killer whale named Junior and he was taken in from the wild but died only to years later deprived of sunlight, outside air and companionship.So why take animals and put them in zoos if there going to die a few years later? Fact: a normal zoo animals life span is only 1-2 years.

    Another argument against zoos is Zoochosis. Zoochosis is a disease that is quite common among zoo animals. Zoochosis is a mental illnesss that zoo animals get when there in a zoo. You will notice them doing quite odd things such as… Bobbing their heads up and down,walking in never ending circles, repeating the same patterns over and over again and eve ninflicting pain on themselves. Would you want Zoochosis? Would you want to go crazy?

    Also, in zoos they put animals on food schedules when most animals are used to eating constantly or in the elephants case, searching up to get 2 hours to get food. But switching their natural eating patterns causes health problems. This schedule caused 30 animals to die in 4 months.

    Lastly, zoo trainers use abusive training techniques totrain their animals for shows. For example they use animal prods or give them less food and stave them. That is animal abuse because zoos are just animal prisons and their main purpose is to attract customers.

    As you can see by the arguments provided zoos are animal prisons and should be taken out of this world.

    By: Adam Kraft

    donte said:
    December 3, 2012 at 11:14 am


    Lots of people think there should be zoos. Others don’t think there should be zoos. Animals should not be in cages, they should be free and in the wild.
    Here is why.

    First, Zoochosis is a mental illness that makes animals hurt them selves, vomit for no reason, they lick walls, over groom, and rock. Could you image being so stressed you want hurt your self? Would you want to see an animal with holes in their skin and doing the same thing over and over again?

    Second, the only thing zoos care about is the money, not the animals. About, 94% of the animals in the zoo die in a year. Dead animals in the cages. Would you like to see dirty cages in a zoo? Would you like to live in a dirty house? No you wouldn’t. So why would the animals.

    Another reason zoos are bad because they unhealthy for animals. Sleep deprived panda crushed baby. How would you like being in a place where you can’t sleep? Also there are only two meals a day. Most animals are used to maybe once a week or a few hours a day. Would you like to only once a day? No you wouldn’t. So why do it to an animal? Think about that.

    Lastly, it’s not normal for whales to do tricks for a hand full of fish. Aquariums do this to the animals in the aquarium. Trick performing animals when in training if they miss perform the trick. They will shock them, or beat them, and sometimes take food a way from them. Not only that they get only a 10 to 20 minutes of play time. Would you like to have 10 to 20 minutes of play time? No, you wouldn’t.Have you noticed that orca whale’s dorsal fin is flopped over? That’s because they need pressure to hold up the dorsal fin.

    From the augments above, you can see why there shouldn’t be zoos.

    By Donte

    kendra said:
    December 3, 2012 at 11:16 am

    Should there be zoos? People think zoos are good, some say they’re bad. I am arguing for both sides.

    First, zoos help a lot of animals from becoming extinct. For example, the Dodo bird was a big fat flightless bird. People thought it was okay to eat the bird. Less than 100 years later there was no more ever seen. Also, there is one more black lion in the world. Zoos can help a species survive. 50,000 plants and animals are doomed to extinction each year. Most people don’t know they are killing animals. The more you kill an animal, there are less and less animals you see. Every animal you see, their fighting for their future, their baby’s future.

    Secondly, zoos help by giving them food, protection and shelter.
    People should leave the endangered animals in a zoo. Rather than killing the animal, call a zoo to take the animal.

    On the other side zoos aren’t always how they seem. Animals get hurt everyday in a zoo. They get electrocuted, whipped and get their food taken away just because they didn’t do a trick right.

    Also, in zoos there’s a sickness that goes around in the zoo called zoochosis. Zoochosis is a mental illness that can kill an animal within days or months. Tigers don’t just pace back and forth, they must be frustrated. Monkeys, tigers and other animals in cages grab the cage and try to break it to escape.

    People should just accept the fact that there are zoos.

    By: Kendra

    skyler said:
    December 4, 2012 at 9:55 am

    Should there be zoos?

    Do you think animals should be in a zoo? I don’t.

    The first reason I do not think animals should be in zoos is Zoochosis. This is a mental illness. The symptoms of Zoochosis are rocking, licking walls, run back and forth, twisting their necks, never-ending circles and vomiting. Do you think it is right for animals to be made crazy?

    Also 94% of animals in a zoo die in each year. There is also mean training. They zap the animals and take away food from the animals or beat the animal if the animal doesn’t do the trick properly. Does this seem nice?

    In conclusion I don’t think there should be zoos.
    Do you think animal should be in a zoo?


    austin.d said:
    December 4, 2012 at 9:59 am

    Should There be Zoos?

    There are many zoos around the world and in each zoo there are many animals that were removed from their natural habitat to entertain people. Here are some reasons why zoos are bad.

    The animals in zoos don’t get released from the zoo. Not to mention the cramped cages and small pens. Would you want to be in a cramped cage all day? And animals in zoos are put on a feeding schedule as well. This is not natural

    Also animals in zoos go through abusive training to learn tricks. Sometimes animals are beaten, starved of food and shocked using electric prods. This can’t be good for the animal. What if you were hurt just because you didn’t do something correctly?

    Another reason zoos are bad is because of a disease called zoochosis. Zoochosis is a disease that makes an animal pace back and forth, and tear holes in they own skin. Could you imagine seeing an animal so miserable, that it would want to inflict harm on itself?

    Lastly, animals can get diseases like diabetes and herpes. This can kill animals, but in the wild animals have less chance of getting human diseases like herpes, diabetes,ext.

    So in conclusion save the habitat not the animal because if we save the habitat all animals are safe.

    bradley said:
    December 5, 2012 at 10:03 am

    Should there be zoos?

    Some people think there should be zoos. I agree and the following arguments show why.

    There should be zoos because we can see what kind of habitat animals have, and how much of their species are left. We need to know what kinds of habitat in order for them to live and their species not to become extinct. For an example the dodo bird has become extinct. There are now no more dodo birds..

    Also if there where no zoos everything is going to be chaos. That’s why we need zoos, to help animals live longer and not become extinct. For example, the bald eagle was so close to becoming extinct because most hunters killed them just for money. But because of zoos they can live a long time.

    Another argument is most zoos can help bring back animals in the wild till they feel better and know how to reproduce. For a scientist to know if they can go back to the wild the scientist have to do a test see if it can reproduce and when it is well. Zoos help the animals reproduce, and offer, protection. Animals should be kept in zoos because so their enemies won’t eat or wound them so the animals don’t suffer or die.

    As you can see, zoos are great. People can see – animals they have never see before.

    By: Bradley

    yolanda said:
    December 5, 2012 at 10:10 am

    Should There be zoos?

    Many people think that there should and shouldn’t be zoos I am one of those people who think that and I will tell you why I think that.

    Firstly, zoos are good because of extinction.
    People should save hurt animals so that animals don’t go extinct like the Dodo bird. It was extinct 100-200 years ago. That is a long time ago. If we save plant and animals they won’t go extinct.

    Secondly, animals are getting many diseases because of being locked up in cages for so long. Also if we keep animals in zoos then scientists can learn about different animals like for example the Dodo bird. They would also educate the public more.

    Here is why zoos are bad. First, I think that zoos are bad because animals are put in smaller cages and aquatic animals need to be in the ocean in order to remain healthy. For example the orca needs to be in the ocean or its dorsal fin will fall over.

    Lastly, there are unhealthy animals because the animals are on a diet. Many animals need to eat 3 times a day, and are only being fed one time a day. Wouldn’t you be hungry?

    These are all of my arguments now you have to choose should there be zoos.

    By: Yolanda

    Ashley Reynolds said:
    October 26, 2015 at 7:38 am

    this has some very good enformation i am all in for zoos being good for the enviroment and for the ecosystem if we didnt have zoos endangerd species would become extinct
    and the ecosystem would become vivacious

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