Voices in the Park

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We have spent a great deal of time looking at Anthony Browne’s book Voices in the Park this week. Our biggest learning was about point of view and perspective. We saw how one event can look so different to each individual. We learned that it is important to think of another’s perspective in order to better understand their actions and thinking. As a concluding activity I would like us to answer at least one or as many of the questions below to get you to express your opinion and ideas in writing.





1. Whose point of view is missing from this book? What would their point of view be like for this event in the park? Use information from the text and your own ideas to support your thinking.

2. Explain why the perspectives of the four characters is so different for this event. What may be behind the different points of view? Use information from the text and your own ideas to support your thinking.

3. Which character are you most like and why? Use examples from the text and your own ideas to support your thinking.

4. How do the illustrations help show the point of view of each character? Use examples from the text and your own ideas to support your thinking.

5. What do you think is the symbolism or meaning of all the hats in Charles’s voice? Why are all the clouds, a tree, and the lamp posts all shaped like his mother’s hat? Use information from the text and your own ideas to support your thinking.

  1. Kraft Dinner says:

    I think the symbolism in Charles voice about the hats is that maybe Charles thinks that his mother is so mean and rude that he cant forget about her and maybe whenever she goes outside she wears that hat, so Charles would think she is obsessed with it.

  2. Kraft Dinner says:

    I think the illustrations in the text help explain a point of view by showing what the character saw for example Smudge saw the day as a good day and a nice summer day, but her dad saw it as a gloomy winter day and we would have not known that if there were no pictures.

  3. Thomas says:

    I think the illistrations help show the point of view because Smudges voice takes place in summer. That means that she was having fun because when we listed different attributes, one of them was active. Also, Charles voice takes place in a sort of gloomy, dark setting, and it seems like he is always sad, unless something cheers him up.

  4. Shaynah says:

    I guess you can say I’m more like Smudge. I’m not gloomy like the dad, I’m not mean like the mom, And I definitly am not sad and don’t like my mom like how Charles does. But I am a tomboy like Smudge, I’m active, friendly, energetic, funny, and playful. and all those things explain Smudges personality. Well guess what? All of those atributes I just named are all the things that Smudge and I have in common. I’m sure all of you guys know that those things are all I am too. I’m nothing like Charles, the mom, or the dad.

  5. Kraft Dinner says:

    I think I am most like Smudge because wee have so many attributes alike for example she is quite curious and so am I because when there was a crime on my street not long ago I was itching to know what happended, so I went down to where it did happen and asked the police, and they said there was a stabbing and then I knew I could relax cause I knew what happened.

  6. Alexis says:

    Which character I think I’m mostly like?
    I think that I would be more like smudge. I think this because in the book smudge is almost always happy. I’m like that too. I also think this because she cares about everyone and trys to cheer them up when they are sad. Like in the book then she was cheering her dads up on the way home. That is what I think me and smudge have in common.

  7. Thomas says:

    I think Im most like Smudge because Smudge is active and I am active. I am active because I go out side a lot and I play and run around, keeping my body in shape. I also think Im like Smudge because Smudge laughable and Im laughable. Like when people do something funny, I will probably be laughing.

  8. Ethan :D says:

    Which character am I mostly like? I think I’m like Charles, because I’m sort of shy, I just follow people, sometimes do the same thing like the person does and I don’t really talk to new people that much and in the book Voices In The Park, Charles didn’t really talk to Smudge that much and then Charles started to get used to Smudge and when I meet someone new, I start to get used to them.

  9. Andrew says:

    Voices in the park.
    The person whose view point is missing is the dogs because in the book the dogs were only talked about. There view point would be a summery kind of view because in the text the dogs were chasing each other around and having a good time and summer usually represents happy.

    I think the symbolism in Charles voice with all of the moms hats every wear like a dictator. I think this because dictators usually control people and his mom was controlling him because in the book Charles mom was telling him to sit and being mean to him.

  10. yolanda says:

    Question 1

    I think that the dogs point of views are not in the text because in the book the voices in the park. The dogs never did nothing they only went to the park and they went back, home but they were in all of the pictures and they probably should have got to be in the book more than the characters .

    They were important in the book like all of the other people in the book.

  11. tristan says:

    I think the reason for all the hats on Charles point of view in voices in the park is because his mom wears the same hat, and in the text she is very mean to him and he thinks that she is always watching and I think that he is super scared of her and the hat is just another way of seeing her. I also think it is because he feels trapped and he can’t really do anything about it because it’s his mother.

  12. donte says:

    I think I am most like father from voices in the park because I’m lazy, tired, and I’m gloomy. In the text he says I wish I’ve got half the energy he’s got. Also his pictures are gloomy and he needs Smudge to cheer him up. He was sitting on a chair and watching TV and, I’m all most always playing video games or watching TV.

  13. Alexis says:

    i think that in charles voice in the pictures the mothers hat is in every picture because maybe his mother is so mean that it scares him into making every thing look like his mothers hat. i think that because his mother treats him like a dog and she treats the dog like her daughter.

  14. skyler says:

    I am most like smug because. Smug is funny, happy and fast to.
    By skyler 🙂

  15. Thomas says:

    I think the meaning of the hats in Charles voice mean that he is scared of his mom because in the text, she told him to come here this instant, and she told Victoria (her dog) to come here in a nice voice. Also, I think that because he is always confronted by her mom while she is wearing that hat. That means that the image of the hat is stuck in his mind.

  16. chloe says:

    The dogs point of view is missing in the book because they barely talk about the dogs in the book. I only herd Smudge and Charles point of view why isn’t the dogs point of view in the book?

  17. Austin B says:

    I think I like Charles’s because he seems nice and really confident and he seems like he likes to play with people out side, he would like to play other people like go on the slide go on the monkey bars because he is a monkey so I would like to be his friend because he doest lie.

  18. Shaynah says:

    Why are these people so different?! Charles, Mom,Dad, Smudge, all so different! I don’t understand that. Smudge is this tough tomboy, Charles is this high-class miserable person, Dad is a big lovable gloomy monkey, and the Mom is a jerkish bossy women who can’t tell the difference between a dog and her son! These people have extremely different personalities. In the park, Mom see’s this beautiful park with automn leaves, Charles see’s a gloomy park with clouds that are shaped like his moms hat, Dad see’s a park with a gloomy sky, tree’s, and plants, and Smudge see’s a park with beautiful equipement, tree’s and very green grass. All these views are different. Very different.

  19. Thomas says:


  20. trisha says:

    the missing point of view from the book is the dogs because I didn’t hear about there point of view I only Smudge and Charles point of view in the book. Why didn’t the auther put the dogs point of view? I noticed the dogs where in most of the pictures of the book but why isn’t threre point of view in the book?

  21. Serena says:

    Witch Character Am I most like?
    I think I’m more like Smudge. Because I’m Frendly with new people, like how Smudge was Frendly with Charles. I love to make people happy and try to Cheer them up when there down, like when Smudge cheered her dad up on there walk to the park. I’m active, energetic, and playful, just like Smudge was when she was playing with Charles at the park.

  22. Lewis says:

    Voices in the Park

    I think the symbolism in Charles’ voice stands for under control, which mean that he really can’t do anything in his life but be bossed around by his mom. Also in the text I think he feels like his mom is a nightmare, because all the hats are always where he goes like his mom.

  23. kyle says:

    I think the character thats mos like me is faet because were bot laze because I play on the video game all day.

  24. cookies a.k.a (Markus) says:

    1. I think I now whos point of view in book is missing is the dogs point of view because in the text it said there are two dogs
    2. Their points of view are so different because it all counts on their feelings.
    3. I’m more like Smuge because I’m helpful, caring, frendly, and funny just like Smuge.
    4. Smuge is caring, mother is mean, fother is sad, charles is low self isteam.
    5. Charles does not like his mom.

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