Kingfisher Recounts

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Well we are back and thawed out! Man, it was cold last week when we went to Kingfisher. On Tuesday morning it was -35, and that’s without the windchill! With the windchill it was pushing -45. The cold aside, we still had a great time. Our entries today are recounts of the various activities that we participated in while at Kingfisher and those that the students found especially fun.



18 thoughts on “Kingfisher Recounts

    Thomas said:
    January 30, 2013 at 10:59 am

    Survival Game
    On January 21-23, 2013 our grade 6 class went out to Kingfisher Outdoor Education Centre to learn about nature, and how to take care of ourselves independently. One of the activities everyone was exited about was the “Survival Game”.

    On the last day of our trip to Kingfisher, we all met in the Day Centre to learn what herbivores, carnivores and omnivores are. Also, we learned how to play the Survival Game: what to do, what to get and how to survive. We all got our compasses, headbands (to let others know what and who you are) and got dressed and headed to the “arena” or play area.

    Once we arrived in the play area, us herbivores got a 1 minute head start so the omnivores and carnivores didn’t know where we were. I was with Adam when we headed into the wilderness until we were spotted by an omnivore, Austin Dolph. Adam and I were running until I fell flat on my face and Austin tagged me. I gave Austin one of my lives, waited 30 seconds, and ran.

    After I ran from Austin, I ran into a carnivore and 2 omnivores. I escaped them all. I arrived at yellow can 1, expecting Adam to be there but he wasn’t. I knew I had to survive on my own.

    Next, I was getting food and water from the gully, but spotted Kelly walking around. I got down, waited for her to pass me. While I was getting water, I spotted another carnivore and an omnivore. I was running trying not to get caught, lost the 2 of them and spotted Markus. I was safe because he was a herbivore. After I saw him, I was hiding for the rest of the game until we heard the horn.

    The entire class had a blast even thought it was -30 below (with wind chill). We will miss doing these activities over there.

    Andrew said:
    January 30, 2013 at 11:20 am

    Survival Game

    On Monday January 21-23, 2013, Mr. Purdon’s grade 6 class went out to Kingfisher Outdoor Education Centre to learn about the forest and the things that live in it. We also learned how to take care of ourselves. One thing that we did was the Survival Game.

    On the very last day there we went out and played the Survival Game. We learned how to interact and we also learned what the rules are. The rules were that you can’t cross the rope with the pink bands on them. You had to collect 5 yellow cans and 5 blue cans and then hide until the horn goes off. You either get a green head band which was a herbivore, a red head band for carnivore, and blue for omnivore I was a herbivore.

    We went to the Day Centre to learn who we were and the rules. We started to go in the forest and I teamed up with Thomas and Adam for about 5-10 minutes then we split up. About 5 minutes later I found another group and stayed with them for a while then we split up when we were attacked by a carnivore.

    Next, I started to move north which were all of the cans are. But I kept on hearing other carnivores and omnivores. I also kept on hiding under fallen down pine trees. Then I started to move north again.

    Later, I saw a blue can and ran to it but I hit my eye a couple of times and a carnivore and an omnivore found me on the ground and took away two of my lives. After about 5 minutes I got up and got my stamp from the blue can. Then the horn blew. The game was over! We then headed back to the classroom to take up the game.

    After all of the bumps and cuts you look back and see how fun it was

    yolanda said:
    January 30, 2013 at 11:34 am

    Owl pellets

    On January 21-23 the St.Jame grade six classes went to Kingfisher. Some of the things we did were dissecting owl pellets.

    On the second day we went day centre at night and we watched a video about owls. (Did you know that owls throw up the fur and bones of the animal because owls can’t digest the animal bones).

    After, the class watched the video we got partner and we started to dissect the owl pellet with tweezers and a poker Markus and I were partners. When we got the pellet we started to dissect it.

    Next, Markus and I found a lot of bones so we started to arrange the bones however we wanted. Some of the bones we found were two heads and lots of arms and legs.

    Once we got the bones arranged we got glue and glued the bones together. Our creature looked like a centipede with two heads.

    Overall it was so fun dissecting an owl pellet.


    donte said:
    January 30, 2013 at 11:40 am

    Survival Game

    On Monday January 21-23, 2013, Mr. Purdon’s grade 6 class went to Kingfisher Outside Education centre to learn about nature and how animals survive in the wild. One of the great things we did was play the Survival Game.

    On the last day we met in Day Center to learn how to play the game. We all got green, red or blue head bands, green was for herbivores, red for carnivores and blue for omnivores. Herbivores headed into the place where we play first.

    The herbivores ran into the forest when we started. Kyle and I found food and water, which are hole punches. Then we meet up with Yolanda, Andrew, Markus, and Tristan. Telling them we could get them one food and one water.

    Next, Skyler who was a carnivore so we all scattered. I got stuck and Skyler tags me which is eating me. I lost my life. Tristan and I find each other and set to find food and water. Bump into to Andrew hiding in bushes. Austin Dolph finds Tristan and I, Austin was an omnivore. We find a good hiding place. Then we make an alliance with Austin Dolph.

    Lastly, Austin dolph goes to find food and water, while he’s gone Skyler passes us in our hiding place. Austin dolph comes back telling us were a food can is and water can is but, we don’t go and find them. We sit there till the horn blows which signals that the game is over.

    It was fun finding food, water, and shelter, but very, very hard to find it.


    Lewis said:
    January 30, 2013 at 11:45 am

    The Survival Game

    On January 21-23 2013, Mr. Purdon’s grade 6 class went to Kingfisher to experience many things, but most important was to take care of yourself. One great thing we did was play the Survival Game.

    On the last day of our trip, we met in the day center to learn the rules and how to play. The Survival Game is to simulate the animal’s life to see how hard it is to survive.

    Next, we got divided into three groups, Carnivores, Herbivores and Omnivores. I chose to be a Herbivore, Kelly gave me a Snowshoe hare. I wanted to be a Herbivore because I wanted to be chased by the Carnivores and Omnivores.

    Then we went outside to follow Kelly to the destination to start our game. When Kelly gave us our head start, I saw a water can, I walked to it and stamped my chart for my animal to survive. While I was at the can, I heard the sound of ski-pants rubbing together, I turned, but it was only Kendra, she was a herbivore.

    After Kendra came to me, we hid behind bushes, after a few minutes, we went back toward the hill, Skyler appeared and tagged Kendra, then he saw me and Kyle hiding, Skyler chased Kyle, Kyle tripped and got tagged.

    Finally, while I was running away from Skyler, he stopped chasing me, when I stopped, I saw Kelly I ducked under a snow bank, I was breathing really hard, I knew I would get caught so I stood up and gave myself away. While I was on my thirty seconds to run away, I ran to where the Carnivores started, then Mr. Purdon growled and startled me. Next I ran back and saw Adam, I hung out with him for a bit but the horn blew then the game ended.

    On this day it was freezing cold but it was fun. Someday, I wish I can go there again.

    By: Lewis

    Lewis said:
    January 30, 2013 at 11:47 am

    it was really fun, i can’t wait to go there in grade 10

    Ethan :D said:
    January 30, 2013 at 11:56 am

    A Bird Study
    On Jan 21-23 Mr. Purdon’s grade 6 class went to Kingfisher, the class and I got to experience birds and got to explore all the bird feeders at Kingfisher.

    On the first day the students had a bird study book to fill in a bird study book during our three days. When I went to Chickadee landing, when we got to have Chickadee’s come to us by seeds, we got to have seeds on our hat so then Chickadee’s can land on our head.

    Next, I left the classroom to go to three different bird feeders. At the Day Centre students would sit and try to get as much birds as they can but the students mostly saw Chickadee’s at the bird feeder, so that’s why I moved.

    A bird that I spotted was A Woodpecker that had a crest on its head and the rest of the students started to right down the Woodpecker in the bird study book.

    After awhile, students started to go to the Day Centre because it was getting really cold outside and I couldn’t wait any longer for birds to come to the bird feeder so I came to the Day Centre to warm up.

    It was cold out at Kingfisher but we all stayed at the cabins, even though it was super cold, it was really fun out there.


    Shaynah said:
    January 30, 2013 at 11:58 am

    On January 21-23, Mr. Purdon’s gr.6 class went to Kingfisher to experience nature. The class did many activities in the three days that they were there, and one of these activities we did was The Maze.

    The first thing we did was learn how to use compasses. So then the class came outside. We all stood in a line, and we started to use the compasses. Kelly said if you did it right, the compass will lead you right back where you started. But I guess I didn’t do it right, because I ended up a whole meter away from where I started.

    Before we started to play The Maze, we obviously had to learn how to play. So Kelly (The kingfisher teacher) explained how to play the maze. Here’s how: (You can only play this at Kingfisher)

    1. Get 2 more partners
    2. Get a map
    3. Get 3 compasses (One for each of you)
    4. Enter maze
    Those are the steps to the game. Then, all you need to do is use your compass to find station 1, which has to be your team color.

    Eventually, when we all understood how to use our compasses, we went back inside and chose our partners. My two partners were Kendra and Alexis. Our team color was red, so we got the red team map.

    When we entered the maze, Kelly said we had to find ten tin cans that were our team color, and stamp the matching number of the tin can on our map. When the three of us found all our tin cans, we headed back to camp. Using our compasses of course.

    Even though it was freezing out, it was still one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.

    By: Shaynah

    Austin B said:
    January 30, 2013 at 11:59 am


    On Monday January the 21-23 2013, Mr. Purdon’s grade 6 class went to Kingfisher Outdoor Education Center to learn about animals and to play games. The last game we played was the survival game.

    On the last day of Kingfisher, we meat in the day center and Kelly showed us how to play the survival game. Then Kelly divided us into carnivores Herbivores and Omnivores.

    Next we went outside and the carnivores and the Omnivores went with Beth. Kelly took the Herbivores, We walked on the Kingfisher road then we went into a trail so the herbivores could get a head start.

    In the game Brad and I teamed up. Then when we were walking through the games zone and looking for 5 yellow cans and 5 blue cans, for food and water.

    Next Brad and I split apart because someone was chasing us, Brad went the other way and I went another way too.

    When I heard an air horn go off I knew the game was over. I then have to find my way out of the forest back on the Kingfisher road. Lastly I headed back to the day center.

    By: Austin. B

    Alexis said:
    January 30, 2013 at 11:59 am

    The Survival Game

    On Monday January the 21 the Mr. Purdon’s class went to Kingfish. (just north of Thunder Bay). On the last day we got all of our snow gear on and went to the day center. We learned how to survive as an animal in the boreal forest.

    While we were in the day center Kelly explained how to play the game. Kelly told us which cans to punch our cards with. She gave us headbands, compasses, and cards. Kelly gave us either red, green, or blue headbands. Then we got all of our snow gear on and started to walk to the starting point.

    Next, we started to walk into the forest a bit. After that me
    and Shannon started to run away from Beth. We started to find yellow and blue cans. We only found a couple at first. Shannon and I had to run away from Mr. Purdon or we would have got caught.

    After, that me and Shannon helped each other find food and water. Shannon and I got split up by natural disaster (Beth). After we got away we snuck around the gully to find more food and water.

    Lastly, I found Bradley and Austin B and almost caught them but I got to, tired. I went back across the gully and found Andrew. Found more food and water and almost got caught by Kelly (hunter).

    The air horn blew and I started to walk towards the day centre to see how we all did. It was a very cold but we still had fun.

    By: Alexis

    Ethan :D said:
    January 30, 2013 at 12:00 pm

    Kingfisher was AWESOME there but really cold to at the same time but we didn’t get to do skiing beause it was to cold out there but in 1-2 weeks we go skiing at Kingfisher this time for good but I hope it doesn’t get colder so we can’t go skiing but I really hope we can go skiing at Kingfisher.

    kendra said:
    January 30, 2013 at 12:00 pm

    On Monday January 21st 2013, the grade 6 class went to Kingfisher for 2 nights and 3 days. Kingfisher is an outdoor education center. The reason we went is to learn about owl pellets and birds and about nature.

    On the last day of our trip we played the survival game. Everyone met in the day center. We got split in to 3 groups, carnivores, omnivores and herbivores. Also we received headbands that said the name of the animal you were. Green was for herbivores, red is for carnivores and blue was for omnivores and we learned about the rules for the game.

    After all that, we geared up and went outside. The herbivores went to the starting point. The herbivores started a little earlier than the others so they could hide.

    When I was playing I found food and water. Then I ran into Lewis and Shaynah, we all decided to stay in a group, we lost Shaynah, then Lewis ditched me because Skyler was running after us. My foot got caught then I fell, I gave Skyler my little green square. After that I hid behind a big tree and hid there till I ran into Markus and Shaynah then we stayed in a group again till the end of the game.

    When the horn blew we had a little trouble getting out of the forest then we met up with Lewis again and Tristan. Then we found the boundary’s and followed it out and then we met up with Kelly and everyone else. After that we went into the day center
    And talked about the game and gave Beth our headbands and went outside to have hot chocolate and roasted hotdogs.

    All in all everyone had a blast 

    By: Kendra

    Austin B said:
    January 30, 2013 at 12:04 pm

    kingfisher was really fun for all or us i hade a great time at kingfisher i liked doing the games, movie night and hiking it was to bad that we did not go sking, I hope I can come back to kingfisher next year. kingfisher was awesome.

    tristan said:
    January 30, 2013 at 12:10 pm

    On January the 21-23 Mr. Purdon’s gr.6 class went on a three day field trip to King fisher to learn about nature and how to cook on your own.

    On the first day we went on a snowshoe hike. We went to the class room to begin were Kelly divided all of us into two groups’ lynx and hare. Donte, Skyler, Yolanda, Alexis, Austin B, Austin D, Adam, Thomas and I were all in the snowshoe hare group the lynx went the short way the hare went the long way I know this because when we arrived the lynx were all nice and cozy in the classroom.

    The second day we all played the maze game we learnt how to play you have to stamp ten cans of your colour. When you think of a maze game you think “oh a maze.” no it was bush, all bush I got hit in the face with braches twigs even a can. I did not watch were I was going but I found the can Donte, Skyler and I were about to give up when we saw the last can we bolted for it. It was a long trip back!

    The first thing we did in the morning was go to the day center when we arrived Kelly taught us how to play basically there are three groups of animals omnivore, carnivore, and herbivore. If you’re a herbivore run from every thing and hide. That’s really all I know about the animals but hunters and natural disasters are there to but there just teachers. Anyways I was a herbivore so I did a lot of running donte, Austin D and I teamed up to get some cans witch are food and water

    After that we had lunch it was so cold that I thought I was going to freeze my hot dog bun froze so we went inside. My time at kingfisher was amazing!!!

    skyler said:
    January 30, 2013 at 12:12 pm


    On Monday January 21-23 2013, Mr. Purdon’s grade 6 class went to Kingfisher. We went to Kingfisher to learn about animals. One thing we did there was play the survival game.

    Next, we talked about the rules about the survival game.
    Then got put in teams the teams were carnivores, herbivore and
    Before we started, Kelly told us about the game

    I was a carnivore. My animal was a mink. It was hard to tag, and the carnivore had 3 lives and the herbivores had 7 lives, but I had lots of fun.

    After, we finely got to play the game. It has hard to run in the forest. But we the grade 6 class had fun!!!

    It was very cold, but we had fun anyway

    bradley said:
    January 30, 2013 at 12:13 pm

    The survival game

    On Wednesday January 23, 2013(the last day) Mr.Purdons Gr.6 Class went to kingfisher so they can learn how animals food chain works and how to hide from there enemies and what they can eat and how to hibernate in winter like most animals do.

    When we wake up we had to cook our breakfast and eat our breakfast. When were done we had to set our bags bring our bags to the day centre leave them there and meet in the class for instructions on how to clean our cabins for the next school that come. After we are done cleaning the cabins we went back to the day centre and wait for the other people the other cabin to finish cleaning up their cabins.

    Next, we played a game where we had to use a compass so we don’t get eaten by other animals and didn’t cross the boundries because that meant you will get hit by a car. There were three things you can be: one is a omnivore, herbivore and a carnivore. These are the three things you could be.

    Lastly, when you are at the day centre or all the cabins are there Beth and Kelly will tell you how to play the survival game and what to use when your playing the game and how to use a compass so you don’t get lost while playing the game.

    Mr. Purdon Class had a great time in Kingfisher

    By: Bradley

    Kraft Dinner said:
    January 31, 2013 at 10:20 am

    Kingfisher Recount

    On Wednesday January 23, 2013, Mr. Purdons Gr.6 class was out at Kingfisher Outdoor Education Centre, to learn to be more independent and to learn about nature. The experience most of us looked forward to is “The Survival Games”.

    The first thing that had to happen was everyone meeting in the Day Centre to learn the rules. After the rules were explained we got our animals, lives, stamp card and compass. I was a Beaver (Herbivore) and so was my buddy Thomas.

    Next, Kelly led the herbivores into the forest to begin the game. We all ran in but the first thing I did was meet up with Thomas at our planned hiding spot. Once we were there we dug into the snow to get better cover. After that was done we got up to look around.

    When we got up we spotted a yellow and a blue can that we needed for food and water. But when we got our first food can we heard someone walking, and it was an omnivore. We ran right away but Thomas tripped on a log and got tagged by Austin Dolph. When that was over I could not find him again so I was solo.

    After, I lost Thomas I found Bradley a fellow herbivore but he split right away to go search for his partner Austin .B. I ended up finding him right away and we spotted a yellow can so we headed for it and got it. But almost immediately after I heard someone coming so I hid behind a downed tree with Austin .B. It was Shannon the carnivore and she passed without noticing us. And when I looked back for Austin .B he was gone.

    After a while of being alone I found Lewis, Markus and Shaynah and they followed me. Then we went down the “gulley” and saw Ethan the omnivore which I snuck around to get a water can. Once we left the “gulley’ we went through a lot of bush to find Kendra. By then Lewis disappeared and Markus and Shaynah went with Kendra. So I was alone… Again.

    Soon after I saw Tristan and Donte both herbivores I was about to go to them when I saw a blue headband behind them. So I told them someone was there but they said they already knew. And right away the game horn blew and it was over so we all got up and headed for the Day Centre yet once more.

    Well most of it was still fun simulating wildlife and stuff!


    Adam Kraft

    austin.d said:
    January 31, 2013 at 10:27 am

    Survival game

    On Monday January 23rd Mr. Purdons class played the survival game at kingfisher outdoor school education centre.

    First we went to the day centre to get ready, also at the day centre a member of kingfisher staff explained the rules to everyone.

    Afterwards we went to the survival game area. To get there we trekked down kingfisher road to the playing area.

    We started the game at roughly 11:03 in the playing area. The playing area is a miniature forest in an area that 22 students can be in without seeing each other.

    When the game was finish all of us went to a fire pit to drink hot chocolate, to eat hot dogs and warm up by the fire.

    Overall kingfisher was a fun, educational and exiting trip to kingfisher.

    by austin.d

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