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We just spent a good deal of time looking at the benefits and problems associated with air travel. What I want now is to defend your thinking with evidence, examples, and your own ideas that justify this thinking.


So is air travel a responsible way to get from place to place?


Now that we have had a chance to ski and to snowshoe at Kingfisher, I want to know which activity you think is the best. You need to explain your thinking, backing up your arguments with evidence and your own ideas. Most importantly, you must justify your thinking, tying in your evidence and ideas so that there is no room for doubt!

So……., what is the best activity at Kingfisher, skiing or snowshoeing?

skiier     vssnowshoeing

We have spent the past week working on justifying our thinking and answers when responding to text. Today, I would like you to respond to the text Just a Dream, by Chris Van Allsburg. Please make sure that you have shown how your own ideas and the evidence prove your thinking. (This shows that…… because…..)


At the beginning of Just a Dream, Walter thinks the tree Rose received as a birthday present is a dumb gift. Why does Walter feel that his tree is his best birthday present of all at the end of the book? Provide evidence from the text and your own ideas to justify your answer.

just a dream

Summarize this, summarize that!

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We have just spent a good deal of time learning how to summarize a text concisely. Now is the time to show your stuff. 

Please summarize, either and Angel for Solomon Singer or Nobody Knows the Difference, in the reply box.

Remember our success criteria: 

1. State the title, author, and main idea

2. Include only important details (5w’s)

3. Use own words

4. Chronological or logical order

5. Transition words

6. Brief and concise