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I’m really curious to hear what you found in the lyrics of the songs you’ve chosen! I will get the opportunity to see all the figurative language you found when I mark them, but for today, I want you to tell me what you learned. So please answer the following question and justify your thinking!!! 🙂

What is the musician/song writer trying to tell us? Use evidence from the lyrics and your own ideas to support and justify your thinking.

Remember to tell me the song title and artist.  



I’ll leave you with a stanza from one of my favourite bands from my youth….

When you know that your time is close at hand,
Maybe then you’ll begin to understand
Life down here is just a strange illusion.

Song writer: Steve Harris

Do you know what he’s trying to tell us? Let me know your thinking.

Today, I want to see you write some figurative language (writing that imply’s meaning).

We have learned about metaphors, similes, personification, alliteration, and onomatopoeia. Now I would like to see you apply this in a creative way. For instance, you might want to explain how you are like a rock, flower, old shoe, or something else. Maybe you might want to write some free verse on a topic like rain, storms, winter, summer, colours like Ken Nordine or something else entirely.

Either way, I want to see examples of these types of figurative language! It’s your chance to write without “RULES”. No prose, just poetry!

Also feel free to comment on others and try to identify what type of figurative language they used.

Here is some inspiration from Ken Nordine….

March Break is over 😦 

Hopefully, everyone had a chance to recharge their batteries and are now ready to go down the home stretch! You have heard about my relaxing week in Cozumel, but now I want to hear about your week.

Take a moment to write about some of the things you did that were the most fun and why. I’m looking for a minimum of one paragraph that gives the 5 w’s. Please give us the details, because they matter for us to get a picture in our mind.

Looking forward to reading your responses.


The debate has raged on for a few days about the character, Michael Fish, in Roald Dahl’s short story The Hitch-hiker. One side has presented their arguments for Michael Fish being a good person and others that he is a bad person. Now is the time to deliver your closing statement.



Is Michael Fish, the fingersmith, a good person or bad person?

hitch hiker