Descriptive Writing

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A good descriptive piece of writing needs many things to be good. First, it should include the 5 senses where appropriate. Second, it should have striking language. Meaning the use of good, rich describing words and figurative language. Third, it should provide a vivid mental image to the reader.

Now that we have had the chance to write a few different descriptive paragraphs I would like to write one on a simple subject. A Dragon!

Describe what it looks like, sounds like, smells like, feels like etc. Bring it to life in my minds eye. Include where it is and what it is doing.

dragon eye

  1. kendra says:

    I see a bright, orangey, reddish dragon. It looks so fake, but so real. Its scaly rough back, all golden on its belly. Wanting to take his revenge on us for taking his gold. Army’s and army’s are trying to shoot it with arrows. No use taking it down. It’s invincible. Absolutely nothing can hold him back. Crushing house after house, person after person. Lunging after his gold. Knocking down walls. Even villagers charging after the mighty dragon. Every time people try to hold him back with ropes, the dragon sends them flying into the sky. Kids crying, screaming for their lives, their moms and dads. The mighty dragon roars with anger and eagerness. Lurking for his gold.

  2. skyler says:

    One day in the forest there was a BIG DRAGON looking for…
    A man to eat. The dragon landed in front of a man, the man stopped and he looked into the dragon’s ruby, red eyes. The man could see a big, strong, fire breathing dragon that smelled like blood and soot. It was greenish red in colour sitting there in the DEEP,DARK FOREST. The dragon Loved GOLD, so the man gave the dragon gold for his life.
    For now… Grrrrr!

  3. Ethan :D says:

    A crimson gold dragon, big as a van, claws like a deadly blade, tail like two alligators, the neck is long like a limo, the dragon flies over head with its giant wings making the sound like its right behind you. As you watch the dragon fly away, you decide to follow it to its den without being caught by your parents. You get close to then den and the dragon roars at you as a warning to stay away from the baby dragons which have hatched. You look at the babies then the mother as you are going to attack, then you leave them. As you leave, the mother dragon came at you with brute force trying to attack then you run all the way home.

    By Ethan

  4. Andrew says:

    At first I heard a roar like a mountain was being pushed and a big bust of wind came flying at me. Then I started to smell oil and smoke it was like smelling a big forest fire. At first I felt scared then I felt like I was in my nice warm bed, it felt well on a cold night like this. Then I saw it a big 40 meter dragon. It looked like a big pile of gold. Its teeth were like giant machetes. It had a bunch of metallic blue diamonds on it. I tried to run but it was like an eagle swooping down on its prey never missing its target. It had me pined down with its giant claws and it roared again and it shook me when I heard it the second time it sounded like nails on a chalk board. I then tasted something it tasted like pine needles. Then it started to breath fire it looked like an icy blue colour. I close my eyes awaiting my fiery death and I realize I am standing on uneven ground. I look down and there are gold and other lost treasures underneath me. I think to myself, man I am one lucky guy.

  5. Karlee says:

    My Pet Dragon
    I have a pet; it’s a weird kind of pet. It’s a… DRAGON!!! The dragon is a red fire breathing dragon! It’s like taking care of a dog, a big, big, big dog!!! But instead of walks, we go for rides. When we go for rides he roars into the sky. Your ear drum will make a BANG!!! A bang that everyone hates. It causes SO much pain. When you see it you will be SO scared. Scared that your eyeballs will come out of your head!!! It’s came out because your eyeballs doesn’t want to see his evil, bloody red eyes. He is the biggest thing on earth! He is bigger than the T-Rex. Bigger than skyscrapers. I’m surprise he can fit on the earth. When he breaths fire, you don’t want to be where he is. You can smell and taste the thick smoke. Feel the smoke go down to your throat. When you see all the smoke, it looks like a grey sheet over the whole city, can’t see anything. I don’t know why I keep him. Almost every week the Army, FBI, CIA, the Navy (I don’t know why), and the Air Force comes. All I gear is yelling, alarms, chatting (the nosy people), and sometimes, Guns!!! They stand there for 4-5 hours. But there NEVER going to take my dragon!!! My dragon will escape with his big, rough wings. He will break the cage with his mighty strength, to come back to me. Now I know why he loved me. So, he ate me.

  6. austin.d says:

    The Dragon
    He lives in a dark place so he is hard to see him. Before he attacks he will roar so loud it will shatter your eardrums. He looks like a plane with no engines and smells like livers, his eyes are menacing and purple, they glow as he swoops down to attack. His wings are as smooth as silk. It is 10x bigger than a bus, faster than a racecar, and tougher than a tank. It ca be found in a place called “the end”. He is also very, very hard to kill. In “the end” it is always night. The dragons’ eyes are like a snakes’ eyes. He is as dark as the night sky. His wingspan is 25 meters.

  7. Thomas says:

    The Dragon
    As I walk into this dark, silent, creepy dungeon, I spot a man about 40 years old lying on a bed breathing hard like he just ran a full marathon. I walk towards him and a GINORMUS dragon flutters out from under his rock. The bat was about 10m high, he was a black and purple colour, he had scaly skin like a lizard, his eyes were illuminating in the dark with a horrifying stare he had extremely big, sharp teeth that will chop through a wooden door within seconds. He also had a very big snout that covers a bit of his eyes and his wing span was about 25m long he smelt like a science lab during a test. I was speechless. The man I was walking towards shivers and tries to prevent himself from seeing him. Before I can do anything, the dragon drags me by the scruff of the neck and it felt like some flesh was ripped straight off my neck. His rock was smoky and I couldn’t see a thing. I tried to yell at him but I knew he wouldn’t respond before my eyes, he started to speak in a low, deep, creepy voice……

    I try to attack but I didn’t have any fuel left in my body. Instead, I collapse to the ground and next thing I know, my thigh started to ooze blood. I try to grab whatever I can to face the dragon but he countered everything I tried to do. I found a can that was made out a certain material so acid wouldn’t melt through and I open it and chuck it at the dragon and he fell straight to the ground and his black, purple scaly skin start to burn and sizzles into his own body. I couldn’t help but stare at his body lying there on the cold, hard pavement floor.

    As I walk out of his rock, the man ran away and I try to find my way out of this creepy place dungeon.

  8. shannon says:

    The Dragon

    I found a scarlet, three headed dragon. The first time I seen his eyes it scared me, his eyes were pure black. The body had really scaly skin and its big feet that shaked the earth when he walked. The roar was so loud when it roared you could see its big teeth that can chew thro anything. The dragon had really big wings, its wing was twice the size of its body. I found it in a ally when it was young, it tried to breath fire at me and fly around but it had a hurt wing, so I brought it home with me and then when it got old enough I let it go.

  9. donte says:

    The Hydra comes up out of the cold dirty swamp dripping with dirty swamp water. Its indigo heads were shaped like snakes. Its eye were a forest green shaped like snake eyes.
    Its necks were emerald green and its body was a fire brick red colour. A snake like body that only has two legs two hold it up, with nine heads coming off it like tentacles. Heracles strikes with his sword, but, it harmlessly bounces off the hydras tuff amour.The Hydra rears up a head and strikes like a snake. Knocking Heracles back in to the swamp. Then with another swift strike the Hydra finishes off Heracles. Smelling of blood and dirty swamp water.

  10. Shaynah :P says:

    I had a blank expression on my face. Shocked. A giant, metal, robotic dragon stood before me. It roared fire around me, showing o exit. Its breath smelled like brimstone. It’s glowing red eyes stared at me as it licked its lips, like I was a steak saying “eat me.” Its great golden wings shuddered like it was cold. Even its small shudder forced me back into the pile of gold. How could I have been so stupid? I thought that I could just walk out of here with a pile of gold like nobodies business. I knew that there had to be a fight. The air smelt like an erupting volcano. To my surprise, a gold sword lie beside me, glimmering in the torches light. The fierce dragon drew out its wings, and soared through the air, with its glowing red eyes watching me like a hawk. I quickly grabbed the sword, and ran through the angry flames first chance I got. The furious dragon flew through the flames, chasing after me. Suddenly, a huge rumble shook the cave. The volcano was erupting. The dragon and I looked at each other, knowing this was bad for both of us. The dragon landed beside me, wanting me to get on. I hopped on the dragons gold metal back, and we flew through the exit of the cave, leaving the cave of gold behind us.

  11. Alexis says:

    The Dragon

    The Dragon is a big, strong dragon. He lives in the woods, and has a nice smell of the deep woods. The way I see him is he is sitting on his hind legs with his silver belly showing. The dragon has charcoal scales and a silver belly; his eyes are golden yellowy colour. He has a spiky tail also. The dragon is as big as a medium sized plane. His wings are made from indestructible steel. The rest of him is made from scales made out of charcoal gray steel. The rest of him is made out of charcoal gray steel. His belly is smooth and the wings are too, the rest of him is a rough scaly feel.

    By: Alexis

  12. Austin Boston says:

    The Dragon

    In a deep deep dark cave there was something in the cave that did not sound good. You can see bloody red eyes just starring at you. The dragon had really scaly skin it felt like a komodo dragon, it had bright shiny diamond eyes. It sound like 9000 tigers was roaring. It was so loud that your ear drums will burst, he had emerald green and ruby red on him. His tail was green and his wings were dark red, and the rest was just green and red. It was a huge dragon, it was longer than 2 transport trucks it was bigger than a school, the teeth was huge, size as a car. When the dragon was breathing man is breath smelled bad it smelled like 3 zebras died together and the wings were strong the head was big, the legs were strong to. And sometimes when his really mad his eyes has fire in them. His feet are large and his tail is really long, long as a transport.

  13. lewis says:

    People say that there is a dragon that hides in the old shaolin temple. He’s been there for over a thousand years. Some say the dragon was trapped by the shaolins, the dragon wanted his revenge, so he escaped and attacked the shaolin temple and rested there. This dragon is like no other, he has green scaly skin like a snake, he is almost as big as Godzilla and his wingspan is as big as 18 canoes. If you listen, when this dragon is flying you can hear him coming, it sounds like really loud heartbeats and If you try to shoot him with arrows they will just bounce off like a ball bouncing off the ground. He attacks villages who don’t give him what he wants. When this dragon is hungry he rages and attacks villages until he gets his food. This dragon is so evil if you look into its firing red eyes you can just see horror. If its coming for you, you shouldn’t run because he doesn’t smell you, he smells fear.

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