Child Labour – Letters to the Editor

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Many of the products we buy everyday are made by a child who is forced to work. Especially our shoes. We have discussed the issues of child labour in class and the countries that allow it. Below I would like you to contribute your letter to the editor explaining your viewpoint on the topic. Remember to include not only your arguments, but also the evidence to back them up.

  1. Kraft Dinner says:

    May, 24 2013

    Dear Editor,

    Hello I am Adam and I would like to address the fact of child labour.

    Child labour is the use of children forced to work in horrible conditions. There are major cases of child labour in place such as India, Pakistan, China and Ghana. In Ghana they force children to work in the fields for up to 8-12 hours a day.

    Child labour is horrible already. But to make it worse the children working have horrible conditions they work in. There are children working with machines that can rip your arm off. Most people need to go to college to use one, but in Pakistan, there are 6 year olds using them. There conditions are terrible there harsh, dangerous and unsafe. Also children get paid at most maybe 10¢ to nothing. Children are even sold by parents for 20$. Once they are sold companys brand them. If you don’t know what that means it means the heat up a searing hot piece of metal with a on it if its Nike because the company now OWNS THEM. After they get branded they get chained to their work place and only get released after about 12-16 hours of work to sleep in horrible, crowded, smelly tents. These tents are crowded with up to about 30-50 people in ONE TENT. After 4-6 hours sleep they are back up, chained and working.

    We can do a lot to stop this and we need to do that. It is so easy to help you can just easily spread the word of child labour. You can also donate to charities that fight to stop child labour like for example Kids Can. So spread the word stop child labour once and for all!

    I hope this enlightened everyone who read this to the horrible thing that is child labour and I hope that you fight to stop it.


    Adam Kraft (Dinner)

  2. Andrew says:

    Friday May 24, 2013

    Dear Editor,

    I think that child labour should not be used anymore. I think kids should be kids and not adults.

    Child labour is happening every day and almost all the time. The child labour is happening in China, Pakistan, Africa and India and more. They use child labour because it is cheaper to have child labour. They also get more money in there pocket by using it.

    They are working in very harsh and dangerous conditions. Like how they use old equipment so it is a very dangerous working environment. They some times brand them by taking a hot piece of metal and marking the brand name on them. Some kids start labour as early as 5. Don’t you think this is harsh?

    We can help put an end to child labour in some country’s by donating money to the kids can program. We can also put the government on the spot by saying, why do we buy these coco beans if there this is child labour products? Why can’t we get other products that don’t use child labour?

    Thank you for taking the time to read this I hope you do some research on the brands that you buy because you never know if it uses child labour.



  3. Thomas says:

    Dear Editor,
    Hi, I am Thomas from St. James Public School here to address you about child labour.

    Child labour is when a child is forced to work 7 days straight for 8-12 hours a day. Children in child labour age between 4-15 years old. They work in terrible conditions where they can get really sick or injured. They are forced to work because their family doesn’t have any money or their parents sell them to the factories or other working places. Countries like China, Pakistan, India, and Ghana.

    The children are forced to work in bad working conditions where you can get sick or get really injured. The children get branded with a burning hot piece of metal to show that they belong to that company. The children can get their arm cut off by using one of these machines; they don’t know how to use them. They are paid about a handful of cents and it will take about 3-4 years to earn 20$ in total.

    What can we do? We can decrease the amount of items we buy from these companies e.g. Nike, Adidas, and Reebok. These companies are using child labour and if you keep buying from these companies, their factories will be forced to shut down. Before we buy, we can research the item on the internet and find out where they are made. You can spread the word about child labour and donate some money towards a charity that will help stop child labour. So spread the word and reduce the amount of thing you buy from these companies.

    Thank you for your time reading my letter and I hope you consider doing something about child labour; it’s a terrible thing.



  4. Shaynah :P says:

    Dear Editor,

    Have you heard of something called child labour? I’m sure you have. Well, that’s the exact topic on what your about to read. Read on!

    You know the brands Nike, Reebok, and Adidas, all those big companies? They use child labour. And believe me, they’ve all been caught doing it. But you know what? They still do it. That’s pretty sad, right? I’m sure you like those companies. I liked them too, until I found out what they did. Haven’t you ever thought about who makes your shoes, T-shirts, or your hats? I didn’t. But it could be anybody. Even kids.

    Did you know that even chocolate is made from child labour? Kids even as young as 4 have to work up to 12 hours a day. Parents even sell their kids to companies for 20$ because they’re so poor. Kids are then branded to show which company they belong to. I mean, the company logo is literally burnt into their skin! Probably one of the worst feelings ever. Agree?

    Now the question is what we can do to help. Well, we can stop buying their stuff to stop giving them business. That way maybe they will eventually go out of business and the children can be free. We can also donate to the children’s charity program called “Kids can”, so those kids will feel confident. Can you think of ways that we can help?

    I hope that the message got through to you, and thank-you for taking time to read my letter.

    Your friend,


    • Ankita Kapila says:

      This is a very good letter I think you should address this letter to the president or prime minister of your country I think this could bring a lot of awareness to this world about child labour because it seems like no one is the least bothered about those innocent kids who are been treated terribly and endure all this pain all because their very own parents sold them, they should not even be called parents because no matter what trouble a parent has they would never sell or abandon their very own child. Well done hats off to you.

  5. tristan says:

    Dear Editor,

    I think child labour is a horrible problem. Children should be able to be free to be kids.

    Child labour is everywhere and will not stop until someone stands up for those poor children the victims of child labour are boys and girls from 2-15 and the people who buy them Adias Rebook and a big one Nike are terrible to them. Do you think its fun to be sold at the age of 2 and branded with a company logo and even when and if you get out there is no guarantee they will get another job after that because they don’t go to school so they will continue to work there until they retire

    And the conditions are horrible they work 8 hrs a day and some of them are 2 or3 they are branded with a company logo do you think that is fun think if your son or daughter was sold to a company how much would they like you after wards maybe your broke that does not mean you can sell your family FOR 20 $ no you can get help other places.

    To also help stop this we can research on Nike or Adias or Reebok and see were it’s made like if it’s made in India China or Pakistan. We can also put pressure on the government buy saying no more buying from those places or saying we will not take this anymore we will stop buying Nike or Adias or Rebook if we stop trading with these countries then they will eventually stop.



  6. Austin Boston says:

    May.24 2013

    Dear Editor,

    Hi, I’m Austin B. from St. James Public school here to tell you about child labour.

    We need people from different countries like China, Pakistan and India to stop child ladour, because kids are getting sold by there mothers just for money. Kids like 6-8 are working for 7 days straight non stop. Kids are working there poor they need the money.

    The children are getting bad conditions because they been working and they don’t take drinks or eating. The children has been working 7-12 hours straight they been getting treating bad they don’t gat food or don’t get paid by doing all that working.

    What can we do? We can stop the child labour by putting pressure on the government to stop child labour it is not right to make children work all day with no breaks, we can stop this child labour.


    Austin B.

  7. willimnotok says:

    Dear Editor,

    Child labour is a horrible issue in poor countries such as Africa and China, but we can stop this if we work together.

    Child labour is a horrible thing to happen to children because there are forced to work for long periods of time. Also their own parents sell them for money for 20 dollars and it happens in poor countries and the sad thing its still going on every.

    Children live in poor work conditions they use dangerous machinering and work for very long hours, and getting paid nothing. If they don’t work they are beating up and then brand them.

    We can help them by donating money to Kids can and ECT. We could also stop or research the compies using child labour and not buy their products.

    Thank you for listing what I have to say.



  8. donte says:

    Friday May 24, 2013
    Dear Editor,

    Hello my name is Donte. I’m writing this letter to tell you that child labour is wrong.

    Child labour is work that is too hard for the child, prevents them from going to school, prevents rest, and is dangerous. They do it in very poor countries because they need money. Examples are: India, China, Pakistan, and Ghana.

    Children have to work in poor, harsh, dangerous conditions. They are chained to work stations, they get branded like cows and bulls to show they belong to that company, paid almost nothing, and some are sold by parents for as little as $20. They work for 8 hours or more, 7 days a week. How do you think it feels to be branded? Not to good I’m guessing.

    But we can stop it if we don’t buy from child labour using companies. You can also research to see if a company does use child labour. this way you wont help them. Fundraising can help them and then give the money to kids can organization. If you spread the word more and more people will know and do things to help them. Like pressure the government witch will make them stop trading with the countries that do it.

    Thank you for taking your time and reading my letter.



  9. lewis says:

    Friday, May 24, 2013
    Dear Editor,

    Hello, my name is Lewis from St.James, today, I want to talk to you about child labour.

    In places like India, China, and Pakistan, companies are using kids to make all of their products, even the famous brands like Adidas. Kids are also being branded meaning the owner of that company is burning on the logo on their merchandise on kids.

    Next, kids work from 15 and under and work from 12 to 15 hours a day, even though they only get paid 20 dollars or less. These kids are being physically abused to work and the owners make these kids work with heavy machinery. Kids are sold by their parents for less than 20 dollars and when they get to work, sometimes they chain them to workstations, these kids can physically hurt themselves.

    I believe someone should stop this madness, would you like to be branded or chained? Would you like to live a hard life like these kids do everyday? I think people should think before they buy or research to help these kids.

    Thank you for taking all the time you got to read this letter.


    Lewis Chapman

  10. Alexis says:

    Friday May 24, 2013
    Dear, Editor

    Hello, my name is Alexis and I just wanted to let you know that kids are being forced to work (Child Labour) for money to be able to buy food so that them and there families can eat.

    Companies hire kids instead of hiring adults because its way cheaper than hiring adults who would want to get paid an average amount. These poor kids are chained to there worked stations and get very little sleeping time.

    Kids are sold by there own parents to go work in very harsh environments and chemicals. They work with very dangerous machinery that can rip of there own arms and fingers.

    They get branded just like cows with a very hot piece of metal with a logo on it and stick in there own skin.

    To help this painful work we can raise money to help feed these poor kids and we can raise enough money for all of those kids so they can afford food and clothes homes.

    Before we buy clothes and shoes we can research where it was made and who it was made by.

    Thank you for taking this time to read my thoughts and opinions.



  11. shannon says:

    Friday, May 24, 2013
    Dear Editor,

    Hello, my name is Shannon and I wanted to tell you about Child Labour. Children from the ages 5 to 15 are being forced to work.

    Child Labour is a bad way for children to work. The children should be not working that hard for 8 to 12 hours it is meant to be done by adults not by children.

    Children are forced to work for hours just to feed there families. This is called Child Labour. This happens in China, India, Pakistan, and Ghana the families don’t have much money.

    The children have to work for companies like DC, Adidas and many more there are very dangerous machinery that can hurt them very bad. Most people wouldn’t know this but most chocolate companies the children have to go out and get all the stuff so the mother and father sell their child/children so they can work and make money for the parents.

    We can help by telling more people and maybe just maybe we can make it stop.

    Next time before you buy something look where its from and research and think who would of made it.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.



  12. kendra says:

    Dear Editor

    I think people need to know about child labour!

    I think child labour is a horrible thing because kids get sold by their own parents. They work in a bean farm. Kids either because they need the money or they just get forced. The people even get physically abused if they don’t do their work.

    Second, the conditions on child labour are very high. It involves dangerous work and hour and hour of hard work. The children work for 12-15 hours a day, 7 days a week. They even brand the children to know that they own the kids and who they work for.

    Lastly, we can help by spreading the word to everybody you know. And we can think while you shop because the kids make Nikes and Adidas. We could research before we buy and put pressure on the government so they can stop the child labour.

    Thank you for taking your time for reading my letter.



  13. Karlee says:

    May 24, 2013
    Dear Editor,

    I think that child labour should stop. They should free the kids. And let them live as kids not adults.

    They will be branded with the hot metal stick. Just so they know who they belong to. The company is treating the poor children as cows or bulls.

    The children are being force to work for the whole day. Some kids even work the whole day and work seven days a week.

    The poor kids has to be sold by the own parents. Only being sold for about $20. The kids are only being paid 5 or 40 cents a week. The kids went through a lot like hunger, not enough sleep almost every night, or really painful physical things.

    We can do something about the horrible child labour by not buying the things from companies that does child labour. Like Nikes, Reebok, Hanes etc.
    You can still buy there stuff but until they stop child labour.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.



  14. Ethan :D says:

    Dear Editor,

    Hello, I’m Ethan.F from St. James School and I am here to tell you about child labour and why we need to stop it.

    We need people from different countries like China and India to stop child labour, here’s why.

    Children from different families have been sold by their families to get money and have their child get to work. The kids have been working for along time and they don’t get paid at all for doing the hard work. The locations so far of child labour are China, Pakistan, and India. The reasons they are using child labour is that they are poor in their country.

    The children in these countries have been getting very bad conditions and this is why.

    The kids have been getting bad conditions because they have been assigned to work stations and some gases have been released sometimes by something, and the kids don’t know that their breathing it in.

    We can stop using child labour by, looking where it’s made from and does it contain child labour. We can put pressure on the government to stop this so there is no more child labour because it is cruel to these kids.

    I hope you read this letter carefully and understand why we need to stop this.



  15. austin.d says:

    Friday May 24, 2013
    Dear Editor,

    I am writing this letter to will tell you about some issues in the world.

    Child labor is dangerous to a child’s health and safety, they can’t get enough rest, time to play or time to go to school and the work is too hard for them.

    The conditions are very bad: the children are sold by their parents for no more than $20 and under. Also the children are branded with the company logo(they take the rod used for branding cows and use it on the kids to brand them).

    To stop this madness don’t by adidas, Nike and Rebock. Also do research on items you buy to stop this.



  16. Yolanda awesomeness says:

    Dear Editor,

    Hello, my name is Yolanda you should stop child labour.

    Would you like to work for 12 or 14 hours a day? The kids of India, Pakistan, China and Ghana have to work when they are kids.

    The parents of child labour are selling there children for 20 dollars! They are getting paid nothing to work. Also, these kids are getting chained o their work station

    Secondly, what about the conditions the kids are in like getting branded and working with dangerous machinery. What about the kids health if they cant eat for 12 or 14 hours how are the going to work if they don’t have any energy?

    Next, what we can do to stop this is to get help form the kids can charity it can free the children that are in labour. Also they can go to school and not work of people and be educated.

    Lastly, do you ever think if you think while you shop? The reason why is Nike is using child labour getting kids to make there logo and work for 12 to 14 hours all day long.

    Thank you for having this time to read my letter.



  17. sristi sharma says:

    Dear editor

    Hello I am sristi from kendriya vidyalaya faridkot . You should stop child labour this is very bad thing. No one wants to work for anyone for whole day long. We are so lucky that we are not anyone’s servant. The children in their learning age were doing so much work.

    Did you really think that it is right? You have to stop it. Law say that child labour is a crime . Force anyone for doing work against his/her wish is really wrong .

    In their learning age they are force for labour so we have to stop this labour.
    Many children kidnapped and kidnappers force them to work or to be a begger. This is extremely ridiculous.

    When we see any child which is working in any dhaba we should immediately call to the child helpline . Because no child wants to work forcely.

    At last I think that you should think about it and take steps.


    Sristi Sharma

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