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Extra, Extra, Read All About It,

The Grade 5/6 Class Went To Kingfisher!!!!!

Please read the news reports about our trip to Kingfisher Lake.


Movie Reviews

Posted: January 16, 2014 in Language
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Have you seen a good movie lately? Maybe a bad one?

Please write your review here at any time. Don’t forget to include the name of the movie!

Remember that movie reviews should have the following:

1. Title

2. Indication of type of film you are reviewing ( horror, action, western etc.)

3. A very brief summarry of storyline, identifying the main conflict, setting, and
giving an assessment of the film in terms of its strenghts and weaknesses.

4. Mention the theme of the film, central idea, lesson or point film attempts to

5.Give an opinion!

6. Include lead actors names (but don’t just list), and critique their performance
(are they believable?).

7. Discuss how the director used special effects and how they helped or hindered the movie.

8. Overall rating and why.

Looking forward to reading them.

We all had a chance to watch a music video as if we were and alien seeing humans and their culture for the first time. Please make a report to your commander on your findings by answer four or more of these questions. Please make sure to write your findings in a paragraph and state the song and artist.

1. What do most earthlings look like?

2. Where and what do most humans live in?

3. What is the standard of living like on Earth?

4. How do earthlings earn their living?

5. How do they spend their free time?

6. How do men and women treat each other?

7. How do adults and their young treat each other?

8. What makes earthlings happy? Sad?

9. How do earthlings deal with anger, conflict, and violence?


Commander Zorox, I have just intercepted a video transmission from earth. It was called “Start all Over” by an earthling named Miley Cyrus. Based on this video I can tell you that …………