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We have decided to post some of our favourite meals, sandwiches, lunches, and snacks for your perusal. We have included them in procedural form, so you can duplicate them at home. 


mmmmmmmmmm...... good

mmmmmmmmmm…… good

“I’m gonna live my life till I can’t live it no more.” 

Darius Weems

Darius Goes West was a very enlightening documentary about Muscular Dystrophy geared for young people. Today, I would like you to respond to some of my prompts listed below to this film. I want you to express your thoughts, feelings, and ideas from this documentary.

darius Click on the image to get to the Darius Goes West website.

What was the message of this film?

What did you learn?

How did you feel after watching this?

What was your favourite part or moment? Why?

What did you think of MTV’s decision not to participate in his dream of “Pimp my Wheelchair”?

What did Darius teach you about yourself?

Please post your report on Moguls here when you are ready. Also, please take the time to complete the poll.