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Thanks again for the wonderful cake Ms. Anson! Looks like I went swimming. Your creativity and talent is amazing.




Merry Christmas everyone! We had a great time shooting our Christmas music video this year. Please watch below and tell us what you think.


In the last month our class has been studying electricity. So as a way to culminate this unit, we took an amazing trip to OPG, Thunder Bay Generating Station on Mission Island. Thanks to their cooperation and generosity we got to see one of the biggest hidden gems in Thunder Bay. Wow, what a place it is! I have asked my students to include letters of thanks in this post and to share their favourite part of the tour.

Thanks again Bill Dickerson for making our tour so informative and interesting.


Today I would like you to write a letter to Santa. Please make sure to use proper letter format. Also, don’t just ask for stuff. Let him know if you’ have been bad or good and some other news about you and your life. Don’t forget to ask him questions as well. Remember it’s not just about asking for an xbox or a ipod, ask for help for other people rather than just you.


I’m looking forward to reading your letters.

Mr. Purdon