Kingfisher 2015 Recounts

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Read the comment section below to hear about our favourite parts of our Kingfisher field trip.


15 thoughts on “Kingfisher 2015 Recounts

    Irelynn :D said:
    February 12, 2015 at 11:15 am

    Bird Study ❤
    On Monday February 9 on Hwy 527 north of Thunder Bay (20mins) Mr. Purdon’s grade 6 class went to Kingfisher Outdoor Learning Center. At 4:35pm the first day we got there we met in the classroom and talked about the bird study.
    Firstly, we met up at the classroom and got these little books to record what we find about each bird we find and we had to do a little detailed sketch of any bird we wanted to do.
    Secondly, we walked out to a bird feeder called Nuthatch Nook and we sat there for about 15-20 minutes and wrote down what we saw and heard about the bird and about the stuff we know about the bird and what type it is.
    Thirdly we got to grab some bird seed/sunflower seeds and we got to put some on either our heads or hour hands or both if we wanted
    Lastly, I got a couple of chickadees and nuthatches on my head and it felt really weird when they flew onto your head and off of your head.
    Bird study was really fun and my favorite thing to do at kingfisher and you get to watch the birds on how they eat and live.

    Irelynn 😀 :3

    Josh said:
    February 12, 2015 at 11:23 am

    Mr. Purdon’s grade 6 class went to the Kingfisher Outdoor Centre north of Thunder Bay on Hwy 527 from Feb 9th- 11th, 2015, to experience the outdoors and for people to try something they never did before.
    First we met together at the Day Centre to learn how to get skiing equipment on. We got our skiing boots on first, then our skis, and then, of course, our pole size. I had trouble getting my skis connected to my skiing boots because you need to lift your heel and press your toes onto a white tab.
    Next, we went across Kingfisher Lake to ski down a hill on the trail. Almost everyone fell down either while skiing down the hill or they fell down at the bottom. Some of us didn’t fall while going down, including me. Because I became fast at skiing, I moved into the next group up.
    Later we went skiing on a trail. I fell three times going down a hill trying to get back up! Some of us, of course, didn’t fall. I managed to do one or two hills perfectly without falling. We ran into another group a couple of times, one time when we were having our snack at the halfway point.
    Lastly, we continued on the trail. We came across a red and yellow diamond. We didn’t know if we had to stop or not, so we stopped just in case. It turns out that there used to be a red trail and a yellow trail and that we didn’t have to stop. Kelly told us to stop at a map. We went left because it took us to the Day Centre. That’s where we ended our ski trip.
    In conclusion, skiing was a really fun activity for me.

    Lennox said:
    February 13, 2015 at 10:10 am

    On February 9th 2015, the whole grade 6 class went on an awesome fieldtrip to Kingfisher. Kingfisher is located on the north of Thunder Bay on highway 527. We are going there to have fun and to learn about the wonders of nature. My favorite thing that we did at Kingfisher was to go skiing.
    On the second day at Kingfisher, all cabins were told to meet at the day center for another fun activity. Beth, a Kingfisher staff, told us we were going to go skiing. But in order to go skiing, we needed the proper gear. First off, we needed a special kind of shoes. We told the workers the size of our feet and they got us skiing shoes. We then, were measured for skis and ski poles. After that, we were all set.
    We were divided into 3 groups. We headed down to Kingfisher Lake to practice skiing. First, we practiced sliding without poles and then we practiced going fast. It was really fun. Later, we went to a hill nearby to try skiing down it. A really effective way when going down hills is to bend your knees. It makes you more stable. We did this for about an hour and then stopped to eat lunch.
    After we were done eating, we went back to Kingfisher Lake. We then, went on a journey through the woods. We skied on a trail that led through the woods. Every once in a while, someone would go to the front of the line and lead the group. There were a lot of hills going up and down. Even if I did fall a couple of times, I got the hang of it.
    I was really disappointed when we reached the end of the ski trail. It was tons of fun! I can’t wait until next year! 😀
    By: Lennox

    Chloe said:
    February 13, 2015 at 10:48 am

    Kingfisher Skiing Expedition
    From February 9th to the 11th, Mr. Purdon’s grade 6 class went to Kingfisher, an outdoor education center located on Highway 527, north of Thunder Bay. We did many exciting things there such as snowshoeing, bird study, and dissecting owl pellets, but my favourite activity by far was skiing. Although the students in Mr. Purdon’s class last year got to experience skiing, most students had never gone skiing before and Kingfisher wanted to give them an opportunity to try something new this winter.
    To kick off this exciting second day, our class met in the Day Center to learn about different forms of skiing, for example skate skiing and classic cross country skiing. We also learned how to convert our shoe size into European sizes, saying those are the sizes ski boots come in. We learned, as well, how to get sized for skis and poles. We learned how to wax our skis, too.
    Once we were all sized for boots, skis, and poles, we were split up into three groups. The first group was the group who needed guidance while skiing and who moved at a slower pace, the second group were those who could ski and move at a bit faster pace, and the last group, the one I was in, held the students who could move at a fast pace, ski for long distances, and who have lots of experience with snowboarding, skiing cross country, or downhill skiing.
    As soon as we were all split up, we grabbed our skis and made our way down to the lake. We strapped on our skis and did some practice. The instructors taught us the basics like gliding, using our poles, climbing uphill, and how to go downhill. I almost fell going downhill for the first time, but that’s only because I hadn’t gone skiing downhill all year! After we finished going downhill and doing some practice on the lake, my group did the Airplane Loop, which took about twenty five minutes to complete.
    When we had finished the Airplane Loop, all three groups went back to their cabins, ate lunch, and then proceeded back down to the lake. Our group instructor, Rachel, took our group to the Walkinshaw Loop, which is way longer than Airplane Loop, and way more fun. People were falling once in a while, but only while going uphill. We went through this cool area that Rachel called the Cascades, which is just a section of the loop that has lots of ongoing hills. Near the end of our ski, we had to choose which way we were going to get back to main camp, and, of course, we took the way back with more hills. What we didn’t know though is that near the end of the hills, the tracks got all screwed up, causing me to go flying into the bush. Overall, through all the falls and mishaps, our ski trip was really fun!
    Skiing this year was so much fun, and I can’t wait to get out and do it more over the winter and quite possibly the spring!
    By: Chloe K.

    marta said:
    February 13, 2015 at 10:55 am

    The Survival Game
    From February 9-11, Mr. Purdon’s gr.6 class went to Kingfisher for two nights and three days to learn about nature. We did many activities, but the best one was probably the Survival Game.
    On the last day of our Kingfisher experience we had to first pack up and take our big, heavy bags to the Day Centre. Next, we had to go back to the classroom to talk about the cabin clean up.
    When we were finished, we went back to the classroom to learn about the survival game.
    Next, we had to walk on snowshoes. Because if we didn’t we’d sink in the snow! After that we got headbands that signify our animals. It also showed if we were a herbivore, carnivore, or omnivore.
    Lastly, we went out into an area to play the game. There were a lot of trees, so the carnivores or omnivores wouldn’t see the herbivores. The game ended when Scott, one of the staff, blew an air horn that told all of us that the game was over.
    Even though it was the coldest day ever! We had so much fun playing the game.
    By Marta

    maddy said:
    February 13, 2015 at 10:55 am

    The Survival Game

    Mr. Purdon’s grade 6 class went to Kingfisher from February 9-11. Kingfisher is located on highway 527 north of Thunder bay. One of the great things we did was the Survival Game.
    The first thing we did was bring our bags to the Daycentre before 9:30am so we could clean our cabin easier and no belongings were left behind. After we were done that we could go to the Classroom to learn about cleaning our cabins.
    The next thing we did was clean up our cabins for the group that will come after us this way the cabin was clean so it was the same way as we had them, clean. If we didn’t clean our cabins the group that comes after us is not going to like it because it will be messy and gross.
    Then we got to learn the instructions of the game and after that we got the equipment to play and started playing. The way we play the game is we have one of three headbands and we are either a carnivore, omnivore, or a herbivore. The rules if we are a herbivore we have to stay away from the omnivores and carnivores and collect water and food.
    After we were done playing the game before we left we had a hotdog and hot chocolate lunch.
    Even though it was one of the coldest days out there we all had fun.


    cheryl said:
    February 13, 2015 at 10:55 am

    The Snowshoe Hike

    On Monday February 9-11, 2015. Our class went to Kingfisher Lake to experience the outdoors and to learn how to take care of ourselves. One of the fun things we did was go snowshoeing.
    On day one, we met at the Day Center. Then, we talked about our experiences with snowshoeing and whether we had ever gone snowshoeing or was this our first time. We also learned about different types of snowshoes.
    Then we got our snowshoes, we had to put them on outside because they had spikes/claws on the bottom. After we finished putting on our snowshoes we got divided into two groups. Half of the class went with Beth and the other half went with Scott.
    When we went with the groups we took turns leading the rest and making new trails. We also played a game, with our snowshoes; we made a track where we were going to play.
    After that we got split up into groups of two’s and three’s. Then we recorded the air temperature then, we recorded the temperature under the snow. This tells us that some animals may live under the snow during winter time.
    Our long journey was very exhausting but, it was worth it. Also it was an awesome trip!

    By Cheryl

    mark said:
    February 13, 2015 at 11:00 am


    On February 9-11 Mr. Purdon’s class went to Kingfisher for a field trip. One of the cool things we did was go skiing.
    On the second day of kingfisher we met in the Day Center to learn about skiing and how to prepare for skiing. We learned how the skis worked and how to use them.
    Then we got our boots, skis and poles. To get our boots we went to a chart and it has the seizes of the boots mine was size 11 so I tried that and they were a perfect fit. Then I measured how all I was by standing by a ruler to measure my height I was 200 so I got size 200 skis. To get the poles you haft to measure your shoulder height.
    Later we waxed our skis and put them out side to adjust to the cold. We split in to 3 gropes and went down to the lake and lured to ski.
    Also we did a thing called the pm ski. On the pm ski we went on the trails and I got a lot of cramps but I still had a lot of fun. At the end of day 3 we had a hot dog dinner.
    That is what we did at Kingfisher, and I wish I could go again.

    By Mark Powell

    Connor said:
    February 13, 2015 at 11:08 am


    Mr. Purdon’s class went Kingfisher (20mins north of Thunder Bay on Hwy 527) from February 9th to
    February 11th to ski and do other fun actives. We went out there to learn about nature and the animals in the boreal forest.

    On the second day our class met in the Day Centre to learn how to get fitted for ski shoes, skis and ski poles. We also learned how to prepare our skis like wax them. After everyone was ready we were divided into 3 groups: beginners, experienced, and advanced.

    After getting divided into our groups we walked down to Kingfisher Lake and put on our skis. After, putting on our skis we went on some straight practice trails while learning how to ski.

    After learning how to ski our groups learned how to go up hills. After we got to the top we learned how to downhill which looked pretty scary from at the top matter in fact it looked huge! After that our class went to cook lunch.

    Finally, after lunch our groups went on real trails with big and small hills. When the teacher got on the trail he or she shocked us by saying for us to take the front of line (Follow the leader) but what really scared my group is on the long stretch there was no red triangles which mean for the group to stop wait for the teacher and switch leaders. But don’t worry we got back or else I wouldn’t be writing this!

    After all our class had fun and there was a ton more fun things to do out at Kingfisher.

    Sylvia said:
    February 13, 2015 at 11:09 am

    Kingfisher Skiing Adventure
    As of February 10th, 2015, our grade 6 class went on an awesome ski trip at Kingfisher Lake, Outdoor Education Centre, just north of Thunder Bay. We went to Kingfisher to learn more about the outdoor and try new and fun winter activites. One of the many fun activities we did during our trip was skiing.
    Before we got to try out skiing, we had to be prepared. We checked our ski shoes sizes, measured our height up to or shoulders, and also checked our height with one arm up in the air all to tell us what ski equipment worked the best for us. When we eventually did find the right skiing gear, we needed to prepare our skis. To make sure that our skis wouldn’t stick to the snow, and would glide smoother, we waxed our skis. We waxed each ski three times over just to be sure.
    When we were finally ready to begin our ski adventure, we headed out onto the snowy, frozen, icy lake. We started out by getting used to the feeling of gliding on our skis, so we did some warm-up drills. Rachel, one of the educators out at Kingfisher told us that skiing was all in our legs, and that our poles were just there to push us along, and for balance. After we finished our warm-up drills, we were ready to try downhill skiing. When I attempted downhill skiing, I fell a lot. As for Rachel, she was a pro.
    Shortly after downhill skiing, our group went on a two hour long ski hike through the bushes with Kelly, another educator our at Kingfisher. We did so many things on our ski hike, and ran into so many birds and different animals. Along the way on our hike, we also ran into a few small hills. Kelly told us to do the ninja stance, which is when you slightly bend your legs, and keep your poles under your arms while leaning forward to maintain balance when skiing down the hill. We also ran into each other a lot, because we were walking single file and our skis were so long and they often crossed over each other.
    Coming back from our ski trip we were all really tired. We had all skied for over two hours and were more than ready to rest. But even though we were very tired and needed sleep, skiing was truly a great way to spend day two at Kingfisher.

    By Sylvia

    sadie said:
    February 13, 2015 at 11:10 am

    Our class went to Kingfisher on HWY 527, 20 minutes north of Thunder Bay. We stayed there from Feb. 9-11th.The reason we did skiing as one of our big activities is because some people may never skied before, so they can practice. Our grade 6 class went on this trip.
    Firstly, we went to the Day Center to learn how to find the right size for our ski’s, poles, and skiing poles. We had to get our shoes first, My feet fitted a size 38, So I had to get a size 35. My skis were sized 148, So I had to get a size 140, My poles were sized 138, So I had to get a size 135. After, we had to wax our skis with 3 coats.
    Secondly, After we got our stuff, We walked down to the lake and put our ski’s on, It was hard to walk in ski’s, After we were separated into 3 groups. Then we had to go into lanes and practiced going back and forth.
    Next, we listened to our constructor and he us how to ski, and some of the basics, and taught us how to get up when we fall.
    Lastly, we went on a skiing hike and we had student leaders, and we got to take turns being leaders, We practiced going up and down hill. After that, we went back to the Day Center and took our ski’s off and went back to the cabins to cook supper.
    Overall, our trip to kingfisher was fun, I hope I can do it again sometime.

    Dylan said:
    February 13, 2015 at 11:16 am


    On Monday February 9-11 2015 Mr. Purdon grade 6 class want kingfisher is north of Thunder Bay
    Hwy 527.

    We went to the Day center to learn how to ski. We had to get the ski boots and the ski poles and the skis.

    We went the lake to get the skis on and we learned how to ski. We went down a big hill and it was hard and cool.

    We went on the trail and there were hills and there was a 3 part hill and it was fun to go down it.

    We went down the last hill and it was fun.
    Then we went back to the lake and we took off the skis and want back to the Day Center.

    I had a lot of fun going skiing on the trail and having fun with my friends and learning to.


    muftah said:
    February 13, 2015 at 11:21 am

    On Monday January 9-11 2015 Mr. Purdon grade 6 class. Went to Kingfisher Outdoor Center to learn about nature and how to take care of ourselves independently. One of the awesome things we did was skiing.
    We first learned how to put on our skis. First we measured are boots so we know what size we are, then we put on our skis we had to wax it 3 times, and then get are poles.
    Then we decided on are own. What groups to go to easy, medium, hard I went to medium. They take you up hills and down they also show you how to move and go up hills without falling
    Next we took turns leading up the hills, down hill, straight, left, right. Until lunch time we took our skis off but not the ski boots so we could go back to skiing quicker.
    Lastly, after lunch time we went back to skiing some groups changed I went to hard. Hard goes farther more hills then any other group.
    I had lots of fun I hope it wont be long till I go back to Kingfisher!!!

    By Muftah

    Lucas said:
    February 13, 2015 at 11:22 am

    On February 9-11 2015 Mr. Purdon’s class went to Kingfisher to learn about nature we also went skiing with Kingfisher staff, Mr. Purdon, Ms. Dares we went skiing to experience something new and to do something that we haven’t done before.
    The first thing we did was met in the day center to learn how to put on our ski boots and we also learned how to size our self’s up for skis there were these meter sticks around the room we had to stand beside.
    Next, we got sized up for skies we had to stand beside this meter stick to get sized up for skis, boots, and ski poles when we got sized up for ski poles we had to stand beside the meter stick and measure up to our shoulders after we were done getting sized up we waxed our skis 3 time to make them slippery so snow won’t get stuck under the ski after we were done that we put our skis and ski poles outside.
    Then when we were done all that we walked up to Kingfisher lake and put our skis on and Kelly the Kingfisher staff taught us how to get up if we fell down on our skis then we practiced going back and forth on the lake with and without our ski poles after we were done that we went to a hill and we each went down it on our skis.
    The last thing we did was we had lunch and we met up in our groups and put on our skis then we went on a ski trail and we went down lots of hills.
    That’s what we did when we went skiing at kingfisher and we I had lots of fun.
    By Lucas

    zak said:
    February 13, 2015 at 11:23 am

    On Monday 9-11, 2015, Mr. Purdons grade 6 class went on an adventure to Kingfisher Outdoor Education Center, HWY 527, north of thunder bay, on Kingfisher road, and one of the exiting things we did was skiing.
    The first thing we had to do was get fitted for our shoe size, but instead of normal shoe sizes, we used special skiing shoe sizes, and after that we got fitted for our skis and poles.
    Next, the grade 6 class got to start putting on their ski boots and waxing are skis. We had to apply three layers of wax to their skis and rub it all in so they could go up hills a lot easier.
    After that, the class of grade sixes and me learnt how to uphill ski, downhill ski, and cross-country ski. The first form of skiing we learned was uphill skiing. The way we had to do it was to put their skis in a V shape and walk up the hill on the edge of our skis. The second form of skiing we learnt was downhill skiing, and the way we did that was to bend down and lift your ski poles behind your back and not move. The last form of skiing we learnt was cross-country skiing, and the way we did that was to push off with your foot and ski at the same time.
    Lastly, the grade sixes had to go across a lake and through the bush to get back in time for their next activity. After a while we came to the same hill we were at before when we learnt how to uphill and downhill ski, so we had to go down the hill again to get back to the camp site.
    In all I also had a wonderful time and the rest of my friends did too, it was an amazing experience and I would suggest going any chance you get.

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