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What an amazing year! I just wanted to say how proud I am of this class and all we have accomplished this year. I truly mean it when I say, I’m going to miss you guys! Have a safe and enjoyable summer and please don’t hesitate to visit. Good Luck next year and beyond.

For a higher quality version visit this link on Youtube: 2015 Yearbook


Mr. Purdon

As a Thank You to all the teachers and staff members at St. James, my class wanted to do a music video tribute. What they came up with was a lip dub to the song When Can I see You Again by Owl City. When you watch the video look for all the signs that say thanks. We had a blast making it and ended up with two versions. This one is the Go Pro version and the other can be seen on youtube by clicking the following link.

Mr. Purdon


A huge Thank You to LU Radio 102.7 and Jason Wellwood for all his hard work on this. I’d also like to give credit to Keira, Jewel, Sylvia, and Chloe for writing the script with only minimal direction from myself. Thanks to all the students who took on a leading role in this story. Your hard work and drama expertise made this a classic!


Hi guys. Schools almost out for summer!  🙂 With that I would like to have you do some reflecting on your grade 6 year. What I would like you to post here are some  your favourite memories, best moments, things you didn’t like, and most importantly how you feel about moving on to a new school next year. This is an opportunity to say how you feel. 

I’m looking forward to reading your comments.

New Polar bear image


There have been movies, books, t-shirts, t.v. shows, magazine articles, tiny and life sized models, and web sites about it.

They were made not that long ago, but there isn’t one around today to look at. They were designed in Canada and were as fast as CF 18, but 20 years older!

How is that possible?

Why aren’t they still around?

Help solve the mystery of the Avro Arrow. Research and find out the answers, then summarize what you found right here!