Reflecting on 2015 School Year

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Hi guys. Schools almost out for summer!  🙂 With that I would like to have you do some reflecting on your grade 6 year. What I would like you to post here are some  your favourite memories, best moments, things you didn’t like, and most importantly how you feel about moving on to a new school next year. This is an opportunity to say how you feel. 

I’m looking forward to reading your comments.

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  1. maddy says:

    I remember that whenever Mr t came in to watch us for lunch all of us would stand up clapping. I also remember when we went to kingfisher for our three night stay on the second night we all went up to the bathroom to go brush our teeth but we saw something outside so we waited till it was gone. One of my best moments was when I got to see all of my friends on the first day of school. One thing i liked but i also didn’t like was the Ontario Power Generation center when we went up to the smoke stack i didn’t go up because I was afraid of heights but now i regret not going up. I am really scared to go to Vance Chapman next year because it will be different but sometimes different is good but I can’t wait to see some of my friends next year I am so exited.

  2. Dylan dolph says:

    I feel about moving to a new school it is going to big move for me because it’s a big school and there are a lot of kids and there school is nice but it is more kids there then st.james. I think it’s a big move and its a little good I am going to miss st.james
    Because it’s a nice school and that what I feel about moving to a new school and I am going miss this school.

  3. zakery says:

    my favorite parts of this years activities where 1. we got to go to kingfisher 2. we got to do fun stuff with Jason from LU radio 3. we went to the OPG center 4. we got to learn about bio diversity and flight in science 5. and then we got to have fun, and I really enjoyed this year and I whish I could stay longer.

  4. marta says:

    My favorite memories here were really great, we had so many awesome field trips and great opportunities. Our field trips were really amazing, from the two-night trip at Kingfisher, to the amazing OPG trip. Not only did we have amazing trips, but we had amazing teachers and student teachers to help us get through the year, thanks! I can not wait to go to a different school next, I am excited to see my new friends and make new friends, Thank You:)

  5. Jorja says:

    At St.James I feel like it’s my home because I have been their since I have started jk and I feel kind of sad to be leaving St.James and I will miss every one their. Some of my favourite memories were when Mr.Purdon and Mrs.Bell would fight during class, or Mr.T would tell us jokes during lunch,when we went on feld trips, and Mr.Bourdages when he dances, and I also won’t forget how we all became friends. St.James is one of the places that makes me feel better when I’m sad and I will never forget St.James!😄

  6. Maria says:

    My favourite field trips were kingfisher and active u. Especially Kingfisher, because we do activities for 3 days, but I got to say skiing and hot dog lunch at kingfisher, but I kept falling for skiing it was still fun though.Then, active U, I really like capture the flag, and British Bulldog. It was lots of fun! Grade 6, was really fun, I have to say that grade 6 was the best year. Also, I can still remember watching a movie at Kingfisher, but I forgot what the movie was called. These were all great memories, but sadly we have to move to a different school which is Vance Chapman. Also, I can still remember that day on April 21th I think it was that day, but it was on Earth day, anyways it was super fun leading the stations. I am going to miss this wonderful school. It was an awesome 6-7 months with you! See you later. 🙂

  7. Keira says:

    This year at St. James has been absolutely brilliant. It started off a bit odd, because my best friend Olivia had just moved to catholic school, so it was weird not having her around, but I still had my other two closest friends, Lennox and Ervin. Then I got to sit with Chloe, Jewel, and Sylvia, and we had a great time. Then I started playing tag with Ervin, Lennox, Logan, Maria, and sometimes Maddy, Marta, and Zak. One of my most found memories is at lunch, whenever Mr.T walked in, we would give him a standing ovation. I also liked how one day in class, I said “That is brilliant, absolutely brilliant!” and ever since, Chloe, Jewel and Sylvia say it as a joke. But some of my most found memories are just every day that I spend with my friends. I know that sounds a bit cheesy, but it’s true. Being around them makes me plain happy. That’s partially why I don’t want to leave. I’ve been here sense I was two, so this place feels like a second home to me. It’s going to be really hard to leave this place.

  8. blade says:

    Blade, My fave thing this year is the book trailers.

  9. Elyse🌅🌄 says:

    I Love going outside, the birds,the forest and the lake. The Point of what I’m saying is I love kingfisher is because its an open space and no one likes a curampt place.❄️🌺🌹🌸💗👍🌅🌄

  10. mark says:

    so about the hole moving thing I am not a big fan because I had some fun moments hear like L.U. and Kingfisher also I don’t know how people will treat me there so that is why I don’t like moving schools.

  11. sadie says:

    My favorite memories of St.James is at kingfisher.At kingfisher i had the opportunity to cook for my friends and I.Another memorable memory is having fun with our old student teachers Ms.Bodnarchuch and Ms.Miceli on there last day of working with us and every other days.Another memory is that Marta kept mistakening words like Snickers.Another Memory of St.James is the 3-Pitch baseball tournament. It’s a memory because the girls team had 2 ties and 2 wins and won the playoffs.Another memory is that i had lots of fun staying in and playing in the gym with my friends and Jamie.Another memory is that i won award in march and april at our school assembly.M last memory is about Health. I remember health because it was gross and weird, the subject was about when girls hit the stage of growing up.Wait, one more memory is about my old schools report card and when me and my dad looked at it, wer say all A’s, A+, and one B in social studies and i got all excellents.the thing that i didnt like was indoor recesses.I’m excited to move onto the next school year because its more advance for me and other people and im just really excited!

  12. Chloe says:

    Reflection on 2015
    Overall, this school year has been absolutely brilliant. From OPG, to Active U, Kingfisher, and countless memories and moments that we all will never forget, this was a year like no other. Now I bet that many people will say that Kingfisher was their favourite memory or moment of this year, but honestly my favourite memory was our lessons. Sylvia was always shouting out random things and Keira was almost always making hilarious (yet genius) points. I think that this year the most fun that I had took place during our lessons. We also had Mr. Shan and Ms. Dares who were some of the best student teachers I have ever had. Jewel and I have a few inside jokes with Ms. Dares that I can’t exactly put in this review, but overall she was an amazing student teacher who brought us killer doughnuts. Although Mr. Shan didn’t bring us doughnuts, he always found a way to make us laugh even if he didn’t mean it, and he made learning about electricity way more fun. There are so many more events that took place this year in our classroom, but this reflection would probably be five pages long if I listed all of them. So anyway, I just wanted to say that even though we have to move on to another school and that even though all of us will soon make new memories that may top the ones we created this year, I will never forget how amazing this year was.
    By: Chloe

    • Keira says:

      Aww, Chloe, that’s so sweet. I had an amazing time this year, and I’m so glad I got to spend it you! I’m going to miss everyone so much this summer!

  13. LoLgan says:

    i remembered when we all went to kingfisher and chop some wood, an went skiing. the best part was when we played the survival games also going to Vance i gotta see most of my friends that were in st James after and we gotta play the most sweatiest game of all in the gym backboard dodge ball and it was really fun it was so crazy i just saw red balls flying everywhere and people dropping. wee also did a Christmas song but two students stayed out including me and it was funny the lead singer. ill miss this school and everyone.

  14. Lennox says:

    One of my best moments of this year is when we went to Kingfisher. Skiing was a ton of fun and I got to stay overnight at Kingfisher. I also liked when we went to Ontario Power Generation. The smoke tower was high up and it felt like I was going to fall. Its been a really fun year at St. James and I really don’t want to leave this school. I have been here since JK and I’m not comfortable about moving.

  15. Cheryl says:


    Firstly, the thing I enjoyed the most was the Christmas video, it was a very fun experience and we got the Christmas into the Christmas spirit and everything! The great thing about it is, we can look back at it and remember what we did in grade 6.
    Secondly, another thing I enjoyed was when we learned about fractions, I love doing fractions in math especially with the student teachers; it’s very helpful to have two other teachers to help you, instead of having one teacher. It was very fun because we got to play fraction games such as ‘cover up’.
    Lastly, the thing I also enjoyed during this year is all the technical stuff, including using the iPads and the laptops, also the blog is a wonderful thing because everyone gets to share their thoughts and their cool jokes and poems. Lots of kids in this generation are using ipods, ipads, phones etc. So with the blog and things this shows us what cool stuff we really can do with the internet!
    These are not all the things I loved about this year, but here are some, I really enjoyed this year and I’m nervous for next year, but I know I’m prepared!

  16. Josh says:

    2015 Reflection
    My favorite moments are at Kingfisher! One of them took place during the Survival Game. I was heading east and saw a Snowshoe Hare! I was surprised! The other was when I fell down one of the small hills skiing!
    I feel a bit nervous moving schools because I’ve been at this school for so long and got used to it. At least everyone else is going there!
    I didn’t like falling down some hills skiing at Kingfisher. It was frustrating trying to get back up!
    By: Josh

  17. ervin says:

    my favorite time here was when we went all and does fieldtrips and leaned all what it all does and we got to go into groups and we got play in fieldtrips one was in winter and spring it was fun going on fieldtrips and we went walking to a high school and we are going to make the video for summer I’m going to miss all of you.

  18. Lucas says:

    One of my best memories from this year is when our class went to kingfisher overnight and when we watched big hero six and when we went to go to OPG for the tour. Another memory from this year was when we did the Day of the triffids with LU radio. My best moment of the year is when we went to OPG into the smoke stack. I feel nervous moving to a new school next year.

  19. jayvis says:

    what i like about this school is we can go on field trips and going to kingfisher is so awesome but the funnest thing i liked the most is skiing during a camp out at kingfisher went down the hill i learned how too ski now, how to long your skis need to be but my favorite thing to go to is kingfisher and the O.P.G. tour because of the heights, the cool science room where they work on stuff thats all 🙂

  20. Sylvia says:

    There is so much to say about this year. It’s been a 10 month roller coaster full of happiness, hurt, and excitement. I have a lot of great memories that I’ll hold on to from this class, and these amazing people. One of my favourite moments was when we were at Kingfisher and Ms. Oades (the school principal) brought us doughnuts. We were just all together and it was like we were a family. Another moment I find hard to forget was our Halloween party. It feels like yesterday we were all dressed up watching Frozen. There’s nothing here that I can or will ever forget. I’m really going to miss the place, the people, and just my life here. I think out of all the classes, I like this one the most. It was where I felt the most comfortable, and the most accepted. I got the opportunity to make a portion of the class yearbook film this year and last year, and film making is what I love to do. I just felt like I could be myself in this class. But things change and as Mr. Purdon always says “Change is good Donkey.” I won’t forget little things like that.
    -Sylvia B

  21. Autumn says:

    St.James 2014

    I remember Mr.T would always start to sing and every time he went into the French room, we would all start to clap.
    We went to the OPG and the smoke stack and it was really high and I also remember going skating with the Grade 4/5 class.
    Going to King Fisher was a blast! We went skiing and we also went snowshoeing on a really big lake and it was tiring.
    Going to another school is going to be really sad because it was really fun at St.James and because im going to miss all the teachers here.

  22. muftah says:

    Memories of 2015,
    one of my favorite memories were with me and my friends. here are some, At Kingfisher when me and Zack accidentally said ”good morning America” Instead of Canada.also at O.P.G we went 200m high!

  23. Connor says:

    My last year at St. James is going out as the best school year ever so far because we had a bunch of fun times. Like field trips like at Kingfisher witch stayed at for 3 days, the tour of OPG power plant where we saw they use for fuel and other things. I also had a blast at tournaments like at soccer where I assisted Lucas on 2 goals of his “HAT TRICK!” also at the baseball where we got 2 home runs and we won the finals for 3rd place. But long story short I thought we did awesome at the tournaments. How I feel about going to a new school sad because I’ve been at St. James since JK so I’ve never been at any other school so now sad and nervous but at least I will see my friends next year.

  24. Jennifer Anson says:

    Some of my favorite moments was volunteering for the Kingfisher trip and bringing in treats for the class. Just seeing all of your surprised and happy faces made it all worth while! Mr.Purdon as a skeleton on our Halloween cake, upside down in the water on our Christmas cake, and being held up by bunnies while stealing their carrots on our Easter cake! Mr.Purdon has had quite a busy year! LOL
    Thank you Mr.Purdon for being a good sport and for a fantastic school year!

    • Mr. Purdon says:

      No, Thank You, Ms. Anson. You have made this year so much better with the treats and your volunteering. I’m jealous that Josh is now going to be in Vance 😦

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