Canadian Identity Symbols

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What does it mean to be Canadian? What do we identify ourselves with? What symbol do you think of when you think Canada? These are the questions that were posed to our class and created discussion. Read what my students think are some of  Canada’s most significant identity symbols. Feel free to agree or disagree with their thinking!

canadain symbolcanadian symbol2

  1. cayla says:

    I think the hockey is a symbol of Canada because it’s Canada national sport, Most Canadians play hockey which means there part of Hockey Canada. In the NHL half of the players are Canadian. A Canadian team is first place in the NHL right now
    Second of all Don cherry is Canadian he always does his talks about the players and he does it on “hockey night in Canada”. He does it on a Canadian broadcasting called CBC.
    Thirdly, in the original six there were two Canadian teams, Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadians. The Toronto Maple Leafs won the first Stanley cup in the NHL. Montreal Canadiens have to most Stanley cup in the NHL. This is why I think hockey is a Canadian symbol
    By Cayla

    • dylan matthews says:

      On February 15th, 1965, the modern Canadian flag, bearing its hallmark maple leaf, was raised for the first time on Parliament Hill. Today, the maple leaf is a recognized symbol of Canada it has also come to symbolize unity, tolerance, and peace. There are maple leafs everywhere in the forest and sometimes in town.
      There are more maple leaves in Canada than anywhere else in the world. My estimate of the amount of maple leaves in Canada are probably about 12.1 million leaves in Canada. Maple tree Facts Maple tree is plant that belongs to the family Aceraceae.
      There are 128 species and couple of thousand varieties of maples that can be found mostly on the northern hemisphere. Fossil evidences indicate that maples exist on the planet at least 100 million years. Certain species of maples vanished during the ice age. These plants are cultivated because of their ornamental morphology, production of maple syrup and commercial application of the wood. Unfortunately, out of 128 species, 54 are faced with uncertain future due to habitat loss. Did you know that the maple tree is still used in the paper industry too? Also people In Japan like to watch delicate changes in the colour of the foliage during the Autumn collective watching of the maples in the Autumn is known as momijigari in Japan.
      By Dylan

    • Dylan says:

      Lacrosse is Canad’s national sport

    • Dylan says:

      Lacrosse is Canada’s national sport

  2. Troy says:

    Hockey is a symbol of Canada
    Hockey is a symbol of Canada. Lots of Canadians play Hockey and love it. It is very important to some Canadians which means it is important to Canada.
    Hockey is also Canada’s National sport. This means this sport is the sport of Canada! It is the Country’s National winter sport and is beloved to many Canadians!
    We also have perfect weather for outdoor rinks! Many Canadians grew up playing Hockey on outdoor rinks. It is so cold in Canada that outdoor rinks are perfect. It’s almost like Hockey was made for Canada.
    Hockey has been played by Canadians for many years and will continue to be played for many years to come. This is why Hockey is so important to Canada.


  3. seija says:

    I think the beaver is a great symbol of Canada because it has been representing our country for over 300 years, also the beaver lives near wooded streams. The beaver if found in most parts of Canada like in places that are swampy same.

    Secondly, the beaver builds a house/lodge out of mud and branches. It makes more than one underground passage to get into their house/lodge and it take them 1-2 days to build their house or if their fast then probably 5 hours and the beavers in America make their houses out mud dirt branches and leaves.
    Lastly, a full grown beaver can weigh about 16-32 kg. It is 60-80 cm long when their fully grown this is Canadian because no other types of beavers can grow that big. This is why I think the beaver is a symbol of Canada.


  4. kearra says:

    The Beaver
    To me the beaver is a symbol of Canada for a few reasons because it’s on the nickel it’s not only on any nickel, it’s on the Canadian nickel.
    Also a beaver works very hard just like Canadian. Also they cut down trees with their teeth so they can make dams for other animals. Fur trade is another on so we used to use them to keep warm and put them on walls.
    And lastly is makes dams to make small ponds for other animals so they don’t drowned .They use their teeth to cut down the trees to make the dam.


  5. Harmony says:

    The Canadian Arm

    It’s outer space it’s out there, when people who go out in space when they fix stuff!

    It’s was made in August, 21, 2013. It was 4.3 Million dollars for the Canadian Arm, in over 3 years.
    We use it for fixing stuff when bad stuff happens in space a lot.


  6. Nathan Chambers says:

    I think that the moose is a great symbol of Canada.
    First reason is that the moose is one of Canada’s national animals and is recognizable as Canada’s animal there are also five hundred thousand moose
    in Canada to one million moose in Canada. That’s a lot of moose.
    Canadians have been seeing moose since Canada was created and before it was created this also shows that moose are a really good symbol for Canada because almost everyone has at least heard of moose before.
    The moose go way back into the pioneer days in Canada also in fur trades. Canadians have been hunting moose across Canada for hundreds of years still to this day Canadian’s are hunting moose in Canada to get food and the rack and the fur also to get food for the winter.
    That is why I think the moose is a good symbol of Canada.

    By Nathan

  7. Crystal says:

    White-Tailed Deer
    I think that the white-tailed deer is a symbol for Canada. I think this because, I always see them in my backyard, on the road, and in big fields that are fenced off with barbwire.
    I also think this because they are mostly found in places such as these, Ontario, British Columbia, and also Alberta. They are also found in many other countries and provinces in Canada such as, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.
    Many Canadians use them for millions of money and profit out of tourism, along with hunting, and even some at zoo’s.


  8. Layne says:

    Hockey is a symbol of Canada.
    Hockey is a HUGE symbol of Canada and here are some reasons. One reason is that more than half of the NHL’s players are Canadian in fact, 54.286% of the NHL’s players are Canadian that’s 399 Canadian hockey players.
    Another reason is that it’s cold in Canada. That means that it’s perfect for making hockey rinks. If the weather is perfect for making hockey rinks that means that we have a lot of hockey rinks here.
    And the last reason is that there have been a lot of Canadian superstars over the years. Some of them are/were the Stall brothers, Gordie Howe, Mark Messier, Bobby orr, and who can forget Wayne Getzky.
    And that’s why hockey is a HUGE symbol of Canada.


  9. jacqueline says:

    The Canadian Flag
    To me the symbol for Canada is the Canadian flag because the flag represents Canada and the flag symbolizes peace, unity and tolerance. The color red on the flag means the Canadian lives sacrificed during world wars and the color white means denoting Canada’s peace and tranquility as well as its neutrality and impartiality among nations. And we only have a Canada flag in Canada because it represents our country.

    By Jacquline

  10. Liette says:

    The Loon
    In 1987the royal Canadian mint made a new one dollar coin with the common loon on it. He got the idea of the loon on the dollar by he was looking outside and he saw a loon and he got the idea to put it on the Loon.
    The loon got it’s by the way it walks on land its clumsy, awkward and weird that’s the definition of loon. The loon is clumsy because it has skinny legs but it also has strong bones.
    The loon is important because it’s stronger than other birds and it’s a good deliver also it has thicker and stronger bones than other birds. Loon is great at catching fish and that’s one of its favorite foods to eat.

    by Liette

  11. stacylee says:

    Symbol of Canada
    to me lacrosse is a symbol 0f Canada Lacrosse came from in the tribal game by the eastern woodlands Native Americans. Its also by some indian tribes and that’s what it is in Canada now. Lacrosse is a symbol of Canada because lacrosse originated in Canada.
    Lacrosse is also one of the Americans first ever sport. It was invented in the 1850s. in 1856 the Montreal lacrosse and then by the 1860s there were lots of activity teams in the eastern Ontario. And the National lacrosse association was formed in the year 1875.
    Another reason why I think lacrosse is a symbol of Canada is because lacrosse is played in Mostley every Canadian city.

  12. taylor says:

    Did you know Canada started off beaver furs? Canada was not a country yet but when they found the beavers they started hunting the beavers they said there were around one million beavers in this area then Canada was made into a country. The European was at a time wearing beaver was popular so a lot of hunt happened.
    The Europeans were killing the most beavers at the time furs were very expensive so hunts were every were and recently Europeans have found a beaver and put a bounty on the beaver that makes no sense to me now in the 2000’s. You can find beaver’s almost every were in Canada I’ve seen at least 20 this year out of there lodge.
    In Canada there is an estimated 500 thousand beaver. Saskatchewen Landsat is the most populated zones Pacwaw lake most of south Canada has beavers.


    • kaydence says:

      Canadian moose
      To me the greatest symbol of Canada is the identity of the brown moose. I think this for a number of reasons. The first reason is that the brown moose is canada’s native wild life. Not only is it native wild life, but it is found in great numbers and it thrive in our southern climate. There are currently between 500,000 and 1 million moose in Canada. People from outside of canada relate to the brown moose and winter as well as to the fur trading.
      Another reason that the brown moose is the greatest symbol of canada because its apart of the deer family, but the moose is way bigger than the average deer by 2x its size.

      My last reason is that I cut up a moose before when I was in Sioux Lookout. Moose meat can be tender and even very tuff when dried, but it takes a very long period of time to cook it. There are many diffirent ways to cook moose meat. You can fry it you can smoke it and can tear it apart and deep fri it.

  13. Alec says:

    Montreal Canadiens
    the Montreal Canadiens are a professional ice hockey team based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. they are members of the Alantic division in the Eastern conference of the national hockey league. The Canadiens have won the Stanley cup more times than any other franchise.They have won 24 championships. The Montreal Canadiens are one of the Canadien teams. The Montreal Canadiens moved to the bell center in 1996 after the Montreal arena burned down by fire in January,1918.
    The Montreal Canadiens are the best team in the NHL. Most people in Canada cheer for them. The habs are im 1st place in the NHL they have most wins most points etc. Carey price is the best goalie in the world and he has more points than any other goalie in the league. The Habs have only lost 3 or 4 games ever since the year started.
    These are 3 of one of the best goalies that played on Montreal Canadiens jaques plante, Patrick Roy, Carey price. The last time the Montreal Canadiens won a cup was in 1993. The Canadiens logo stands for Canadien hockey.


  14. austin says:

    On May 17 of 1964 that’s when Tim Horton’s was first created. It was created by Canadians. It is over 50 years old. They started to spread all over Canada. More and more Canadians went to visit and to drink there coffee and buy there doughnuts.
    Another reason because there coffee is so delicious, also they have good service/their people are nice and there Canadian to. They also have commercials all over proving that there Canadians and that they have a hockey team
    The last reason why I think Tim Horton’s is a good symbol for Canada is that they work very hard like our Canadian beaver.

  15. austin says:

    On May 17 of 1964 that’s when Tim Horton’s was first created. It was created by Canadians. It is over 50 years old. They started to spread all over Canada. More and more Canadians went to visit and to drink there coffee and buy there doughnuts.
    Another reason because there coffee is so delicious, also they have good service/their people are nice and there Canadian to. They also have commercials all over proving that there Canadians and that they have a hockey team
    The last reason why I think Tim Horton’s is a good symbol for Canada is that they work very hard like our Canadian beaver.


  16. Anne MacDougall says:

    The beaver is the symbol of Canada.
    One reason I think the beaver is the symbol of Canada is that it’s our national animal. The first reason is that it’s our national animal is that the British and the Scots wanted beaver fur hats because beavers were starting to get really rare in their country’s .
    My second reason is that the beaver is on our coat of arms. The reason the beaver is on the coat of arms is again the fur trade.
    My third reason is the furs trade during the 17 the British, Scots and France discovered that Canada had beavers. King Henry (I think) figured he could sell beaver furs to the British and Scots.
    My final reason is that in aboriginal culture the seven grandfather teachings, the beaver represents wisdom. The reason is that with hard work and dedication will come knowledge. The beaver just does this when he or she builds their dams.

  17. liette says:

    great ideas

  18. Karoline says:

    Canadian Beaver
    The Canadian Beaver works hard to make its home and looking for stuff to build out of. The beaver’s teeth is really strong that’s how it cuts the wood to make its home. The beaver makes a home to protect its food and to protect its self from other animals. The ponds created by well- maintained dams help isolate the beaver’s homes, which are called lodges. The two front teeth of the beaver can never stop growing they chew on wood to keep the there two teeth from growing longer and longer.
    There are usually two dens within the lodge, one is for drying off after entering from the water and another, is for the family it can fit up to, four adults and six to eight young living. The beaver has good sense, touch, and hearing they don’t have very good eyes but they can see from underwater. Some beavers share their lodges with their families and muskrats, and the beaver weigh up to 45 to 60 pounds they usually weigh up to 100 pounds.


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