My Christmas Break Power Write

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Some of us had an exciting holiday break, others, maybe not so much. However, I would like you to give a minimum 3 paragraph recount of your breaks highlights. Make sure that the majority of your writing is power 3’s! Details rule.


17 thoughts on “My Christmas Break Power Write

    Mr. Purdon responded:
    January 5, 2016 at 7:50 am

    White Christmas? Yeah, if you count white sand beaches! I was lucky enough to spend Christmas in the Caribbean on an island called Curacao. One of the things this island is famous for is its crystal clear waters for diving and snorkeling. We did an abundant amount of snorkeling everyday at our resort. Because the waters near these islands are so warm (25 degrees), you can swim for hours without getting cold. And swim is what we did. Everyday we would snorkel around the reefs inside our break wall. We encountered many different sizes and species of fish of many different colours. Lucky for us, they weren’t man eaters, just bread eaters. We would bring in bread and feed the fish with our hands. We saw trumpet fish, groupers, eels, parrot fish, needle fish, and many fish I don’t know the names of. The best part of it was that they weren’t scared and were often curious, coming right up to you in the water. I even managed to film this with my Go Pro.

    Another real cool thing we did in Curacao was go Deep Sea fishing. On our first full day Sam, my friend Shawn and myself set out with Capt. Gordo to catch some fish. We were lucky immediately as within 10 minutes Sam had caught a 4 pound tuna. However, that would be the last fish he’s reel in. We ended up catching many more fish, but Sam got quite sea sick. In fact, my friend even got sick. The swells we started to fish in were only about a meter high, but soon were close to 3 meters! Even I felt a bit queasy. In the end, we caught 3 wahoo, 5 tuna, and 3 barracuda.

    Lastly, a recount of our trip would not be complete without mentioning the fireworks on New Years. I’m not sure what it is, but the people of Curacao continuously set off fireworks day and night leading up to New Years. Nothing made this as clear as when we took the bus back from town to our resort on the night of the 29th. As we passed through the neighbourhoods we saw people all over setting off fireworks on the street. It seems that they take this seriously and are in competition with each other. Personally, I’ve never witnessed fireworks during the day, but that doesn’t bother them if they can’t be seen. It’s all about the “BOOM”! On actual New Years Eve the fireworks were continuous from dark till 4 am. Obviously sleep was not possible. I’d say overall that our trip to Curacao made Christmas a strange holiday, but what a beautiful change it was.

    jacqueline said:
    January 5, 2016 at 11:47 am

    New Year’s Eve
    Did you have a boring New Year’s Eve? I didn’t. I had fun!
    First, I slept over at my gg’s house and we watched a little bit of tv and talked for a bit and we got to blow up the inflatable bed’s so my cousin and my mom could sleep over. In her house there’s not much to do but it’s still fun!
    Next, we watched the ball drop. When the new year’s show came on and the ball was ready to drop we all counted down with the people on the TV in New York City. One day I would like to see the ball drop in New York City.
    Lastly, we all yelled happy new year’s when the ball finally dropped and then we all went to bed. After that I was tired.
    But it was worth going there!

    Dylan said:
    January 5, 2016 at 11:51 am

    What do you get when you cross water and the cold? Ice! I slipped on it a couple of times here’s what happened. First, Troy slept over the first thing we did was played video games on my Xbox 360 by Microsoft we played a couple of games including Call of duty black ops 2 it was fun but after we got tired.
    The second thing we did was played with my dog it sounds fun right? Well it’s not as fun as it sounds the things we did was we would grab a thick blanket cover ourselves completely with the blanket than lay flat on the floor and call buddy (my dogs name) and he would bite and try to free us. It did hurt but it was fun.
    The final thing we did was when we watched a movie it was Drillbit Taylor. It was a very funny and good movie all night we kept going downstairs to get a snack. One of the times I got a piece of chicken it was really good, The only bad thing is that we couldn’t eat popcorn or chips. Overall, it was a really nice and fun sleepover.
    By Dylan

      Kearra said:
      January 5, 2016 at 11:59 am

      Winter Break
      I had the super best Christmas ever, Not, It was kind of boring one thing I did this Christmas was go to my cousins Creann we watched Teen wolf. And if someone went to the bathroom because two of my cousins were there Noe and Creann we would hind in the dark and scare the person coming back form the bathroom. Also we ate some cookie pizza. We also played some very scary games. Noe and me and watched some different youtubers together.
      Another thing I did was watch movies with my family. We got 30 new movies and we watched them all. Some of them were all the Saw movies. Also we ate snacks. And we played the card game hockey while we watched House of wax, but I call it Wax face.
      Lastly, we went to Home Town Hockey, when we got there it was really, really loud. There was very loud music. We got fee hot chocolate. I also got a mini hockey stick, there was a band playing on stage. Also there were famous hockey players signing autographs. And there was a show and this guy named Paz was doing tricks like juggling hockey sticks on fire. That is mostly what I did the winter break.


    kaydence said:
    January 5, 2016 at 11:59 am

    My Christmas break
    Awesome holiday? Yeah right, I had a sick holiday with my family in Frenchman head. Sleeping all day everyday never waking up in the afternoon around 7:00 in the evening
    Now on New Year’s in our back yard. Me, my mom and my step dad and my sister were watching fireworks from other people setting off fireworks
    Lastly, on Boxing Day me, my mom and my sister went to intercity shopping center to buy clothes and shoes from gift cards we got from our grandma. After all that me , my mom and my sister went home and slept all day.

    Stacy-lee said:
    January 5, 2016 at 12:02 pm

    I had the worst Christmas ever.not
    One of the things I did was go to a family dinner at my Grandmas house. And when we got there we watch t.v. then we all ate dinner and then after dinner I played with my little cousin Catlin and my other cousins twin babies and they had a lot of fun and then after that I went down stairs and watch t.v. with my parents and then we went home.
    Another thing I did over the holidays was open presents on Christmas day. Me and my family woke up and then we all opened presents and my dad got a tool kit and my uncle got a tool box and then my mom got a hole bunch of money and then I got a play station 4 and then and then after we opened presents we ate breakfast and we had bacon eggs and hash browns .
    Lastly New Years eve came. And then we waited and watch t.v till the count down that night then we counted down and before that we made New Years Resolution and then we brushed are teeth and went to bed over all I had a good Christmas break.

    cayla said:
    January 5, 2016 at 12:10 pm

    Winter Break
    Boring Christmas vacation? Not me! Christmas was fun and exciting. One thing I did was play hockey. I went to this hockey camp, we practiced stopping, battling, tight turns and puck handling. For the puck handling we had to puck handle around 11 other people and coaches. There was kind of some pressure. The other thing I did was play against my friends. We tied. The second goal they got shouldn’t have counted because it was interference. When I went to pinch in this kid hit so I hit him back and I won the battle. It felt good after.
    Another thing I did was Christmas. I went to my grandma’s house to open presents and to go see family. We ate Finn pancakes, potatoes, eggs and bacon. Later went to go open presents and I got speakers, gift cards, pants and other stuff. After we went to my cousin house for supper and there was mashed potatoes, turkey, ham, chicken and other kinds of food. When we were done eating we played a board game but I kept losing.
    Lastly, I went to my friend’s house and we did challenges, like the flour challenge, its where you dump your face in water then put flour on your face then you just laugh at each other. The other challenge was “what’s in my mouth” challenge, it’s when you grab 10 things and you put it in someone mouth then they got to guess, so I put scissors in her mouth. Even though I didn’t go out of town, I still had a good Christmas break.

    Alec said:
    January 5, 2016 at 12:12 pm

    My holiday I had lots and lots of fun opening presents etc new years eve. On Christmas day I opened my presents I got a new BMX Xbox one clothes and a Lego set I also played my video games all day.
    I had a Christmas dinner with my family. It was good I had mashed potatoes gravy etc. New years eve we set off Fire works then after we went to go see Fire works then we had a big party and it was really fun. We stayed up all night playing video games then we played tag at 3:00 in the morning I got tagged once then I got tired after a while then we went In side then we played black ops 3. It was a blast I had fun all night.
    Another cool thing we did in the morning is we had a NHL tournament all day I lost but it was ok. I had lots and lots of fun playing in my tournament. Then the end of the day came we had dinner. Over all I had a fun Christmas holiday doing all the fun activities I did during my Christmas break.

    Crystal said:
    January 5, 2016 at 12:13 pm

    The worst Christmas? Not for me! I had the most amazing Christmas break ever! It was extraordinary! One of the things we did this Christmas break was go skating. It was so much fun. It was my third time skating. Apparently my dad was amazing at skating when he was younger, but when we went skating, my dad fell twice! And when he got up he kept on nearly falling again. My sister Isabelle was really good at skating. She needed a little bit of help from my mom and dad, but she was pretty good for her second or third time skating. I was a little bit scared to fall, but my mom and dad helped me a bit, and I was a little bit better. But none of us were the greatest!
    Another thing that my family and I did was watch Christmas movies! For my family, watching movies is so much fun, because we love the Christmas themed everything! My family’s favorite movie has to be A Christmas Story. Our favorite part is when the kid sticks his tongue to the pole, and it gets stuck.
    And the last thing that we did was go to The Tour Of Lights. The Tour Of Lights was amazing! There was a lot of great houses. One of the houses we saw, was all lit up with tons of blue lights! They also had blue reindeer. And then another house we saw had a whole bunch of lights that lit up and were blinking, and there was music on, and the lights blinked to the music! It was pretty incredible. So this Christmas break was definitely the best Christmas ever!

    austin said:
    January 5, 2016 at 12:14 pm

    Have you ever spent a night at your relative’s? I have because I spent it my Uncles house. The first thing we did was we (me and my Uncle) played on his X-box. We played a game called NHL 15. It was fun, I was the Ottawa senators and he played as the Montreal Canadians. I beat him because it was 4-3.
    Another, thing we did was we went to go and play hockey at an outdoor rink. First before we left we had to go and find goalie armor and some sticks to play with. First he was goal and I was player. I scored 2 goals. Then I was goal and he scored 3. So I lost.
    The last thing we did we went to Tim Horton’s for some hot chocolate. It was delicious! But, my Uncle just had his coffee. Also we had donuts with.Even thought I lost in the hockey game it still was fun.

    Layne said:
    January 5, 2016 at 12:17 pm

    My Christmas break
    I had the BEST Christmas break of my life. Not this year. Anyway this is my Christmas break. First I had Christmas dinner. Me, my brother, my mom, and my dad went to my aunt’s house for Christmas dinner. One thing I did there was play with my cousin, it was kind of fun. After we ate food like turkey, pierogis, ect. We also played a Christmas game where you take gifts. And then we went sledding and had hot chocolate.
    Another thing I did was play/hang out with my friends (Lucas, Connor, London, and Tristen.)We played on my outdoor rink, I played goalie and player. Then Lucas slept over for New Year’s, and when we woke up we called Connor, London, and Tristen and played mini sticks and hockey.
    Lastly, I went to go see Star Wars 7 (The Force Awakens) with my friend Troy and then go to the mini sticks tournament. I saw Star Wars on opening day. It was REALLY good, I like 4, 5, and 6 better but I like 7 a lot to. Then I slept over at Troy’s house and that morning we had the mini sticks tournament. We did not do good I think we came in last place but I still had a lot of fun. I my Christmas break was pretty boring except for this stuff.


    Liette said:
    January 5, 2016 at 12:18 pm

    My Christmas holiday
    Hope you had a merry Christmas speaking of Christmas for my Christmas I went to a little town called Sioux lookout. Right when I got to Sioux lookout me and my cousin went for a walk. When we left for our walk we took a sled and started to slide down the road we did that a couple of times we got tired of doing that so we walked to Tim Horton’s. After we went to Tim’s we went to the park at the beach and I was on the swing and she was going to push on the swing and then I went flying off the swing we ended up laughing it off. After that we were hungry and we had like 40 dollars left so I and she went to a Chinese restaurant you eat then we went home and my aunty was freaking out because we were gone for like 3 hours then we told her everything that we did.
    Another really fun thing I did is the day after I got to Sioux lookout my aunty took me and my cousin to Dryden for the day. In Dryden we went to Walmart and in Walmart we bought presents and clothes after we were done that we were hungry so we went to pizza hut then we went back to Sioux lookout.
    Lastly, on Christmas day we went to my uncles for a feast and we opened our presents. When we were opening our presents my uncle dressed up as Santa clause and his beard was funny because all it was a white plastic bag with a hole at its mouth for he could Christmas was fun and I loved it I would go back if I could.


    taylor said:
    January 5, 2016 at 12:19 pm

    Man I got to say schools back darn! Well I have been having a same old Christmas break fun? NOT well here is some fun things that happened this Christmas break is Christmas day, new year’s eve and back to school it was one strange Christmas
    This Christmas I got a lot of gift cards but one of my presents got me of guard my dad got a Justin Bieber dvd with a hundred dollar bill I went to go grad it out of a box it was in the raping so I was like oh a video game and when I took it off I was so disappointed it was a Justin Bieber dvd never say never I chucked it away to Connor he was happy but the n my brother forced me to open it and there was one 100 dollar bill in there I just had to face palm and man I felt like my dad was the Grinch giving me that….. another fun thing we did this Christmas break was celebrating new year’s eve
    This New Year’s Eve I got a phone call from one of my dad’s good friends so he said tell Taylor to be as annoying tonight so I did six hour later…… man it drove me insane driving people insane after a while I turned on my chrome cast so I casted my computer while I was playing arma 3 so when I shot it went through the tv making a loud BANG so imagine one of the war in that game super loud tanks planes boat helicopter so many things that can annoy you and speaking of loud my volume was at max. The last UN fun thing I did this break was get ready to go back to school.
    After a 2 week break I was in a pattern that I fell asleep at 3:15am do to the Wi-Fi cutting out so I woke up at 11:50am in the morning or noon it took about a week to fall back into the pattern so just half of my 2 weeks away from school now I just wake up early go to bed early but now I’m right back where I started at school. While it was Christmas break it was amazing now I’m back at school


    purple-0807 said:
    January 5, 2016 at 12:20 pm

    Christmas break

    On my Christmas break there was Christmas Activities than I went sliding with my friend and other people. Than after I went sliding we went in the Community Center and some of us played hide and seek and some of us played board games.
    When I went on a ski-doo ride with my uncle and my cousin we went ice fishing. Then I caught two wall eyes and my uncle caught two pikes and three wall eyes, my cousin didn’t catch any fish.
    Lastly, my friend slept over. When she slept over we went outside and ran around with my aunties dogs until a lot more dogs came than we ran inside my aunties and watched a movie.

    By~ Karoline

    Seija said:
    January 5, 2016 at 12:21 pm

    My Christmas Break
    Hope you had fun over your Christmas holidays, because I didn’t. I had to spend the night at my auntie’s house we watched movies together ate chips, and played video games. It was boring because we didn’t do any baking and because my cousins we busy.
    Another boring thing was that we watched scary movies like Sinister, Insidious 1 and we ate dill pickle chips during the movies. While we were watching Sinister I thought it was stupid because their daughter hanged her Mom, Dad, and brother on their tree in their back yard where another family got hanged. When we were watching Insidious I only got scared at one part, when that demon was standing behind Daltons dad when they were having that meeting with Daltons grandma I think it was. When we were done watching both of the movies it was 3:00 in the morning.
    Lastly, we played son video games on her sons X-Box 1, we played Call of Duty Ghosts for 20 minutes then we played Minecraft for 30 minutes and when we were playing Call of Duty ghosts my auntie kept on killing me and I kept on getting mad at her and I seemed like she won all of them matches but I won 4 of the matches. When we played Minecraft we went into survival mode and we built a huge house together out of wood and it was kinda fun but the only bad part was that I kept on getting headaches so at 4:00 in the morning we decided to go to bed. So that’s how my New Year’s Eve went. Hope yours was fun.

    Jayden Magashazi said:
    January 5, 2016 at 12:22 pm

    My Trip to Scriber.
    On the 23rd of December, me, my Mother, and my Sister, went to Scriber, Ontario, Canada to visit my Grandma and spend Christmas with her and my family currently living up there.
    On the 24th me, mother, meh sister, and grandma went to one of my family members houses to have a community like-ish dinner, a family community dinner to be corrected!
    After the dinner we all watched a Christmas movie, it was one of those Christmas trip classic-like movie’s, we always watch it every Christmas eve, before we all go to bed, well me.
    The best moment of the trip has come, Christmas Day!!!!!! I mean like this is the best moment of the whole trip! I got a gaming computer, and a minecraft gameband! My mom got lady style hunting boots, My sister got a laptop and a 1700$ camera! And my grandma got some cool stuff to!
    Overall, we all had a good Christmas, and we all got some expensive stuff! This was such an awesome Christmas. Everyone had a merry Christmas and a happy newyear!

      Jayden M. said:
      February 21, 2018 at 10:11 am

      Looking back at this.. Makes me say what is wrong with me?

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