Checkout our Recounts of Kingfisher!

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Students have posted recounts of what they thought were their most exciting experiences while at Kingfisher Outdoor Education Centre.


12 thoughts on “Checkout our Recounts of Kingfisher!

    Troy said:
    February 23, 2016 at 8:58 am

    Mr. Purdon’s Grade 6 Class Kingfisher Trip
    On February 8-10, 2016, Mr. Purdon’s grade 6 class went to Kingfisher to learn about nature and have fun. One of the great things we did was go cross country skiing.
    First, we met at the Day Center and waxed and sized up our skis. We put on our boots and made the groups. I was in the confident group because I downhill ski. Then we went down to the lake.
    Next, we learned how to ski. It was difficult, but also very fun. We skied in the snow machine tracks till we could do it well. Then we skied across the lake to get to the trail. It was very cold but we dressed warm!
    After, we took turns leading. When we had kids leading everyone got to try. There were some hills, both up and down. There was another lake called Airplane Lake where a plane crashed long ago. After a while Mr. Purdon left to go see the other groups.
    Lastly, we made it to the last hill. It was very fun. We all climbed back up and went down a few times. When we went down we got a little bit of speed. Then we skied back over the lake, took off our skis, and walked back to the day center. Back in the day center we had hot chocolate and put our skis away.
    I had a great time skiing at Kingfisher Lake and would do it again.

    By: Troy

    Seija Hill said:
    February 23, 2016 at 8:59 am

    On Monday, February 8-10, 2016, Mr. Purdon’s grade 6 class went to Kingfisher Outdoor Education Center to learn about nature and forest animals. One of the things we did was go snowshoeing.
    On the first day we met in the classroom, we talked about the history of snowshoeing for about 10-15 minutes then Scott divided us up into 2 groups. One of the groups was the Lynx and the other one was called the Snowshoe Hare, once we got our snowshoes on we went to a certain area with our group to put on our snowshoes.
    Before we put on our snowshoes, we went to the bathroom because we were outside for about 1-2 hours, then we put on our snowshoes, we found it difficult buckling up our snowshoes because it was cold outside. After we all put on our snowshoes the 2 groups walked in different trails in the forest.
    First, my group went to Chickadee Landing. Our instructor put some of the bird seeds on our hats so that some of the birds can land on our head to eat some of the bird seeds. After we left Chickadee Landing we kept on walking through the forest and we all took turns leading the trails, but we kept on falling into the deep snow.
    After that, we played some games on of the games was called “Find the Snowshoe Hare” and the other one was called “camouflage”. When we were playing the snowshoe hare game me and Cayla were hiding together and in the first game me and her almost won and all the other games we lost. When we were playing camouflage it was hard because all of the hiding spots were low on the ground and we would get stuck in the snow, or our snowshoe would be up in the air and it would make it noticeable. Then we walked to Knuthatch Knoll to go see some more Chickadees and our instructor showed us a blue jay( it was sad because the bird was dead).
    Even though it was cold out there I still had a great time with my friends, and if I got a chance to go back there I would

    Crystal said:
    February 23, 2016 at 9:01 am

    Skiing at Kingfisher
    Monday, February 8-10, Mr. Purdon’s grade 6 class went to Kingfisher Outdoor Educational Centre. We learned so many new things. One of these fun, new things is skiing.
    First, we met in the Day Centre. Scott showed us how to wax our skis. After that, he showed us how to tell what size of skis we needed, and, how to round them down to the nearest ten. He also showed us how to get the right sized poles. Then we waxed the skis and put them outside on the skiing rack. Along with our poles.
    Since the morning was pretty cold that day, we went to the microscope lab. When we were there, we got to look at beasties. It was really cool! Although, mine kept crawling up to the little tube so it was hard.
    After that we cooked and ate lunch. My cabin had pierogis. Then we went back to the Day Centre. Scott then showed us how to put out skis on, and how to make sure that there is no snow in our shoes before we put our skis on.
    Finally, we met at the Day Centre, got our skis, and made our way down to the lake. Once we got to the lake, we separated into our three groups, and put our skis on. Our group was called the zebras. Shortly after that, our leader, Jen, showed us how to get up if we fall. Then before I knew it, we were skiing across Kingfisher lake, and up and down hills!
    Overall, it was an amazing adventure, and an amazing experience at kingfisher!!!!!

    kearra said:
    February 23, 2016 at 9:03 am

    Kingfisher trip

    On Monday February 8th 2016 Mr. Purdon’s grade six class went to Kingfisher. We went to learn about nature and to take care of ourselves with no phones or tablets.
    One of the fun things we did was play the Survival Game. To start the game we put on our snowshoes and got our headbands on and got in groups of colour green, red, blue, and went outside.
    The green went outside first because they were herbivores; we had to look for five different food cans that are red, and five different water cans that are blue. The red headbands were carnivores, so the herbivores had to watch out. If you were tagged by a carnivore you had to give them a life. I was an herbivore. When we were playing, Troy and Cayla trapped me while I was under a tree.
    Finally they blew there horn and we had to find our way out with a compass. In the end the survival game was the best game we played that’s what I think, but it was kind of hard.

    – Kearra

    Dylan said:
    February 23, 2016 at 9:04 am

    My Trip To Cuba
    On Tuesday, February 2-9 my family and I went to Veradero,Cuba! To have fun with my family and to see something different than Thunder Bay Ontario. One of my favorite things to do was swim.
    When we arrived it was about 5:30 at night and the first thing I did was swim. So me and my friend got our stuff on and we headed to the beach. And there was a foot deep drop off in the ocean and we collected shells at the drop off we found a lot of things.
    The next time I went swimming was on Wednesday and we’d thought why don’t we try out the pool? So we got our stuff on and jumped in it was freezing but we got used to it after 2 minutes then there was a bar and we asked for a lemonade and it was a lemon slushie it was the best.
    The last time we went swimming we went to the ocean and sat on the shore but then we had a brilliant idea! We let the waves hit us. They were probably about 7 feet tall the water tasted terrible! It was really salty as if you were drinking a bottle of water with salt in it.
    On Wednesday we went on the catamaran, named Argo. We went to an island. We ate lunch, the food was all seafood I ate lobster but they gave you no seconds. And then he realized how old I was and gave me the smallest one. My cousins didn’t like theirs so they gave it to me. Then we swam over a coral reef the water was cold we got to see fish and dolphins then we went to the hotel.
    Overall I think I had a pretty good week with my family.
    By Dylan

    liette said:
    February 23, 2016 at 9:12 am

    Our Kingfisher Trip
    Mr. Purdon’s grade 6 class left on Monday February 8th and came back the 10th. We went to Kingfisher for we could learn about nature and have fun.
    One of my favorite things to do at Kingfisher was skiing and we learned how to know what size ski you are and know how to put on and off a ski. Lastly we learned how to wax our ski, so we waxed our skis.
    Next, we had to let the wax dry on the ski so we put the skis outside to dry. While we waited for the skis to dry we did science and science was really fun. After the skis dried we began to leave.
    Scott divided us into three groups. The first group was people who can’t ski, the second group was you can ski but not that good and the last group was people who can ski and who are more advanced. I was in the second group. It was fun.
    Once we were ready we went skiing we .Went across the lake. Everyone in my group got stuck on this one hill. When we got to the top it was fun going down. I think we went down four hills and we then went across Airplane Lake. After that we went back.
    Even though it was cold at Kingfisher it was still fun and if I could I would go back.

    By Liette

    cayla said:
    February 23, 2016 at 9:21 am

    Kingfisher Trip
    On Monday, February 8-10th, 2016 Mr. Purdon’s grade 6 class went to Kingfisher Lake to do some physical outdoor activities. One of the things we did was skiing.
    The first thing we did was get ready. We to get our shoes, skis and poles, and the shoe sizes were different. We had to wax our skis so it’s not so slippery.
    After, we warmed up on the lake. We had to practice skiing and I kept tripping over my skis. Just before we went on our ski trails I raced Alec and we both fell, but I still won.
    Next, we started going on the trails, I kept losing my balance so I kept falling. When I was skiing slush got on my skis so when I went down a hill I barely moved. I was going down a hill and my skis hit Alec’s ankles so we both fell.
    Lastly, we went down a huge hill. When we went down everyone jumped, so when I jumped I lost my balance and fell.
    In the end skiing was great, there were no worries.


      Layne said:
      February 23, 2016 at 9:24 am

      On February 8-10th Mr. Purdon’s grade 6 class went to Kingfisher to learn about nature. Something fun we did was go cross country skiing.
      On the second day we were there we got our skis and waxed them it was easy but took a little bit of time. After that we got our boots and poles and got into our groups.
      Next, we learned how to ski uphill, downhill, and on flat ground. Skiing on flat ground was like walking, uphill was different you point your toes outwards and walk up like that. Downhill was easy you bend your knees and let gravity do the work.
      After learning technique we went skiing. Uphill was boring, flat ground was pretty fun, and downhill was fun. There were a couple of hills but most of it was flat.
      Lastly, there was the last hill, it was pretty big and fun, and we got to go down it twice. Then we took off our stuff and went to the classroom.
      Overall I thought skiing was really fun.

      Layne 

    Anne said:
    February 24, 2016 at 8:57 am

    On Monday, February 8-10, 2016, Mr. Purdon’s Grade 6 class went to Kingfisher Outdoor Education center, to learn and to have fun camping. During our trip we played an amazing game called the Survival Game.

    First, before we could play the game we had to learn how to use a compass and learn the rules too. Jen and Rachel explained how to use the compass and, which way to go. The rules were simple and made sure we had fun. After the rules were explained, we were given an animal category, out of herbivore, carnivore, and omnivore. We were also given an animal to pretend to be. I was an omnivore and the animal I got to be was a coyote.

    Next, we put on our snowshoes and headed to the starting area separately so the people who were herbivores could have a chance to run and start looking for food. Me and the omnivores went in search of food/ cans. In the Survival game you eat by finding a can with a red stripe on the bottom and using a hole puncher on your piece of paper, or by hunting a herbivore and taking a life tag.

    Later, I ran into Jen a teacher while looking for cans. Adults have a role in the Survival game as well, the adults are natural disasters. Natural disasters can take away a life tag if they spot you. Jen asked me if I knew a fact about the animal I was, I did know a fact about the coyote so I told her.
    Finally, I saw a herbivore and she saw me as well. We had chase through the woods and around the end of the chase I found another herbivore that was really close. A bit later I caught the other herbivore. I then started to look for water, which is a can with a blue stripe on the bottom. Suddenly the blow horn made noise and we had to leave, and head over to the Day center. I didn’t find enough water to survive the Survival Game. Even though I didn’t find enough water to survive I still had a lot of fun anyways.

    stacylee said:
    February 24, 2016 at 8:59 am

    Mr. Purdon’s grade 6 class went to kingfisher outdoor education Centre to do some Activates some people probably haven’t tried before. From February 8th – 10
    So we went to the Day Centre and they showed us how to put are skis on and then we measured are Selves so then we knew what size ski we were. And then we measured again to see what size ski pole we need and then we measured and got the right size boot and then walked to the lake.
    When we get to the lake from the Day Centre and we put are skis on and then we learned how to get up if you fall and then we started skiing across the lake.-
    When we were skiing across the lake a few people fell when we were on when we were on the lake and lots of people got slush on their skis so it was hard to move when we got in the trails so then we had to stop and scrap the ice of are skis and then we started skiing in the trails and we learned how to walk up hills and then we learned how to go down hill and a few people fell going down hill then we started skiing in the trails again then we had to make are way back to kingfisher.
    When we got back from skiing we returned are skis went back to are cabin to make dinner And we were having chicken noodle soup and then we made the chicken noodle soup over a fire and then we ate it and then we went to go do bird study. And some people would go to different bird feeders and the others were chickadee landing nuthatchknoll. And other bird feeders you can go too.
    Overall it was a great time skiing through the trails and going down the hills.

    austin said:
    February 24, 2016 at 9:11 am

    Kingfisher snowshoe trip/hike
    On Monday February 8-10 2016 Mr. Purdon’s grade 6 class went to Kingfisher to learn about nature and to take care of ourselves also to have fun. One fun/exciting activity is we went snowshoeing!
    First, we had to meet in the classroom. We (grade 6 class) learned about how and who invented the snowshoe and what their purpose is. After that it was time to put them on. At first I had trouble but I got it. Then we were put into 2 groups, lynx and snowshoe hair. I was in snowshoe hair group.
    Once we were done all that we had to walk across the side of Kingfisher Lake to get to the bush. While we were walking we found some snowshoe hairs paw prints. So we thought to see were they come from. It came from a hole/den. Then Scott had showed us what their paws looked like.
    The next we did was we hike up a Kingfisher hill/the highest point of Kingfisher! 50% of my group had trouble getting up the hill, including me. Then it was even harder to get down the hill.
    The last thing we did, when we got to the bottom of the hill we played a game called camouflage. The point of the game was to hide as well as you can and not to be seen. For if you get spotted your out! Also you who ever got the closest you are camouflage master.
    The very last thing we did was walk back to the camp and take off the snowshoes and head to our cabins to cook supper.
    Evan though I was cold and tired I still made it back. It was fun.
    by Austin

    Nathan Chambers said:
    February 24, 2016 at 9:14 am

    On Monday February 8-10 Mr. Purdon’s grade 6 class went to Kingfisher to learn about nature and to experience something new. One of my favorite activity we did there was skiing
    First we had to put our wrist up in the air and measure from your wrist to the ground and that’s how we knew what size skis we needed to get from the Kingfisher staff. Once we got our skis we had to put wax on them. Then we had to get our poles to do that we needed to measure again but from our shoulder to the ground. Next we had to get to our shoes. Once we got the right sized shoes we had to tie them really tight so when we fell they wouldn’t fall off. It was a little hard to get our shoes tight in all our winter clothing. Then we had to go down to the lake and get in our groups so we did and the Kingfisher staff showed us how to get up if we fell down.
    Next we started our ski across Kingfisher Lake. I fell once going across but then I started to get the hang of it. Once everyone in my group got across we had to check the bottom of our skis for ice, if we did have ice we had to scrape it off.
    The next thing we did was an uphill ski lesson. First we had to make our skis into a pizza shape or V like that then we had to bend our knees together so they would touch and then just walk up the hill. Once we got up the hill we had a downhill ski lesson. The first thing we had to do was bend our knees and lean forward so you don’t fall back when you go down. Next we had to put our poles under our arms for safety reasons then just go forward a little bit and we were off.
    That is one of the reasons I liked my stay at Kingfisher. I didn’t think I would be very good at skiing or like skiing but I liked and I think I was pretty good at it.
    By: Nathan Chambers

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