Mental Images and Music

Posted: November 1, 2017 in Uncategorized
Music is a wonderful thing. It soothes us, pumps us up, creates memories, and sometimes just passes the time. When we listen to music, as when we read, we make mental images based on the lyrics. Today I would like you to grab some headphones, plug in, and listen to the following song a few times. After you have got a grasp of your mental images, I would like you to write a descriptive paragraphing explaining your mental images. What different things did you see as you listened? What did it remind you of?

Juke Box Hero – Foreigner

  1. james says:

    I see a man leaning against a dark brick wall holding a guitar then lights turn on and people come out of nowhere and start playing instruments on a stage then a crowd starts to cheer.

  2. Kendra Niittynen says:

    While I was listening to Juke Box Hero I felt contained by the words ‘When that one guitar made his whole life change’ because music has changed what my life used to be.

  3. Alison says:

    This is a really good song, and it reminds me of that one song you love and whenever you play it, you just want to be that one on the stage, but sadly, you cant. This song pumps you up, and just non, stop makes you want to tap your foot, or get up forget about everything, and just dance. It almost had me at the point to party!

  4. Ethan says:

    A hero that is a boxer to come and see him to teach him box.

  5. matilde says:

    I think that this song is very energetic and it reminds me about those motorcycle guys that are very rebellious and very rough to handle with. So I was thinking of them going to a bar and just taking over the Juke box and just thinking about taking over the whole bar. And I was litterally thought I was going to pop out of my seat sing to the lyrics.

  6. deidrea says:


  7. arden says:

    I heard rock stars and drum. My favorite part was when the guy said Juke Box Hero. Ever since i heard it first i disliked it, when i heard it twice i started to like it

  8. arianna says:

    This song is awesome and it has SOME words but its still good, the music is weird in a good way.

  9. Felicia says:

    when i was listening to this song i saw a couple people on stage one at the front one on the right and one on the left. this reminds me of watching music videos of rock and role.

  10. Hayden says:

    I liked the music because you mr. Purdon likes the song

  11. eric says:

    my mental image of juke box hero was a guy going all across the world singing with is band and giving a back story on his journey at all the places that he’s been to. Also I think that this song is jamming and a great song.

  12. Daylon says:

    i can see a school that has a gym and there is four guys on the stage and they are playing the song, and the gym is dark but there are colorful lights flashing on them on then when the students hear them playing and, they come down to the gym and the students sit on chairs, and they start to cheer for the people on stage and the people on stage are very happy to hear them cheering for them.

  13. deidrea says:


  14. Kendra Niittynen says:

    also when I listen to this song I see people singing on stage and playing rock and role music.

  15. braydontaddeo says:

    i saw rock stars and drums i saw kiss in images and it had a beat and the people have different hair stills and they have different cloths on and it look like they have makeup on.

  16. Quinton says:

    The mental image I see when I hear this song is a guy around 6 feet tall with turquoise hair rocking out with a black and red guitar on a show stage with rainbow spotlights on him. This song reminds me of when I see a jukebox on a video or video game, like Minecraft. You may think this has nothing to do with Minecraft and im crazy, but in MInecraft you can place a jukebox and put a CD in it and listen to the music. This is what a saw when i heard this song.

  17. joseph says:

    my mental image of this song is there band going to concerts and just making people happy i don’t think people could not sing along to this or crack a smile this is the best song of 2012.

  18. arden says:

    i saw the guy singing in a bar and his other friend’s are drinking. And other one people druming

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