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Many of the music videos produced today and watched by kids are not appropriate. The values they contain are often very negative. They focus on unrealistic and negative messages, however, we do live in a free country that is based on freedom of expression! So what do you think, should music videos be censored? Should we be sheltering our youth from these negative influences? Or, should we allow freedom of expression and the right to view this inappropriate content?

Thinking about the video we just watched in class (We’re Not Going to Take It), pretend that you are an “intelligent” being from another planet which is solely learning about Earth from this one time observation. You must relate what you have learned to your commander about the human race in a short report that answers all of his questions below.

What do earthlings look like?
Where and in what do humans live in?
What standard of living do humans have?
How do earthlings earn a living?
How do they spend their free time?
What are the relationships like between man and woman?
How do adults treat children?
What makes earthlings happy?
How do earthlings deal with anger and conflict?