I Am Poems and Colour Poems

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Our students while exploring poetry and free verse wrote poems about themselves and their favourite colour. The idea was to use various figurative language and our imaginations to create vivid imagery.

Kingfisher 2017

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This year our Grade 6 students from St. James had some amazing weather while on our 3 day residential trip. There was snow, sunshine, and fairly warm weather. Check out our trip below.

Water is Life with Rodney Brown

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We were lucky enough to have musician and song writer Rodney Brown come in to work with our class to write a song. We composed a song related to our water bottle drive at St. James in conjunction with the Thunder Bay District Health Unit. The song turned out amazing! Have a listen.


What is Christmas about?

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What is Christmas about?

That’s the question we asked ourselves this year when we were brainstorming what to do for our Holiday Concert. Once we all had our ideas, we created a video to help display what we think Christmas is all about.

Hope you enjoy!

Mr. Purdon

What is the Christmas season all about?

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As part of our video for our Holiday Concert, we asked this question as a class. What is Christmas all about? We wanted to really think hard about Christmas and figure out what’s the most important aspect of it to us. In the end, we found that it really isn’t about the presents when it comes down to it. It’s actually more about traditions, family, friends, and the spirit of giving. When our video is posted later today you will get to see our thinking, but until then, I’ve asked the students to post their ideas below.


Merry Christmas everyone !



The Edmund Fitzgerald

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We have listened to the song by Gordon Lightfoot, we have studied the lyrics, we have watched the documentary, and we have read the book by Kathy-Jo Wargin. Now is the time to respond. Choose the writing prompt that you like best and leave your response bellow for others to read and respond to. Remember, others will be reading it, so make sure you check your spelling and read it over carefully!!!

1.Explain how the Edmund Fitzgerald may have sank.

2. How is the Edmund Fitzgerald and what happened to the Titanic similar or different?

3. How does the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald make you feel and why?

Listen to Gordon to get some inspiration! 


TD Tree Days

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This week we had an awesome opportunity to go to Mount McKay and plant trees as part of TD Tree Days. We all received a T-shirt, lunch, hot chocolate, and lots of trees to plant. Thanks to TD for letting us participate in this activity!

Check out the video below that shows our adventure.