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School’s out for summer!

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Have a great summer people. I will keep this post active for a little while during the summer. I can’t say how often I will be looking at it to moderate the comments, however, feel free to post something. For example, comments on the yearbook etc.

Good Luck next year for those moving on, the rest, I’ll see you in September 🙂


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Bravo on the bulletin board displays and the Powerpoints. Feel free to leave some comments.

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Watch this

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Click on the following link and watch the video. After you have watched it, tell me what you think the main idea is and what it might mean for you.

New Format

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What do you think of the new format? Do you prefer this one or the one we were using all year?

What about next year?

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I would like to ask you, my now almost former students, what you think might be a good idea for next years class? What could we do differently? What should we not do? What do you suggest stay the same? How could something we already do be improved. I appreciate all input.

Also complete my performance survey below. Only vote once.

Mr. Purdon

Top Ten Moments of 2010

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The results are in for the Top Ten Moments of our school year. They are:

  • 10. Winter Olympics at the school
  • 9.  The school track meet
  • 8. The Christmas powerpoint and elf video
  • 7. The classroom blog
  • 6. The soccer tournament
  • 5. The Etienne concert at the Fort William Gardens
  • 4. Pi Day at Vance Chapman (especially the mathmeticious video)
  • 3. Mr. Purdon wearing the Fire Chief hat to judge the fires at Kingfisher
  • 2. Edward getting pegged by Mr. Purdon in dodge ball.
  • 1. KINGFISHER!!!!

Any comments????